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  1. Was hated by the Fins players. I hope I’m wrong but the only positive that could come out of this circus is that know nothing Macc is gone. And to think we could had ended with McCarthy to make this franchise respectable once again. We need LBell to be a psychopath forget about everything and play like nothing happened.
  2. Did you know the Johnson hired an "expert" to help the Jets find the next GM 4 years ago? This "expert" hired his friend and former boss, Macc. who was about to be fired by the Texans. Macc indebted to this friend probably drafted or signed some of this guy favorite. So yeah, the owner ALSO put this franchise in this predicament.

    Mac fired!

    I guess reaching in this past draft going for players with both of their knee and shoulders busted and seeing others team grabbing stud was too much to ignore even for the Jets owner.
  4. I tired of hearing you guys gushing about McGuire for two years. Please tell me what had you seen so far that I'm not? Cause every time I seen him he do not gain more than a few yards. There were a lot 3rd and long last year and he was one of the cause.
  5. I don’t know which video you were watching. He hardly used his body except on one long ball. He got that quick body move with great routes like tyreek, hunt, ABrown,etc. He is definitely not the straight runner like devin and cannon. I’m really impressed. I can see the Colts Pats Pitts KC wasting a 3rd or 4th on this guy. I can see us waiting for him to falls to 7th round or maybe undrafted. We are historically notorious bad for spotting good talents and I just don’t see us breaking the mold.
  6. Fair enough, I got your point.
  7. Sample size how about the whole game. He was total invisible being man handle by a super Pats OL on the biggest stage. Granted it is just a game and I don’t see him often but the impression I got is that he is a just a pretender.

    Dan Snyder wanted Todd Bowles bad

    Does any of these owners watch football at all? And here I thought we had the worst owner in football. This imbecile definitely beat CJ.
  9. But to be fair, we rarely have a real NFL offense, NO?
  10. Imagine playing the Pats OL twice a year instead of one every three years, then guarantee his number will definitely drop by a good margin. I remember on one occasion watching a Pats linemen dragging him like a rag doll on a running play.
  11. Or you forgot to read all of the sudden. teams has been approaching Rex? It should be the other way I will be surprise if Rex take that job. Rex Ryan, who has been approached about other DC openings in recent seasons.
  12. DRJETS

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    Ownership, GM make decisions on gut feeling. What could go wrong? End result changing HC every 3 years and fans will always be fan believing these clowns every single time. Jets fans whose window are closing like the OP are the most vulnerable to these cold hearted aszclowns.
  13. You are a big nose penguin for nothing. lol but I hope you end up being right.
  14. McCarthy resurrected Bret Favre career as Favre stated and groomed an unproven diva me-first (stated by former teammates) late first round pick into stardom. Brees was pretty good before he arrived in NO. The only coach who lost the locker room was Adam Gase in Miami. as report coming down that many players said that they will not like to comeback to play for the Dolphins if he was coming back, Even Cameron Wake was opposed to bringing him back. Get your fact straight.

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