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  1. If there's one thing I can't stand it's losing to Miami.
  2. My boy Keyshawn thank you for standing up for your squad on national TV. **** you boomer.
  3. I was at last years Dolphins-Jets game at MetLife, was not pretty. Hope they don't embarrass us like that. **** every dolphin fan in that building.
  4. That actually works out perfectly for you ! You should go for it , I honestly would recommend it.
  5. Sorry EY, no Gotham on tonight. Mid season finale was last week.
  6. I heard yesterday Baltimore has initiated talks with the Dodgers about Kemp, that would be interesting if it worked out.
  7. Nice deal for Seattle. They needed a righty power bat in their lineup.
  8. News broke today the Yanks are in "hot pursuit" of LHP Andrew Miller. He's been lights out over the past year and a half. If they sign him along with Robertson I'd be ecstatic. It's more likely it's either one of the two. If that's the case I want D-Rob.
  9. Sorry to hear that, hopefully the Jets help you out tonight. Good luck
  10. I'm here for Wayne. On a side note, it's better for the future of the team to lose this game but man, I can't root for a Dolphins win. **** the fins.
  11. I like the way you think Sg3. You have great potential here at JN.
  12. The only game I think they have the slightest chance against is Buffalo. I don't think they'll be trading away the first pick, but at this point who knows.
  13. During the time that Rodgers rode the bench Green Bay had a HOF QB ahead of him. If we have a HOF QB ahead of our QB prospect, I'll be all for it.
  14. Lafell needs to gtfo he's not even that nice
  15. Oakland plays San Fran, KC in arrowhead, the bills and the Broncos. They'll be 1-15 with the 1st overall pick, question is whether they believe in Carr or not. Hmm.
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