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  1. Headley, Didi, Prado, Tex. Not to mention Gardner and Ellsbury in the outfield. Only weak spot defensively is RF.
  2. Like the move. Our infield defense is vastly, vastly improved.
  3. remember the year the Hawks were 7-9 and made the playoffs. Wasn't Whitehurst their QB in the playoffs? Lol
  4. Road game, Jake Locker. Hopefully this is enough to prevent us from winning.
  5. Jeez. Cards have no luck with with their injuries. Their defense is great however.
  6. Unfortunately the Titans are really really bad. Especially their offensive line being hurt. Let's hope Geno continues to put us 7 down.
  7. Happy to hear he's not back in Boston. Let's be honest Boston ****ed up with Lester. Anyway, congrats Cubs fans enjoy.
  8. Kemp to San diego looks "promising" at this point.
  9. Agreed. Like I said before, Miller >> Robertson and cheaper too.
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