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  1. I do not remember the jets being loved nationally under Rex those years. They were just waiting on his downfall. Once he did and we weren’t winning we were crowned the circus. Buffalo gets pity when they suck lol
  2. Also true. Both in “New York”, both in the same division, both with losing histories. Just don’t get the double standard at times. Let’s celebrate and feel bad they shot themselves in the foot in a playoff game. Like I said it’s just odd that’s all. Couldn’t help but notice it watching tv these last few days.
  3. It happened with Mahomes against Brady a few years ago, nobody in the media cared because it was Brady who won. Similar to your Ryan example.
  4. Here’s another thing I keep seeing, a missed taunting penalty? Yeah that’s why they lost. Give me a break.
  5. Agreed, and at the same time Mahomes out played him yet you’re hearing more about Allen. Is it because Mahomes has been to 4 straight AFCCG and they wanted the underdog? They never pulled that with Brady being there all those years.
  6. Agreed, yet not much criticism for McDermott & Frazier. All the attention on OT rules.
  7. I typed he when I should’ve typed they/the team. Allen could not have played a better game. Hats off to him.
  8. Rightfully so, I meant to say the team/they. Said it a few times now. Unless you don’t think the team choked either and were robbed. He did choke the coin toss, Allen should’ve called heads obviously. I feel the need to say that was sarcasm.
  9. No, he couldn’t have played any better. But the team obviously choked. Special teams and defense. But the narrative is poor Buffalo and they were robbed because of OT rules. Could you imagine if the jets did what Buffalo just did? It’d just be the next jets blunder. Buffalo, with a worse history than the jets is getting lauded for a playoff choke job. Heck, change the OT rules now because of it!
  10. Haha I deserved this, but I addressed it already. I used he in place of the team. The team choked.
  11. You are correct. I should’ve said in a game where his team choked. People want McCarthy to get fired in Dallas. This game? People want the OT rules changed because Allen didn’t get to touch the ball. I just find it odd.
  12. I know we don’t care about Dallas and most fans hate them, but last week they choked the last 14 or however many seconds of a game and they’re still getting crucified and laughed at. Meanwhile the bills do it in even worse fashion and get sympathy across the board.
  13. I don’t have an exact clip I can post here, but being home these last few days I’ve gotten to watch a lot of media coverage of this past weekends games which I normally don’t get to do. Between people feeling sorry because Buffalo played great and lost or because Josh Allen didn’t get to touch the ball because of the OT rules, etc. list goes on and on. Stephen a smith anointing Allen “the next Brady” in a game where his team choked and lost is insane. They literally choked away an AFC championship game appearance with 13 seconds left on the clock. The jets would be crucified, made fun of and
  14. huge 2nd year leap from Zach is what we have to hope for here
  15. You think Jd is more aggressive this offseason? More FA dollars spent? Maybe trade draft capital for proven players?
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