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  1. I heard rumors of even longer than this, all speculation so far. From the sound of it though it’s going to be at the very least through week 2, which is all I care about.
  2. I still think the 2020 draft can be salvaged. Also have to take into consideration it was his first draft, Gase was the HC and it was the Covid year ( did they even get to meet with these players?) . At the time I was more than happy with those first 2 picks of Becton and Mims( including the trade back) I think Davis, Hall and Mann are what they are and every team needs players/depth like that. The rest are misses. It hinges on Becton and Mims and I think there’s a good chance at least one of them shows their worth. Throughout his last 3 drafts I love the process, regardless if the player hits. GM’s are never going to bat 1.000. At the end of the day wins are losses are what matter, but he definitely should get another offseason imo.
  3. Kevin, I have to say you’re a much more enjoyable poster when you’re positive. I’ll be there, still working on tickets.
  4. It’s so obvious I say it every year, how they play in the division will dictate what kind of season we have. If the Jets by some miracle split and win 3 division games, I can find another 4-6 wins in this schedule. Bears, Jags, Lions, Seahawks, Vikings, Browns are all beatable. If we go 0-6 in the division again we will only win 4-6 again. Win your division games. Just split!
  5. Ravens strength is the run game, which happens to be the Jets weakness. Add in Lamar and Baltimore’s defense and this is a tough week 1 draw. With that said we are home and the stadium will be rocking. Regardless of the outcome it will be a good test to see where we are, play a competitive game.
  6. SNF Twitter account tweeting about the Jets and Zach Wilson
  7. Nice graphic, thanks for posting.
  8. The Jets should try this out instead.
  9. Weeks 11-14 are brutal. @ Pitt is always tough
  10. My Twitter rumor thread just gained some more hype. SNF against the pats to start it off would be insane.
  11. Meh, I stick by what I said. It leaves everyone in limbo, there’s obvious interest there. If he doesn’t sign like Kwon it just leaves everyone hanging. I know visits used to be a big thing, I feel like they’ve been taken over by zoom calls. Don’t think we heard anyone from phase 1 of free agency making visits and those are the big money signings.
  12. At least we’re starting to get some sort of ROI with Mosley. Still awful though.
  13. I hate the “is in for a visit” stuff, just sign him or don’t. Same sh*t happened with Kwon Alexander a month ago and no word since. Sign him or don’t, hate the in between maybe nonsense.
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