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  1. I agree bitonti. OL should be one of the last things we worry about. We need a QB and a secondary and at least another playmaker on offense.
  2. Trying to make it 2 in a row Max! Wish me luck!
  3. Road game against a team who beats losing teams. This sounds good for us.
  4. What are the chances Harbaugh becomes a Jet? Are the rumors true that Michigan is the favorite? If not, who are some other teams who will be in contention for the coach? Thanks.
  5. He reminds so much of Revis it's crazy.
  6. Tom I think you're underestimating the power of the wine and dine.
  7. Plus you know I love J-Mac. Would definitely welcome Maclin.
  8. I'd take Houston and one of the big receivers. Never going to happen though.
  9. 100% agree. That was part of my point. We need to draft the duck.
  10. I'm sorry Dover I can't pull for the Jets to sign any of those guys, especially locker! Cross your fingers for Mariota.
  11. 2-14 top 3 pick. Fingers crossed.
  12. I think the dream scenario is Mariota. Who's the free agent QB that we're gonna sign? Sanchez? Hoyer?
  13. The only silver lining in the secondary this year for sure.
  14. They're both road games, which is nice. The Titans seem to always beat us in Nashville too.
  15. If it means Mariota I just might be okay with it. I hate trading future number 1s but still if it means getting a franchise guy, just might have to pull the trigger.
  16. Thank you so much Max !!!! Thank you Jetnation, you guys truly are the best. I'll be PMing you shortly.
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