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  1. A lot of chaos this season but it’s what the Fraud bring more efficient to the table, just like his time in Miami with their best players trying a mutiny and by the time he was fired he had to be restraint from assaulting the owner. Next year at this time before the FA and drafts most of you will again sing kumbaya. I’m pissed and for the past few years has been in the what had you done for us lately. The only thing I’m hopeful next year is the defense but the offense in this era is the one that win games. That we won against the Bills back up 13-6 and scored only 6 TD in 5 games is ridiculous. I will not be shock if Darnold has the same trajectory as Drew Brees more recently Ryan Tannhill. We finally get our franchise QB and neglect to develop.
  2. But he coached for us arguably the best OL in football and by far the best running schemes. Even with scrubs it will not happen reducing Bell to an afterthought or that BS waiting 8 games to adjust the free defensive coming free on almost every passing play.
  3. Pat Shumer had a bad luck working for the wrong NJ team. Had he been been the Jets HC two years of failure mean the most safest job in the NFL.
  4. Yeah follow the Jets route waiting at least FOUR years to fire anybody and only do it after getting a big fat contracts the year before. And when the most accomplished coach who fill all the boxes like developing QB, resurrecting washed up superstar career, winning SB, real offensive genius dying to come to the Jets pass him over for a first time failure who had never developed anybody and the young stud QB whose two previous years had 4,000 yards 26 TD, he was brought to develop became a bench warmer and another coach had to resurrect his career.
  5. But he manages to field a good defense despite on missing all year his two best players Mosley and Williamson. The same cannot be said on the FRAUD. While others team were making plays with second and third string QB our own bozo could not even manage a FG.
  6. Kotice and the Fraud are the only Jets coaches ever to finish with the worst offense in the NFL. Both regarded as offensive guru. That is really tough to swallow when you consider that every coaches the Jets had hired since Kotice had come from the defensive side. This bozo manages this feat with a much better offensive roster than last year and a 2nd year QB.
  7. More excuses for the FRAUD inability to use one of the best catch and run RB. Next year I can guarantee all the sheeps here will be blaming Sam. Remember this devastating fact about the FRAUD, Ryan Tannehill was much better than when the FRAUD came over to elevate hm into the next level. Not only Tanny regressed under his watch but became a bust and lost his job. It took another offensive coach to bring him back from the FRAUD dark alley. Now he is completing 70% throwing 3/1 TD int ratio with 115 QB rating.
  8. Nothing wrong with being a fan of the most accomplished Jets coach in 40 years.
  9. How many games before the FRAUD figured out how to scheme on a free defender on almost every passing play? The way I see it the fraud do not know how to utilize Bell, one of the most electrifying player in the NFL. But the most important aspect you need to know if you grade him incomplete so far TANNY WAS MUCH BETTER BEFORE HIM IN MIAMI AND HE IS MUCH BETTER AFTER HIM, NO?
  10. Some people are just clueless and very argumentative. By the time the Jets were out of contention at 1-7, the FRAUD figured out how to block a free defender coming at Darnold face on almost every single passing play. WE ALL KNEW THAT DARNOLDS WAS LETHAL MOVING OUT OF POCKET TO HIS RIGHT. He is so hardheaed my way or the hard way that he never bother to wacht Darnolds's tape from last year especially his last five games. It took Darnolds seeing ghost to finally have some sense and had Darnolds input into the offense. How many freaking time Payton change the play atlos? He was his own coach at that time in his career and the FRAUD was mostly there to please Payton, bringing him coffee, positive reinforcement, etc.
  11. But he will not lose to TWO WINLESS TEAM either. Acutally nobody had done that in the history of the NF. He is all by himself there. lol
  12. My last post did not included his recent stint with the Jets. I responded to your post that Tanny put up decent number. He was much better before the fraud got to Miami and he is much better under different coach now. Just saying, NO?
  13. SOJF will be behind this FRAUD loser making excuses forever. lol
  14. Two years prior to the FRAUD arrival in Miami, Tanny had 4,000 plus yards average 26 TD 12 INT then regressed and was out of Miami after three years of putting those numbers. Now under a different offensive coach look better than he was ever in Miami even prior to the FRAUD. At some point next year you will come to reality and agree that you guys were scammed by Payton former coffee boy.
  15. Just like the Mark Sanchez era, the defense are winning games, like yesterday a baseball like score 13-6 against the Bills back up.
  16. Chris the clown took the bait from Payton when he was about to hire MM. Now we are stuck with this FRAUD for probably two more years wasting a franchise QB in the process. That this guy still have so many groupies here even after watching his old QB becoming so much better under a different offensive coach and Darnolds taking backstep under him is mindbowing. They even go as far as to make so many different excuses that Tannehill is really carryng the torch for the RB. This is becoming comical.
  17. Interesting fact. According to Cimini in the 48 years of the Jets franchise only two times they have been dead last in offense, in 1995 when Kotice the other "offensive guru" took the Jets into a nosedive and this year under the FRAUD.
  18. The defense won those games against those trash team. The opponents average 14 points in those games and I thougth Gase was brought here to develop Darnolds. For instance look at the game yesterday, if not for Gregg Williams's defense holding the Bills back up players to 6 points what an embarrasment would had been losing to back up.
  19. That have nothing to do not adjusting for half of the season at 1-7 having a free defensive player coming free almost every single passing play.
  20. LMAO just the KC, 49ers and Seatlle will be tough? try all of them. Remember our fraud HC went into the record book for the wrong reason by getting beat by two winless team in the same year.
  21. Then, Bell could had been our Henry if our fraud would had watched his old Pitts tape. He do not know how to utilize one of the most electrifying player in the NFL. Heck it took Darnolds seeing ghost finally confronting him that he had enough of his bs playcalling and to implement what make him confortable that is how he got a little better. That sideline confrontation between the fraud and Darnolds is all we need to see.
  22. He is playing like the QB he was suppose to be and the final dagger was being coached three years by Payton Manning's former coffee boy. Now he is putting number like 70% completion 22 TD 6 INT.
  23. carrying the Titans into the playoff. A total different QB. I can't stand that clown Chris Johnson and the media gushing around him about the season turning point when he gave the assurance that Gase was staying as HC. The fraud last game against the Bills backup players was 13-6 for crying out loud. I can see the FRAUD wasting 3 years of Darnolds. Then, people will start writing him off like Ryan Tannehill and in the end saving another franchise. Our freaking luck.
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