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  1. love it when poster start I'm not a fan of Gase but post fake news to defend him. Two season prior to the Fraud taking over the Dolphins Tannehill 2014 4,045 yards 27TD 12 INT in 16 games 2015 4208 Yards 24 TD 12 INT 16 games Two season of Tannehill playing for the Fraud 2016 2995 Yards 19 TD 12 INT in 13 games 2018 1979 Yards 17 TD 9 INT in 11 games Under Arthur Smith a rookie OC 2019 2747 Yards 22 TD 6 INT in 12 games Tannehill regressed under the Fraud lost his job was traded and had to prove himself again. The same scenario that the Fraud took over in Miami, it is the same scenario that landed him with the Jets to improve on a talented young QB. During those 5 years his offense ranked at the bottom of the league, if I'm not mistaken the highest has been 26 with last year coming DEAD LAST.
  2. 7-9 and record setting for losing to NOT ONE BUT TWO WINLESS TEAMS? Those cheap wins against crappy teams with third string QB and the last game against backups that became a defensive duel. Isn't he a " QB worshiper" LMAO. Imagine if the Fraud would had taken the Jets to a few Championship game like sexy rexy.
  3. I know, you couldn't understand yourself too, defending Payton's coffee boy.
  4. Tannehill was much better before the Fraud. He was brought in to elevate Tannehill and ended up with Tanny being traded, benched and just another first round bust until Vrabel had enought with Mariota. Tannehill became the highest passer rating in the league. Do you honestly with a straight face believe that the Fraud could had done that? Tannehill was better before the Fraud regressed under him and became better after him. #FACTSMATTERS
  5. But why you didn't mentioned that he threw for 2 TD and Ran for one. It did not fall into your narrative? If the RB is killing the other team, why messing thing up like the FRAUD (better yet Payton's personal coffee boy) who has no use for RB.
  6. Are going to say that he also threw for TWO TD and also RAN for ONE with ZERO INTERCEPTION against a top defense.
  7. Did you know the Jets set a record for getting beat twice by a winless team. Look at the team they beat during the season. The last game they hardly beat the Bills playing with backup, if not for the super job by Williams.
  8. Mike Vrabel just made it to the AFCC with a healthy Tannehill and the highest passer rating in the NFL during the regular season. But thanks to remind us that he was average under the FRAUD.
  9. Lately, you have been reduced to being gramma police here since you can no longer defend Payton’s personal coffee boy.
  10. Perennial loser franchise makes stupid moves almost all the time like the Jets and Browns, take last year, they both swing and missed big time in hiring their HC. The best and most accomplished in all aspect from grooming young talented QB to winning SB was passed over a QB coach who had not done anything other than QB coach for Baker for one season. The Jets hired a Fraud whose somehow all his talented players as coach of the Dolphins regressed and then became better after him. By the time the Fraud was done in Miami his talented QB was traded then benched and had to start over in his career after just throwing for 4,000 yards and averaging 26 TD for two seasons prior to Payton’s coffee boy taking over in Miami.
  11. Love it when posters start their post I’m not a Gase supporter but post fake news to support him. Tannehill regressed under the FRAUD in all aspect of his game look at his number pre Payton’s personal coffee boy during the FRAUD tenure and after he was fired where Tanny was considered a first round bust after the hype in his early years in Miami where he put up 4,000 years 26 TD for two consecutive years before the Fraud took over.
  12. But by the time FRAUD is fired and we start assessing his damages, Sam could very well be on another team. Payton’s personal coffee boy has a thing for remarkable improving his former players after he is no longer coaching them.
  13. Well, at least he is not even close to be in the Carson Wentz territory.
  14. At the time, I opened a thread on the now defunct ESPN forum for the Jets to move back into the first round to acquire Rodgers. Then, again these are the Jets and you are a perennial loser franchise by making idiotic decisions almost all the time. Last dumb decision passing over a proven great offensive genius SB winner over a fraud. That decision probably set the Jets back at least two years.
  15. Everything right on point. The Jets hired a clown in Bowles with no discipline that lasted an incredible 4 years. Dolan and Sheldon ruined what could had been a great experience for Jets fan building the WS stadium. Macc was an a....hole from the very beginning.
  16. Better choice than MM, child please. Richard will need to reinvent himself after the Cowboys secondary implosion last year. I saw two Dallas games this year the one against the Jets and the Bills. Even mediocre passer Josh Allen completed 85% of his passes against his secondary.
  17. Before he was inherited, no team wanted to touch this guy who was viewed at the time as a clear certified bust coming out of college before GB took a chance at the bottom of the first round. MM took over and resurrected Bret Favre’s career, then GB let go Favre and MM worked wonders for ingrate Aaron including winning a SB. But here you are diminishing this man great accomplishment because you can’t stand the guy. But because you love the trash Todd Bowles you regard him as a great coach. Im still waiting at your prediction of Bowles getting the Redskin HC job Or it been taken lol and many teams lining up to hire him after his remarkable job at last ranked TB defense.
  18. Idzik supposedly gave Macc a list of can’t miss prospects coming out of colleges and Hackenberg was on that list.
  19. I understand your point but the Cowboys is the last example you should give. They underachieve this year. The secondary was a joke. MM was the premier HC this year. They hire the most qualified HC, a smart move by a smart organization and Mike Nolan have been one of the best defensive mind in the NFL.
  20. Is this a joke? WR coach is the Giants new HC. I predict whoever is the waterboy with the Pats to get a OC or DC position in the NFL.
  21. What does this Rhule bring to the table? Is he a great manager who rely on great instinct to hire good coaches?
  22. And where are those here, you know who you are, who kept swearing that MM will never get another job and always kept bringing where is MM coaching? Well, he got the most prestige HC in the league, the Cowboys. I guess the NY media couldn't fly out to Dallas and prevent JJ from hiring this guy. MM was interested in two teams last year the Brown and the Jets. Both teams needed a MM to develop their young talented QB and both failed ultra predictable miserable in choosing their HC. One owner is so desperate to win that he cut his losses and fired the guy, our clown will evaluate after two more losing season. The odd for both moribund franchise to made the right decision last year was about 2%. It is why we, the Browns are perenial loser franchise. I remember the time when Bob Kraft bought the Patriots in the mid 90's and he started making decision that was not in par with that franchise history.
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