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  1. safest thing to do would be shut him down. Knowing nick as a player he will do anything he can to get the start.
  2. Don't listen to anything you hear for at least a month lol bullsh*t
  3. At least we have a football mind somewhere in the front office. Plus woody J is a moron any help from a football mind has to help.
  4. Nothing surprises me anymore. I expect nothing from this team.
  5. We all know the Jets are going to win next week.
  6. Respect to nick. At least someone gets it.
  7. I said it before and I'll say it again. I'll believe it when I see it. Woody J is a moron.
  8. My favorite part of the deal is actually Jones lol he is perfectly made for this ballpark. He can back up Tex, back up Beltran and platoon with A-Rod at DH. If he gets the AB's that I think he will he will put up 20+ homers imho. Cashman has wanted him for a while, back when we traded AJ to the Pirates we tried to pry jones away from them but the rejected.
  9. Hoping the Yanks make a move for a 2Bman, don't trust handing the job to refsnyder.
  10. Yankees designate Preston Claiborne for assignment.
  11. Yankees also make a trade with the Mets. Gonzalez Germen to the Yankees for cash. First deal between the two teams since '04.
  12. Prado and Phelps to Miami in exchange for P Nathan Eovaldi, 1B/OF Garret Jones and a prospect.
  13. I think it's 4 years in a row for Tennessee. At least we're home this time, if we have to go to LP field one more time I'll punch a hole in the wall.
  14. Lol so true! Only difference between them now is Tex can actually field his position.
  15. Average hitting with way above average defense at a premier position for 4 years 50 million? I'd do that any day.
  16. Can't argue with that. Unfortunately that is what has become expected from Tex.
  17. He will be the primary dh, you know.
  18. Or they have more time to get seasoned down at triple A, instead of just giving them the job let them earn it. When Beltran inevitably gets hurt Prado will move to RF and refsnyder will be called up. It's nice to have some depth. How is this a terrible contract? Headley has been more productive than Panda the past 3 seasons yet Pablo's fat ass got double the money. Stop drinking the haterade.
  19. Now the focus will shift to the rotation.
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