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  1. In a game where the 49ers didn’t score an offensive or defensive touchdown, we’re gonna find blame on special teams deservedly so, but not on who’s considered to be top 5 for scoring 10 points. 50 yards in the 2nd half. As the #1 seed at home in the snow vs a 6th seed team from California. I just can’t defend the guy this time.
  2. Just to be clear my take on Rodgers has nothing to do politically, I happen to agree with him on a lot of things and like I said I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. It’s just enough is enough with these playoff losses and passing the blame.
  3. This. It’s the same song and dance. Sooner or later it has to reflect on him. Can’t always blame something else. If you’re top 5 you win this game. They had the ball with 4 minutes left in the game. Go down and win it. This isn’t the 85 bears he’s going against. In a few years they’re gonna show Rodgers stats in this game and the fact they scored 10 points. Not special teams play.
  4. I’m a big Rodgers fan, no hatred for him at all. It’s more disappointment. It’s the same thing every time. Dude they had like 50 yards of offense the 2nd half. They’re the #1 seed vs a team that had to win the final week to get in. Opening drive touchdown and nothing after that. He’s considered a top 5-10 QB all time. Does he need the legit perfect situation to win? 0-4 in his playoff career vs San Fran. Sooner or later he needs to take the blame.
  5. Both #1 seeds fall. Both over rated as ****
  6. They just don’t deserve it honestly. Going to be another crazy offseason in Green Bay. And to think Rodgers was calling this the last dance, he should never compare himself to MJ in any way ever again. Maybe SF will miss the kick, regardless GB should be ashamed.
  7. I don’t care what defense you’re playing against, Aaron Rodgers needs to grow a pair and win this game. Same thing with him every time.
  8. That’s former jet legend Jordan Willis!
  9. Rodgers just seems to struggle in these playoff games lately, especially against SF. They seem to have his number.
  10. 2nd leg of my parlay was 9ers +5.5. Maybe Green Bay can win it with a field goal. Then I have Tampa -3 and chiefs -1.5.
  11. Green Bay has the worst special teams this year, it shows tonight.
  12. Run up the middle! Gase was ahead of his time. But seriously, way too many teams even the good ones just won’t let it go.
  13. Ball had to come out quicker but fair point
  14. Jimmy G doing what he does. Him and Tannehill eerily similar
  15. I still can’t believe they said Jimmy G’s coldest game was in college against South Dakota at 33 degrees.
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