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  1. From someone born in another country this is the greatest country humanity had ever seen and the only country in the world people from every country in the world had emigrated at some point. The only country in the world built by their citizens from Johnson and Johnson, Henry Ford, John Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Edison, Westinghouse among millions of others knowing the fruits of their labor will not be taken away from this birthplace of capitalism and not from ruler, monarch, kings, etc. May God continue to bless the American Exceptionalism. Happy 4th everybody.
  2. Please let’s take into account that if it wasn’t for the heated sidelines debate between the fraud and Sam and the “fired banner in the sky” he would had probably fielded the worst offense in the history of modern football. After those incidents we saw Sam doing the exact same thing we was him doing during the last 6 games of the 2018 season when Bates was the OC. Last year was a total waste. The fraud came in here with my way or the highway attitude, nothing in between and by the time he went along with what made Sam confortable it was too late.
  3. Jets723 is the biggest homer in every Jets forum that I ever seen. He along with others here will vote down your post but this kid jets723 is into another level. He really take it personal when you question a move by the Jets. before I let it go and allowed these homers to vote down my posts without a repercussions, now I do what they do, when I don’t agree with their posts I vote them down too.
  4. C+ The guy wasn’t even on the radar when the season started at beast he was going to be a third round. He had a great combine and showed his beast mode and we all know throughout the years that count the most with the Jets. I have to think that since we draft combine beast for the most part in the first round, one of this day the Jets will get lucky, hopefully this time will be the year. Also smoking weed is no longer a character issue with the Jets, very interesting.
  5. Lmao. No offense, typical Jets fan, I remember when most here made our last GM a winner every single time after the draft. Because you like the combine beast we usually take in the first (the only difference from years past is that this projected 2nd 3rd round at the beginning of the year is not a can’t miss) you don’t have to put those two probably generational WR down.
  6. Ok another fokinnnn year we get shoutouts at elite great WR. Now that we are keeping the box safety, will he get QB money?
  7. If we get a trade with Dallas here and get Lamb, Douglas get a two year free pass from me.
  8. You also heard per mcshay “he is the best route runner he ever seen.” Explosive plus great route runner equal unstoppable like tyreek.
  9. So we get another combine great athlete beast? I hope this time finally workout. We need to trade Adam to get one of the great receivers Jeudy or Lamb. Prefer Jeudy.
  10. Trade down my azz take Jeudy or Lamb. 20 years later will the Jets finally pick a WR in the first, after missing so many great ones over the years.
  11. A great possibility that either Jeudy or Lamb will be available when the Jets pick.
  12. Thanks God a can’t miss DT was taken off the board b4 the Jets picks. We dodged a bullet thanks to the Panthers. being not in the top 10 worked great for the Jets and they cannot do worst than over the last 15 years.
  13. There have to be a reason why you are so passionate defending this scumbag after what he did even blaming the guy that got his with the weapon like he deserve it. And this after he bring the race free access pass card with no evidence. That definitely regardless of evidence will get some people on his side even what he did was in plain view wrong.
  14. Bingo. Those two clowns had been sabotaging the Jets ever since the day they assumed ownership. The first of many others twenty years ago allowing Belichick to walk in favor of the Tuna who by this time was as big of a mercenary as Blackbeard ever was, since then, this organization has been cursed, haunted making dumb stupid decision while the Pats had been making all the right decision.
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