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  1. 21 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    It was the season of mononucleosis, a Week 1 loss with Kaare Vedvik's missed kicks, upset wins vs. the Cowboys and Steelers, too many IR'ed players to count, airplane banners, a current 4-game home winning streak, and of course, @WyattV18.  It was an odd season to be sure but after a 1-7 start, a lot of midseason player/coach/GM friction with Osemele's shoulder, Jamal trade rumors and Enunwa's fines the Jets stuck together and dragged a Bottom 5 roster to a 6-2 second half of the season.

    Given where we started it's hard to be upset with where the Jets are now.  We know there's a lot of work to be done on this roster, we know the jury is still out somewhat regarding Gase, but for the first time in a while it feels like a season turned around in a positive way vs. a negative one.  And that is something we should appreciate as fans even if we're disappointed with the end result of the season.  In fact, the trajectory of this team really starts to look positive when you compare it to what's happening with other teams like the Browns right now.  There was no bigger gap between the expectations for a team going into 2019 and their actual performance than the Cleveland Browns.  A Browns team that not only will have its 4th HC in 3 seasons (Hue Jackson, Gregg Williams, Kitchens, and TBD 2020) but just watched their supposed GM Messiah in John Dorsey walk away from the team because of ownership's concern about his role in the next HC search.  Heading into 2019, nobody on the planet could foresee any circumstance where the Browns would be saying goodbye to both first-year HC Freddie Kitchens and GM John Dorsey before New Year's Day.

    Going even further, the way the Jets finished the season with 2 straight wins and their current stability at QB, Head Coach and GM, the Jets are on a MUCH better trajectory heading into the offseason than MANY other teams, not just the Browns.

    How would you like to be a fan of the Raiders right now?  Same 7-9 record as the Jets, just got boo'ed out of Oakland, couldn't take a meaningful step forward in the second year of the Gruden-Carr offense, lost to the Jets by 31 POINTS!!!! etc.

    There were many teams with much more disappointing seasons than the Jets....even amongst supposedly "good teams."

    How would you like to be the Bears sitting at home this postseason with Trubisky after last year's playoff appearance?

    Or the Rams (who won only 2 more games than the Jets) with the Gurley and Goff contracts?

    Frank Reich and the Colts, and Matt Ryan and the Falcons couldn't win more games than the Jets this year??

    How about the Jets...OUR JETS... preventing two teams from getting into the playoffs with wins over Dallas (early) and Pittsburgh (late) this season?

    You want disappointment?  Talk to Philip Rivers about the 5 win Chargers.  Talk to Luke Keuchly and Christian McCaffrey about the 5 win Panthers.

    I'm not going to say this was a good season for the Jets.  It wasn't.  But the roster can only get better and I'm entrenched in the camp that believes Darnold is the one who can lead this team to great things.  I'm excited to see Sam get to work in the same offensive system for consecutive seasons for the first time in 4 years (USC, Jeremy Bates, Adam Gase...).

    In my opinion the arrow is pointing up for the New York Jets!

    A lot of  chaos this season but it’s what the Fraud bring more efficient to the table, just like his time in Miami with their best players trying a mutiny and by the time he was fired he had to be restraint from assaulting the owner.  Next year at this time before the FA and drafts most of you will again sing kumbaya.  I’m pissed and for the past few years has been in the what had you done for us lately.

    The only thing I’m hopeful next year is the defense but the offense in this era is the one that win games. That we won against the Bills back up 13-6 and scored only 6 TD in 5 games is ridiculous.  I will not be shock if Darnold has the same trajectory as Drew Brees more recently Ryan Tannhill.  We finally get our franchise QB and neglect to develop.

  2. 19 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    Callahan is a serious hardo who would piss everyone off, and the Jets staff already has too many of those. 

    But he coached for us arguably the best OL in football and by far the best running schemes.  Even with scrubs it will not happen reducing Bell to an afterthought or that BS waiting 8 games to adjust the free defensive coming free on almost every passing play.  

  3. On 12/31/2019 at 2:24 PM, Icer said:

    Firing your front office & coaches every 2 years is a good way to make sure no one respectable wants to work for you

    Yeah follow the Jets route waiting at least FOUR years to fire anybody and only do it after getting a big fat contracts the year before.  And when the most accomplished coach who fill all the boxes like developing QB, resurrecting washed up superstar career, winning SB, real offensive genius dying to come to the Jets pass him over for a first time failure who had never developed anybody and the young stud QB whose two previous years had 4,000 yards 26 TD, he was brought to develop became a bench warmer and another coach had to resurrect his career.  

  4. 3 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    With only one exception, the Jets have spent every meaningful high draft choice on defense since Rex Ryan circa 2009.

    The injuries on O were far more impactful than those on D.  The D was able to absorb more because it had more depth to begin with.  The O is Maccagnan's ghost town.

    SAR I

    But he manages to field a good defense despite on missing all year his two best players Mosley and Williamson. The same cannot be said on the FRAUD.  While others team were making plays with second and third string QB our own bozo could not even manage a FG.

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  5. 1 hour ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    Bell was definitely a disappointment this year. Oline sucked but he has no burst. Whenever he tried to bounce it outside the LBer would track him down pretty easily. 

    Perhaps with a better oline he can still do some damage running between the tackles and he is still an asset out of the backfield and as a pass blocker.  


    More excuses for the FRAUD inability to use one of the best catch and run RB.  

    Next year I can guarantee all the sheeps here will be blaming Sam.  

    Remember this devastating fact about the FRAUD, Ryan Tannehill was much better than when the FRAUD came over to elevate hm into the next level.  Not only Tanny regressed under his watch but became a bust and lost his job.  It took another offensive coach to bring him back from the FRAUD dark alley.  Now he is completing 70% throwing 3/1 TD int ratio with 115 QB rating.  

  6. 1 minute ago, Greensleeves said:

    Just wondering - how is our O-line compared to the Titans? Wonder if that has anything to do with it. Tannehill was sitting there in the pocket all day whenever I was watching the Titans. Sam was constantly running for his life. Derrick Henry is a beast with holes to run through. Bell has none. Hmmm. Ah, the hell with it. Let's just act like they are the same situations and kill the coach and QB.

    How many games before the FRAUD figured out how to scheme on a free defender on almost every passing play?  The way I see it the fraud do not know how to utilize Bell, one of the most electrifying player in the NFL.  But the most important aspect you need to know if you grade him incomplete so far TANNY WAS MUCH BETTER BEFORE HIM IN MIAMI AND HE IS MUCH BETTER AFTER HIM, NO?  

  7. 3 minutes ago, nyjets1969 said:

    I think peyton Mannings success in Denver had more to do with Denver's defense then Adam Gase I agree the Gase was nothing more then a coffee boy for Manning. Manning called most of the plays Gase was more like Loggains just had the title but didn't call the plays. If you want to look at Gase only example of developing a rookie QB Brock Osweiler is the true legacy of Adam Gase. I still think if Denver didn't have the defense they had with Manning Denver doesnt make the superbowl and Gase out of the NFL. People are praising Gase 6-2 record most of it is because of Greg Williams defense and the fact they beat up on weak teams I hardly call the Steelers 3rd string QB a threat if they had a healthy Rosenberger doubt the Jets even stay in that game beating Matt Barkley please! The Cowboys Jason Garret is as bad as Gase. The rest of the teams they beat are pick ahead of them. If anybody think this is a accomplishment they really need to replay the games and look how bad the blocking schemes and the regression of Darnold and how misused and underused Bell was. Sad thing Gase will be fired in 2 years Darnold will be playing somewhere else and pulling a Tannehill and Jets will be picking another QB. I figure after 40 plus years of picking bad coaches Jets fans would wise up.

    Some people are just clueless and very argumentative. 

    By the time the Jets were out of contention at 1-7, the FRAUD figured out how to block a free defender coming at Darnold face on almost every single passing play. 

    WE ALL KNEW THAT DARNOLDS WAS LETHAL MOVING OUT OF POCKET TO HIS RIGHT. He is so hardheaed my way or the hard way that he never bother to wacht Darnolds's tape from last year especially his last five games.   It took Darnolds seeing ghost to finally have some sense and had Darnolds input into the offense.   

    How many freaking time Payton change the play atlos?  He was his own coach at that time in his career and the FRAUD was mostly there to please Payton, bringing him coffee, positive reinforcement, etc. 

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  8. 14 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    I don’t think Vince Lombardi himself could get this roster to more than 8 or 9 wins. 

    But he will not lose to TWO WINLESS TEAM either.  Acutally nobody had done that in the history of the NF.  He is all by himself there. lol

  9. 7 minutes ago, Jet Life said:

    I never wanted Gase and my post history shows that. I wanted McCarthy or Rhule from the beginning. But with everyone on IR and losing our QB for 5 weeks I will give him credit for getting the team to 7-9. which is where I thought they would be at full strength before the season

    My last post did not included his recent stint with the Jets.  I responded to your post that Tanny put up decent number.  He was much better before the fraud got to Miami and he is much better under different coach now. Just saying, NO?

  10. 4 minutes ago, Jet Life said:

    Tannehill always put up decent stats just was never healthy. 4000+ yards, 24 TDs his last healthy year in Miami. Doesn't hurt for Tannehill though the Titans have an explosive young WR like Brown who seems to break off a 60 yard TD every game

    Two years prior to the FRAUD arrival in Miami, Tanny had 4,000 plus yards average 26 TD 12 INT then regressed and was out of Miami after three years of putting those numbers.  Now under a different offensive coach look better than he was ever in Miami even prior to the FRAUD.  At some point next year you will come to reality and agree that you guys were scammed by Payton former coffee boy.  

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  11. 10 minutes ago, jetsfansince7 said:

    This scares me. Tannehill looks reborn. Better than he was combining out of school

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    Chris the clown took the bait from Payton when he was about to hire MM.  Now we are stuck with this FRAUD for probably two more years wasting a franchise QB in the process. 

    That this guy still have so many groupies here even after watching his old QB becoming so much better under a different offensive coach and Darnolds taking backstep under him is mindbowing.  They even go as far as to make so many different excuses that Tannehill is really carryng the torch for the RB.  This is becoming comical. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

    If you can’t attack Gase because he went 6-2 in the second half of the season, then somehow criticize him for the success of one of his former players. IDIOCY

    The defense won those games against those trash team.  The opponents average 14 points in those games and I thougth Gase was brought here to develop Darnolds.  For instance look at the game yesterday, if not for Gregg Williams's defense holding the Bills back up players to 6 points what an embarrasment would had been losing to back up.  

  13. 2 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Not as hard as many people make out. The chargers, raiders, broncos, cardinals, Dolphins (twice), and browns ( a complete dumpster fire) all finished with losing records. 

    The rams finished 9-7 struggling to beat the cardinals yesterday and seem like a team trending down. 

    There is no doubt KC, Seattle and 49ers will be tough. With that said, 49ers do have to fly out here for the game. 

    We have proven we can beat the Bill, yea they rested some of their starters week 17 but we should of won week one. 

    The wildcard in the schedule is the Patriots. No one is quite certain if Brady will be back. They completely dominated us in games this year and cannot reappear that. 

    LMAO just the KC, 49ers and Seatlle will be tough? try all of them.  Remember our fraud HC went into the record book for the wrong reason by getting beat by two winless team in the same year.  

  14. 7 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

    He carried nothing, Derrick Henry carried that offense.  He was fortunate to face Titans backups after the Jets beat Pitt because 2 weeks ago in a game for the division title he was awful.

    He has Derrick Henry and AJ brown, that's why he's succeeding and he won't kept it up.

    Then, Bell could had been our Henry if our fraud would had watched his old Pitts tape.  He do not know how to utilize one of the most electrifying player in the NFL.  Heck it took Darnolds seeing ghost finally confronting him that he had enough of his bs playcalling and to implement what make him confortable that is how he got a little better.  That sideline confrontation between the fraud and Darnolds is all we need to see.  

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