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  1. Can you imagine if the Fraud take the Jets to a couples of championship game? Best coach in the history of the NFL. Right SARi?
  2. Third best? Had there been a Jets HC that had taken the Jets to AFCC game more than one? How many times did Parcels took the Jets to the championship game? Best answer second best.
  3. Next year he will own the 31 ranked offense and the fraud lover here will be demanding four more years, just as these same fans were hypnotized by Bowles. I Imagine, if that loser lasted 4 freaking years here and the team got worse every year. In the fraud case you can’t go lower than 32nd. In fact one fan here was so hypnotized by Bowles that he actually believed in his heart that he did a great job in TB “under the circumstances” and that it was matter of time before he take over the Redskins.
  4. I had wished that the Bills were fighting for the playoffs during the last game of the season. The Jets beating the Bills backup players in a baseball like score 13-6 when the clowns owners advertised our fraud as offensive genius and celebrated by most fan here it is just beyond crazy. It give your typical SOJF false hope thinking our morales is high going into next season and if we could just get this guy and that guy, look out SB. Last year during the Niners lost season, third string undrafted QB were balling and you could see their HC was no smug fraud when it came to his knowledge of the offense. Only homer still think after watching this team the entire season actually believe that the Fraud will have a happy ending like the Niners.
  5. LMAO. Who do you think you are kidding? There isn’t a dude here that love to butfumble than you. You buttfunble my post FIRST that I responded to SARI about your idol, Adam the fraud Gase. Then, I buttfumble your post back and you start whining. lol. Dude, you think it is one way street that you can buttfumble posters here but posters cannot return it back? Get over yourself. I don’t have time for whiners like you coming with excuses after getting schooled going step by step showing before the fraud took over The Dolphins, Tannehill had more TD, more yards per game and thrown for less int per game.
  6. For real? You are hilarious, not only I did not got an apology but more double down from you after I demonstrate to you step by step, numbers that showed more yards more TD and less int per game before the fraud took over. Keep believing anything you think is the truth, it will take you far in life.
  7. LOL. Let me do it for you cause I hate to go back and forth. Tannhill 2015 yards 4208 divided by 16=263 24TD divided by 16=1.5 12INT divided by 16= 0.75 Now when the fraud took over. Tannehill 2016 yards 2995 divided by 13=230. 19TD divided by 13=1.46. 12INT divided by 13=0.92 Now apologize
  8. I disagree with you. Look at all the successful teams in the league and you are going to see one thing in common, great decisions making owners, from Pitts to NE. For example, when Chris the clown was about to hire MM, a coach that this organization desperate needed. A coach who had developed talented rookies QB, SB winning coach after getting a phone call from Payton at the very last minute out of the blue like an impulsive drunk, this clown hired a fraud who failed miserably in developing Tannehill in Miami. This organization, ever since the Johnson bought the Jets, they either hire rookies unproven HC or second year failure. The closest we came to hire a respectable coach was when Bill Cowherd flirt in joining the Jets after he left Pitts.
  9. No, he threw for less int ratio and more TD, he also threw for more than 30 yards a game than when the fraud took over. And he was brought to improve his game elevate him into elite QB. The fraud failed miserably in every way. Look it up let someone you know that knows how numbers work do the calculations for you.
  10. So now that’s your excuse to make you yourself feel good. They were like the Jets, just another team in the NFL. Now the fraud is better than SB bound Shanahan. I bet you are also LYAO.
  11. It is funny that you brought Shanahan, when garapolo went down last year his third string undrafted QB was making plays completing 65% of his passes and losing 9 games by fewer than 5 points. And I was told here that it was not the fraud fault when he couldn’t drive the offense for a FG when Darnold went down.
  12. Im amazed that you still keep going with your charade for this long. Now you are comparing a real offensive guru and two times SB appearance as a HC (who many here didn’t want just like MM) with the current Jets FRAUD. Instead of praising GW for his outstanding job in winning most games like the last game 13-6 here you are taking your trolling into another level.
  13. What does having a franchise QB do for you when your coach doesn’t know how to use it because he is an offensive fraud. Now if we had Shanahan or Reid, real offensive guru then that will be a different story. Let’s just hope that by the time the fraud is fired it is not too late.
  14. You cannot be disrespectful of authority in a society regardless of who you are or incidents. That uniform represents the law that you cannot treat it as a joke. Let me give you an example, in such a liberal city like NYC where their government pampers criminals many of them came against dozing NYPD officers by streets thugs and them imitating by little kids and some liberals even were calling for prosecution. That small incident by LBJ if let go will escalate to something else by someone else in the future. By bringing charges it creates a deterrent for people who feel authorities is to be disrespected.
  15. From now on please don’t mess with the numbers. Please when you are going to describe, the fraud’s rankings, just write DEAD LAST, problem solved. Lol
  16. So, how did the Fraud manage to move up in offensive ranking from dead last to 31 after the season ended? Please explain Sar1 or this is another of your many stories.
  17. Just say it, Williams’s defense won those game.
  18. He has been a productive player throughout his career, the only concern about him was his durability.
  19. The Fraud had not developed anybody and his offense as HC had been at the bottom of the league. #FACTS
  20. No he did not again previous year before the Fraud took over 24 TD 12 int, the year Gase took over with Dink and dunk in 13 games 19 TD 12 int. With the titans 22 TD 6 int 10 games. Look closer there appears to be a leak somewhere in between.
  21. Did you see those offensive play call especially by Andy Reid the one that most here didn’t want just like MM, another washed up HC. Tell me after watching the Fraud for a year here that you have confidence of seeing half of those plays being implemented here. Yesterday you saw a real offensive guru not someone being happy carrying coffee for an already hall of fame.
  22. LMAO now his success is not the works of his current OC but the one that turned him into a first round bust, traded and benched. Yooou you can’t make this up even if you try.
  23. The facts are that the Fraud was brought to elevate Tannehill into elite status the same situation he was brought in with Darnolds. Not only Tannehill regressed under his watch going from 24td 12 int to 19 TD 12 int in 13 games. Tannehill lost his job, traded and had to prove himself again. WTF going on here must be the fraud’s family opening accounts here to defend him at all cause especially most starting with these same line I’m not a supporter but ...
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