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  1. Meanwhile Nick Folk is absolute MONEY in New England. Kills me. but honestly would anyone be surprised if Ammendola is back next week?
  2. Made a really nice play there! Had a rough game though, it happens.
  3. Wesco is awful honestly, surprised he’s lasted this long
  4. Good for amendola, like I said he’s pretty good from within 40
  5. Wow, is this kick gonna be harder than what it would’ve been?
  6. Indecisiveness at its finest, Saleh get your sh*t together
  7. WTF WAS THAT?!! Lmao they had 10 minutes to get a play ready
  8. Never mind. Why couldn’t we run a ******* play there , play clock was down to 4 seconds. Get the next play off
  9. Something tells me this might be the last drive we ever see Zach lmaooooo hope he holds up here
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