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  1. Nah, I just watch from the outside every few years as most here gush and praise the new kid on the block even if his last job was being coffee or a water boy. By the second year WE ALL COME AROUND. Now carry on with your love fest.
  2. Something never change in this board. I remember four years ago like yesterday most posters here were gushing over the Jaguars coffee boy thinking he was behind their every moves. Now this water boy kid is also supposed to be the Eagle behind the scene GM. Probably the only difference between the two is that one couldn’t be seen without a coffee in his hand and the other without a water bottle.
  3. LMAO yes he also said that he and Macc were on the same page but behind the scene he was backstabbing the dude. Knowing this psychopath we got as a HC, do you actually believe anything that comes out of his mouth? Gase come as a bane person who would not think twice to throw his mother from the train if would benefit him.
  4. I hope someone complete your cool story by giving you a certificate with your name on or something stating that you say hi to Odell in person.
  5. He was about to whack the last owner he worked for if not by a loyal employee who saved the day and prevented a bloody coup. He is probably still thinking in his head after I take the owner out, I will take possession of the team. Regardless of his coaching ability, the dude is a psychopath no question about it.
  6. Could it be that this organization buttfumble every single time and many of us are becoming cynical. I remember when many here thought that Macc was going to be our savior. Me, unlike some here, these wannabes have to prove themselves first before they get any praise especially these young candidates who hasn’t accomplished anything other riding on someone else car.
  7. Fair enough. This guy, Gase act and behave like a true psychopath. This guy hasn’t accomplished anything and he is acting like Belicheat. If this guy just make it to the playoffs next year, no one is going to contain this scumbag. McCarthy resurrected Favre’s career and then went on to groom Rodgers who was passed by almost every team and winning a SB. Yet how cute everyone here comparing Gase and McCarthy career and coming up with Gase the better coach that is just laughable. I thought the number one priority going’s into this season was Darnolds. It is a pretty good possibility that Darnold would be playing next season with almost the same offensive roster as last year, if Gase trade Bell then Chowder get a hammy, we are back to year one. L.Bell is the big playmaker darnolds needed going into his second season but it is obviously Gase preferred McGuire.
  8. Was hated by the Fins players. I hope I’m wrong but the only positive that could come out of this circus is that know nothing Macc is gone. And to think we could had ended with McCarthy to make this franchise respectable once again. We need LBell to be a psychopath forget about everything and play like nothing happened.
  9. Did you know the Johnson hired an "expert" to help the Jets find the next GM 4 years ago? This "expert" hired his friend and former boss, Macc. who was about to be fired by the Texans. Macc indebted to this friend probably drafted or signed some of this guy favorite. So yeah, the owner ALSO put this franchise in this predicament.
  10. I guess reaching in this past draft going for players with both of their knee and shoulders busted and seeing others team grabbing stud was too much to ignore even for the Jets owner.
  11. I tired of hearing you guys gushing about McGuire for two years. Please tell me what had you seen so far that I'm not? Cause every time I seen him he do not gain more than a few yards. There were a lot 3rd and long last year and he was one of the cause.
  12. I don’t know which video you were watching. He hardly used his body except on one long ball. He got that quick body move with great routes like tyreek, hunt, ABrown,etc. He is definitely not the straight runner like devin and cannon. I’m really impressed. I can see the Colts Pats Pitts KC wasting a 3rd or 4th on this guy. I can see us waiting for him to falls to 7th round or maybe undrafted. We are historically notorious bad for spotting good talents and I just don’t see us breaking the mold.
  13. Sample size how about the whole game. He was total invisible being man handle by a super Pats OL on the biggest stage. Granted it is just a game and I don’t see him often but the impression I got is that he is a just a pretender.

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