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  1. huge 2nd year leap from Zach is what we have to hope for here
  2. You think Jd is more aggressive this offseason? More FA dollars spent? Maybe trade draft capital for proven players?
  3. Yep, couple of choke jobs have led to McDermott being 0-4 in road playoff games
  4. Also the bills leading the Texans 16-0 two years ago and losing was also a fun watch. That’s the Josh Allen lateral game
  5. Can’t wait for a bills fan to say something stupid so I can just lean in and whisper 13 seconds
  6. Zach Wilson better be good. The afc is loaded with young incredible QBs. If Watson comes back. Wow. Not to mention if Rodgers finds his way to Vegas or Denver. Jeez.
  7. Curious why the KC hate, is it because of jets/chiefs mini rivalry back in the 60's?
  8. lack of defense yes but with that said the bills has the #1 D in the league this year. Mahomes and his weapons are just that good
  9. brady and the bills both losing. amazing day here. with that said, the jets are sooooo far away from competing with the 2 teams that just played. Like holy crap we are so far away, scary thought.
  10. the bills are a serious problem. Cincy doesnt stand a chance.
  11. wouldnt be surprised if the bills go over the top for a TD here instead of playing for the line to gain
  12. he bounces back up like nothing, guy is a friggin tank
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