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  1. Beating on the road the two best QB of all time in the playoff, back to back. Then, a real downer coming one play away from beating Big Ben in Pitts.
  2. This is insane not another JA thread. Why are so many posters beating themselves over and over is beyond me. JA have nothing to do with the ineptitude dumb move by Macc wasting a top pick by drafting a box safety over Mahomes and Watson that alone will be enough to keep him away from getting another GM in the NFL. That should be it. This have been debated forever here and there have to be about 1000 threads. If the moderators are kind enough to put all the threads into one so that poster will be less incentivize to open new one.
  3. Don't be so hard on yourself, friend. But then again i think it was you stating that Bowles gained respectability, florishing after leaving the Jets, turning TB into a defense powerhouse lining hc job next year.
  4. Bad communication. The receiver was supposed to stay put close to the first down.
  5. he threw that one from his back feet and still hit a laser.
  6. Somewhere down under a rock 14green is cursing at Sam and the tv.
  7. OMG the only QB I seen with this kind of precision is Aaron Rodgers.
  8. If Falk was the QB that would had been a 10 yards floater.
  9. Who would have thought that instead of a offensive guru we ended up getting a defensive guru.
  10. I’m hoping by year end, you will run out of excuses for our con coach. I counted 122 excuses so far.
  11. I think there were more than one off post. But I understand you are a young hickster and more into young college coaches like kingsbury. To be fair MM had better record than when Reid was fired.
  12. Payton made that call to the Browns in order to get his coffee boy a HC job and he was rejected on the spot unlike our two clowns, FACT, who were gushing all over Payton. It was a done deal until report got out that Payton called Chris Johnson about garbage gase. Most of us were blindsided by this. I wanted MM because he has a track record developing young QB unlike Gase who derailed a young and coming Ryan Tannehill who will probably be out of football next year. Gase is what some of us though he will be, TRASH.
  13. You also stated Andy Reid was a Dino too when he got fired by the Eagles. NO?
  14. Leave it with the fact that you don’t know what are you talking about. The Johnson being the most clueless owners in all of sports took the bait that other teams did not including the freaking Browns when Payton gave them a call for his coffee boy.
  15. Gase was trash before and is trash after with no track record other than holding Payton’s coffee FACT. MM a super bowl winning coach. A dinosaur who resurrected moribund Bret Favre’s career at the time and groomed a late first round into a super QB.

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