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    Jets should talk to Mangini

    You says that to all the experts that keep track on ranking, not me. Go to football- reference and all the other ones that keep stats and see how they rank defense as a team. But you should know that since you are a genius, NO? lmao.

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    As a DC? lmao. yes you are genius in your own way. lol

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    Well again genius team are ranked by total defense.

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    Genius because he is not interested in a DC. Job.

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    Rex could get any DC in the NFL if he wants it. Rex’s defense only one time fell out of the top 10 with the Jets and that was #11 even playing scrubs at CB on his final few years when Idzid was holding on the dough to unleash it when Rex get canned.

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    I’m super pissed but Tom Shame gone rogue.

    Post hysteria post.....

    Let me remind you that Payton's coffee boy used to shine his SB ring.
  8. This is the same guy who said that the Jets should hire McCarthy. But hey most Jets fans by this time already drank the kool-aid.

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    I’m sick and tired of the losing mentality we had gotten used to here. “Oh I wanted the one best available coach but will gladly take the second tier coach because the intelligence people decided it was the best option.” These same people had gotten us into a hole every single time. BTW didn’t we got a ton of cap space and a high pick when Macc got here? I get it, Macc got this, right.
  10. DRJETS

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Stop reading at the end of the bold letters. For instance, all Jets fan should be critical of both of those two clowns. Macc more than anybody for building a college teams level and in the process missing on about everybody in the draft when he is not overpaying for scrubs. He is almost at the Matt Millen level, if not there. The other douchebag whose Football IQ is probably around 1, not only retained Macc but also gave him a vote of confidence with praise and everything. I love Darnolds but wouldn't you have taken Mahomes instead and get all those 3 second round back that we surrendered cause this clown though Hackenberg was the real deal. Macc got his fall guy probably bought himself another 4 years with this orchestrated move. We the fans paid dearly getting a second tier coach instead of the real deal.
  11. Rumor has it is that Wlliams was about to sign until Gase walk in the office and started rolling his eyes. Williams took it the wrong way, there was words exchange and they had to be separated. Coach Gase is just an intense person.
  12. Are you and Mehta a couple? You don't have to talk the answer, just roll your eyes to the left if true.
  13. Let me bump this one just for amusement.
  14. Very weird that nothing on your CB post convey anything regarding our own Matt Millen who was kept and hired HIS most beneficial candidate, not the best. Oh wait our owner stated to all Jets fan that we should love Macc cause he got us Darnolds.
  15. K. Shanahan started someone from the street and a 7th rounder when his staring QB went down in the first week yet his team finished #15 in total offense. True offensive genius always fall back into their own identity as a coach. What is Gase identity?

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