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  1. Can this dude just go away? Go screw up another team and take them to the bank too but just go away. Great job by the defense today.
  2. Thanking? The Jets is part of America, we do not believe in a losing mentality like the democratic party who love loser taking money from the one that go and get it, to give it to the one who doesn't want to go and get it. We strive for excellence trying to the very end. This is no third world country yet. We will continue to fight every Sunday. Go Jets!
  3. Two years lost thanks to the the beard ripper. #Genotime
  4. To be fair to Geno, he was beating Fitz fair and square during training camp b4 the jaw incident. So this notion that Fitz was the better QB is ridiculous. The team was relying on tough defense beating crappy teams as last year schedule was very favorable to our team and Bowles decided to go with the hot hand at the moment. Fitz is a fraud journeyman who took the Bills and Jets to the bank.
  5. Thanks for the tickets. Where do I pick it up?
  6. Make the Jets Great Again

    Super Bowl three
  7. Don't forget about that terrible defense too
  8. Make the Jets Great Again

    But Crooked Hillary will try to ban the NFL as part of the leftist rehabilitation plan (which include gun, climate change, American making a lot of money,etc) they saying it is too violent so Trump will have no chance to make our Jets great again.
  9. But many of our fan swear that it is easy for a coach to make it twice to the Championship game even limited at the QB position.
  10. Excellent observation obviously you saw something that the rest of the board did not. "fraud journeyman" schedule will expose him" will make the GM m look bad" will put a lot of pressure on Bowles" when this team cant beat good teams early" Bowles will stick with him after 5-6 loss bringing down the coach along with him" GOT IT.
  11. That was not Geno fault. Down by 25 against this defense expecting to throw on every down plus the rookie WR didn't help by waiting for the ball instead of going for it allowing the little punk to go and get it.
  12. I'm sure at some point we will be seeing Geno since Bowles will try to prevent an injury to the great Fitz.
  13. I hope every time from here on that when Kaep get sacked or throw for an int they put the God Bless America or proud to be an American song which they probably will do to get the crowd going.
  14. What about you quitting my dick you f...ing APE. Will that be a lost cause to you. LOL