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  1. It would be great to make this a 2 possession game here on this drive.
  2. Another stop on 3rd down. Who is this jets defense ?
  3. This team is ridiculous , snap the ******* ball you sh*t heads
  4. 15 people inducted to the Jets ring of honor in 5 years.
  5. I feel like the 2 dropped interceptions if caught would make this a bigger lead.
  6. Miami looks like they've come out with an attitude.
  7. Geno sure can run a rush attack offense, who knew
  8. In theory yes, but when Geno throws a pick we'd all be screaming that we should've ran the ball and taken 3 points.
  9. Why couldn't we have done this all year lol great running of the football. Good stops on defense. What was so hard about that? Then again it's still early, sooner or later we'll have to start throwing the football, that's when I'll start to drink.
  10. Is anyone's broadcast freaking the **** out ? Or just me ?
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