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  1. Bridgewater sucks ass. **** cutler again.
  2. I really enjoyed the equalizer. I still haven't seen gone girl but I continue to hear how great it was.
  3. It's a conditional 4th with a chance it moves up to a 2. We don't know what would have to happen for it to become a 2. If it's for a 4th rounder it's not that bad especially with how we draft lol for example last years 4th rounder Jalen Saunders.
  4. Just might add Percy Harvin to this list. Let's see how he plays over the final 9 games.
  5. I'm honestly not upset with the deal especially if it ends up being a 3rd/4th rounder. It's just the fact they waited this long into the season with a1-6 record to get some talent opposite Decker. It'll be nice for next year if we keep him.
  6. I wonder why this wasn't done earlier on. Either way it's exciting.
  7. I love Rudy, but come on lol everything's runs its course. It's time to move on.
  8. I'm cool with Walls and Allen being pieces moving forward, as long as it's not in such a big role like they are playing now.
  9. What do you guys feel about Cumberland? Should he be considered a considerable piece moving forward? Looked like he had his best game of the year tonight.
  10. Kerley is interesting. He's the 2nd best receiver on this team. I wouldn't overpay him though,as you stated. Hope we work something out with him that's reasonable.
  11. Agreed. Lets see if he can keep it up. I'd imagine Colon is gone after this year. I think Aboushi is in position to take one of the 2 guard spots while Dozier takes the other.
  12. The entire D-Line is definitely the most enticing part of this team. Our secondary needs some serious revamping. Pryor has had a slow start especially in coverage. However it's only been 7 games, he needs more time for sure.
  13. I think Amaro is progressing nicely even though he has a serious case of the dropsies. Hopefully he out grows that. With the right coach in place we could have a real threat on the offensive side of the ball.
  14. He definitely looked good. Much better than winters has been so far.
  15. Mentioned it in the game thread. Decker is a lock. I definitely think Ivory as well. Who should the Jets carry over?
  16. Hell of a fight and more than I expected. Geno played his best game. Looking forward into next year the jets have some pieces to work with for the new head coach. Ivory is definitely a nice piece. Decker and Amaro as well. It's interesting to see how Geno will do the rest of the year. If he plays like he did tonight consistently and shows some growth as year 2 moves on. As far as defense goes the only real pieces I can think of is the defensive line. Edit: I'm curious to see what pieces fans want to carry over into the new regime. Just might make a thread for it.
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