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  1. He was the beast all year. He manage the game and was clutch when they needed him against one of the top defense in the league. He had been great all year at some point he is going to have an off day.
  2. In two years still had not thrown for 300 yards. Yesterday was the closest in 5 quarters and 50 passes only 260 yards. As a passer he was mediocre in college 50% career completion and in the pro.
  3. You mean he bring excitement with his legs? Too bad QB need to know how to throw the ball first. And you wanted the Jets to draft that RB, very smart Thai. Lol
  4. The Fraud turned a promising young QB averaging 26 TD 4,000 yards for a few years into a backup losing his starting job and the team. Now under a real OC he became the highest pass rating in the league.
  5. And more important BETTER COACH. He regressed under the FRAUD and now is flourishing.
  6. Nice pass right on money when his team need it most
  7. Best QB rating this year that was after the fraud turned him from 4,000 26TD back to back into a backup QB.
  8. Playing not to lose especially on the road you deserve to lose.
  9. It took a real OC to improve him. With the old one lost his job his team and his Millions.
  10. So we got it wait until the fraud is fired in 2-3 years and Darnold in another team to see his greatness. Damn this suckk.
  11. Tannehill look so different than the time he was playing for the fraud. What a difference a real OC make in QB. This man became a backup on another team because of the fraud Gase. This is what I’m fearing with Darnolds being the savior of another team because the two clowns keep making dumb stupid decisions.
  12. I was going to post about this. Earlier I posted that he hasn’t thrown for 300 yards in a game. I think he will need 6 quarters and 60 throws.
  13. He like to root for trash Every single time, he say he like the underdog
  14. Forget about his completion rate. What is really alarming is that Josh Allen HAD NOT THROWN FOR 300 yards in a game. That really tell you everything you need to know about him as a passer.
  15. Allen on third down goes with what he feel most confident running with the ball. He is to a point afraid of throwing the ball.
  16. Typical Jets draft day, most fan expected Allen and they went with Dline, the only position with surplus.
  17. The pick 6 dropped In the first quarter by the CB, the fumble reverse. Josh Allen is trash save by one of the top 3 RB in the league, great OL waiting all day to throw and a top 3 defense. You insert Josh Allen into the Jets with the Fraud as HC forcing him to stay put in the pocket and when try to do what he does best run with the football, he will get an earful by the fraud, he could easily go winless if he was playing for the Jets.
  18. Dude I watched every game. Darnold did Ok under the circumstances. His HC was of no help and he put decent number against one of the top defense in the league.
  19. What the hell are you writing? Darnold had 1TD zero INT QB RATING 85.
  20. I was about to open a new thread about why there hasn’t been a new Trade/keep Adam in a few days.
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