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  1. How many times do I have to watch Geno take a sack in opponent territory to make the Field goal way longer or out of range. It truly is amazing.
  2. I'd like Harvin back but at a much reduced price.
  3. Percy is always hurt, not worth that 10.5 mill.
  4. Serious question; why is he(cutler) being linked to the Titans so much? Does he have ties there or something?
  5. As much as I hope it's true, I call bullsh*t on that one.
  6. Rex's last game and last full day as Jets head coach. I'll be the first to say it's time to move on and that a change is needed, but i'll miss Rex, there's no doubt about that. Thanks for the 2 playoff runs big guy and best of luck.
  7. Everywhere I go I got my tight pants, I got my tight pants on. Now look here you sick son of a bitch.
  8. Didn't we hear sonething similiar last year? Lol in all seriousness though, it's for the better. A fresh start is needed.
  9. Merry Christmas JN, God bless.
  10. Rex will be missed. He's a good guy and for a while there at the begining of his tenure he made me proud again to be a Jets fan. However, it's been hell these past few years. It's time to move on. All things come to an end, hopefully the door closing on rex leads to the door opening to a competent all around head coach.
  11. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all here at JN. Have a safe and healthy holiday!
  12. Just got GTAV for PS4 as an early Christmas gift. Install time is killing me lol but excited as **** to play it. It's been a while since I've had a GTA game.
  13. rex has a better chance of not getting fired if it's up to woody lol if it's up to the GM then he's definitely gone
  14. Wow hats off to cincy. Great game, great W. 4th straight postseason appearance for them, jealous I am.
  15. safest thing to do would be shut him down. Knowing nick as a player he will do anything he can to get the start.
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