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  1. this is going to be a crazy finish. damn man. chiefs need to pull this out
  2. when in doubt Allen tucks it and runs. Most infuriating thing. Sigh
  3. Best qb on the planet, making 500 million. And that’s the call you come up with. So odd. 3 straight runs.
  4. horrible 3 plays their by Andy Reid. holy sh*t bad
  5. So true. Look at the rams, bengals, chiefs, bills, heck even the 9ers. These teams are frriggin loaded
  6. Wow, Butker is usually money. He's left 4 points out there
  7. Diggs getting ready to pose watching KC celebrate again
  8. I mean that side arm (under hand) throw was absurd
  9. It’s incredible how many times I’ve had to root for KC in recent years between them playing New England or Buffalo in the playoffs. Mahomes has become the last line of defense more than once. Hoping he comes through again tonight.
  10. Got my first girlfriend graduated high school graduated college Got my first real job got my second real job got engaged to said girlfriend promoted at said job getting married in July currently house hunting I’m 26 Last playoff appearance I was 15
  11. Aaron Rodgers since winning Super Bowl: • 2022: L in NFC Divisional • 2021: L in NFC Champ • 2020: L in NFC Champ • 2017: L in NFC Champ • 2016: L in NFC Divisional • 2015: L in NFC Champ • 2014: L in NFC Wild Card • 2013: L in NFC Divisional • 2012: L in NFC Divisional
  12. In a game where the 49ers didn’t score an offensive or defensive touchdown, we’re gonna find blame on special teams deservedly so, but not on who’s considered to be top 5 for scoring 10 points. 50 yards in the 2nd half. As the #1 seed at home in the snow vs a 6th seed team from California. I just can’t defend the guy this time.
  13. Just to be clear my take on Rodgers has nothing to do politically, I happen to agree with him on a lot of things and like I said I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. It’s just enough is enough with these playoff losses and passing the blame.
  14. This. It’s the same song and dance. Sooner or later it has to reflect on him. Can’t always blame something else. If you’re top 5 you win this game. They had the ball with 4 minutes left in the game. Go down and win it. This isn’t the 85 bears he’s going against. In a few years they’re gonna show Rodgers stats in this game and the fact they scored 10 points. Not special teams play.
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