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  1. 2 hours ago, SAR I said:

    You realize that the Bills backups we played today were better than the Jets backups-to-the-backups we matched up against them, yes?  And it's been that way all season. 

    So going into that stadium, against a loose and more talented opponent, in foul weather, with no running game, and with a kicker that couldn't hit the side of a barn, to come out of there with a win was a nice accomplishment.  Part of the process of transitioning from a loser to a winner is the ability to win close games on the road.  Today was a nice step for many players.  About half, actually, who are raw practice players or carryovers from last year's Bowles debacle.

    SAR I

    I don’t know how you can spin all these BS with a straight face pretending that you are serious about your argument.  Either you are hired by the former Payton Manning’s coffee boy to be his personal PR man infiltrating on every boards spreading lies about how great that charlatán is or you are trolling us.  Which one is it SAR I?

  2. 2 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    We are the greatest 7-9 team in NFL history.  The wins over the Giants, Redskins and Dolphins were exhilarating!  Move over Parcells, Gase is the new great HC of the NYJ.  I can’t express how proud I am of this losing team!

    Why are you leaving the great hard fought 13-6 SB kind of win against the playoff bound Bills? Please don’t give me the excuse that it was against the Bills’ back up players.  

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  3. 11 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

    You know what I love about Jetnation? That I can come here every day and know what it's like to get divorced without ever actually getting divorced? Everyone pisses and moans about their favorite team and fights the other posters. They ALL know exactly what it takes to be the best HC. The Jets just have to be smart enough to hire them. Maybe, some day if the Jets win the SB they will all have that great make up sex? LOL :)

    Anyway, my point is we all think we know why the Jets have managed to win 6 games now? Hopefully my reasons don't get too many people emotionally distraught.

    I can point to three main factors as to why the Jets have increased their win total. We can debate how much more important one is as compared to the others, but here's mine:

    1) JD is doing his job. In many ways, this season has been a very unique experience? JD never had the benefit of FA or the draft. We've had a first row seat to see how a GM can improve a team without having the most obvious avenues available to him. Ryan Kalil was obviously a terrible acquisition but I still don't regret JD making the move? There's no damage to the salary cap after this season. But since that terrible move, I've really liked his under the radar (so to speak) moves. Alex Lewis, Ryan Griffin, Demaryius Thomas, Arthur Maulet, etc., All of these guys in my opinion have a chance to compete for a job next season. Probably most of them won't be starting players, but they will all have a role to play. I look forward to seeing how much more JD can improve the back end of this roster. IMO, he's doing a nice job right now considering the situation he's been thrown into. Obviously, the DRAFT and FA are what will make or break JD and these moves he's currently making would be considered to be IRRELEVANT in comparison.

    2) The defense is playing better.  Todd Bowles was supposed to be a defensive guru? The fact is, he was pretty DUMB when it comes to defense. The Jets have a lot of nice players on defense and 🚽was unable to get their defensive rankings anything higher than 21st? 22nd? That just doesn't represent what the Jets defense is capable of. GREG WILLIAMS came in and immediately realized they were capable of much more and he's managed to bring that out.

    3) SAM DARNOLD is playing well. Despite his every now and then boneheaded play, he's really becoming a good QB. We all knew coming into this season that for the Jets to have  any success on offense Sam Darnold would need to play better. Well, I think he has. With time, hopefully, he can further hone his skills and become a franchise QB. Because it's obvious to me that the players rally around who they view as the leader of this team. They view Sam Darnold as their unquestioned leader right now. This is also a huge positve mark mark for Adam Gase. Now I know this will be viewed as controversial, but once again this is just my opinion - not to impune anyone else's opinion. But I think Adam Gase has very clearly earned an opportunity to come back next year.

    Who wrote this? Gase’s granny?  

    Excited about win increase to six game. The softie scheduled ever during my lifetime and setting record for losing to winless team. Lol can’t make this shhhit up.  What are we aiming next year, 7?  And the following his breakthrough at 8. 

  4. On 12/4/2019 at 9:39 AM, BigRy56 said:

    Rivera is a good head coach - I wish the Jets would dump Gase and bring him in. Instead he'll go right to the Giants

    He is over qualify to coach the Jets just as was the case with Bill Cowher, MM, etc.  The Jets criteria to hire a HC or better yet the two clowns that make fatal decision every single time is to go and get a project second time around coach who has been fired after being over his head in his first try or a "hot" and coming defensive coordinator.  

  5. On 12/3/2019 at 9:51 PM, T0mShane said:

    Mike McCarthy calling in a favor with an old Packers beat guy to get his name circling. Sad.

    You are good for humor but for Football, sadly, you are braindead.  You did not see MM gettting the first interview, did you but you are quick to smear him. 

    Your boy Marone will be a coordinator in the NFL or college and the fraud Bowles a commentator at ACC Network.  

  6. 2 hours ago, kdels62 said:

    Since the Steelers have the 3rd ranked Defense in the league to prop up their offense is the Jets record Gregg Williams fault?

    Dude pay attention, our fraud couldn’t even get his second or third string QB throw for a single TD and his strength is his offense, crazy.  No defense in the world would help the ineptitude of Gase.

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  7. 13 hours ago, kdels62 said:

    Does this include those 3 games where our league worst OL and our 3rd string QB played? Not that our offense would’ve been good but that stat would be different.

    Pitts has won 8 games with second and third string QB.  But our fraud coach couldn’t even manage  a single TD from his second or third string QB.  Imagine where this team would be if we had another “defensive genius” fraud like our last bozo Todd Bowles instead of Gregg Williams? 

  8. 12 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    How have teams like the Patriots, Baltimore, Eagles, Chiefs, Saints, Texans, etc. stayed so good despite drafting at the end of the round for years in a row.

    It doesn't matter where you pick.  It's about WHO does the picking and WHO they take!

    Where we pick just doesn't matter.

    It just doesn't matter.

    How those teams stayed so good especially with unimpressive drafting?  Compare those coaches and our fraud.  

  9. 6 minutes ago, Pac said:

    just think...  had we drafted Allen we could be five and nine!  

    alas... we picked Q and are forced to witness the Jags greatness while we wallow in misery at 5 and 9.

    I’m still thinking..

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  10. 7 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

    I think Thomas is gone before we pick. Chase Young is going to hurt. He will be the next super star Edge rusher.

    If doesn’t matter, last year we had the next super star edge rusher right there for the taking. Most of us wanted Josh Allen (I also wanted Marquise Brown)who already has double digit in sacks.  What does we fan know? when our sophisticated mind, Macc knew something that we fan didn’t know, so he predictable picked the BPA at number 3, hilarious.

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  11. On 12/15/2019 at 10:12 AM, Jet Nut said:

    And given we have no idea who Douglas wanted to draft or wanted, how is this relevant?

    The Eagles won a SB with JD on their staff, who would complain about a SB win?

    How about the picks made when he was a part of the ravens system, should they be listed too?


    Idzik won a Sb when he was part of the Seahawks staff.  No? They obviously had much better draft than the Eagles.  But hey, these are the same fan crowning mr. Nobody savior when he had done nothing yet.  Let’s wait until he turns things around before showering this guy with praises. Do not go back to the Mac debacle as I remember 75% of the fan here were having chill on their knee when he was hired.

  12. 10 hours ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

    Gase gotta go. Period. I don’t know how he was hired in the first place but he’s the butt of all the jokes now and so are the Jets. I don’t know why they’re throwing next year away too. 

    We were this close to hire Mike McCarhty a real offensive genius who developed a Aaron Rodgers with very similar traits to darnolds and also resurrected Bret Favre career.  But then came the NY media writing trash about him and putting Gase into a pedestal especially that little scumbag, Metha.  We would had kill in the past to have a respectable SB winning coach dying to come to the Jets.  But regardless, we usually settle for a rookie coach or first year failure coach.  

  13. On 12/10/2019 at 4:33 PM, Villain The Foe said:

    Mangini didnt make the playoffs with Brett Favre because Favre got injured during that 8-3 start to the season, and he was playing with a torn biceps tendon and a bad shoulder, both on his throwing arm during the last 2 months of that season. Because of that the Jets went 1-4 over the last 5 games 

    Mangini and Tanny were both fined 25K for not putting Favre on the injury report as well as issuing a fine to the organization.


    Quote from this 2009 ESPN article: "Last week, Tannenbaum admitted the Jets should have listed Favre as "probable" on their injury reports. That came a day after Favre said he thought he was hurting the Jets because of the injury and discussed it with the coaches and the front office. He said he would have been willing to sit out, even though that would have ended his streak of consecutive starts, which now stands at 270 games."



    Favre was clearly not himself to the point where he thought that he was "hurting the team by playing". Had he'd been healthy, I think the story would have been different. Furthermore, had they benched Favre maybe we would have won atleast 1 more game with a healthy back up. 

    If Rex had Favre mediocre year with the Jets 22 TD 22 INT 65% completion

    instead of Sanchez 12 TD 20 INT 53% completion. 

    The Jets had a good chance to win the SB with Rex number one defense and always put in bad position with Sanchez at QB.

  14. 4 hours ago, Villain The Foe said:

    Rex was a predictable coach and it showed playing against good to great coahes. Everyone knew that on 3rd down and 5 (or more) that he was going to blitz, they all knew he was going to play man. 

    You know how many times I seen teams like Baltimore run a bootleg on a crucial 3rd down in order to nullify the blitz while running a crosser to nullify man coverage? 

    What's worse, Rex expected every player to be Darrelle Revis when it came to cover skills. 


    Rex Ryan's defense was like a hammer. If you didnt have the ability to scheme against it you'd get hammered. However, if you the remedy you would kill him damn near everytime you played him because he was always a hammer. 


    The Ryan era was better than the prior era's, however, I always wondered what would have been if 2009/10 Mangini would have remained out coach and Rex would have simply been DC. 

    I probably would have seen a SB appearance in my lifetime. Or maybe im being too critical on Rex. Either way, what I can say is that Rex had a pretty stacked team those first 2 seasons that he really wasnt responsible for, once that turnover came and we had to rely on players that came in under him, we started to see that things wasnt working out. 


    Mangini didn’t make the playoffs with Bret Favre as his QB the previous year and we saw every scrubs QB made into Joe Montana every single week. What makes you think his record would had been better than 2-14 with a QB that threw for 12  TD 20 INT along with his horrible defense schemes.  

  15. 11 hours ago, FlagmanL11 said:

    Got to say very poor showing by Jets fans overall, far too many fish fans.  Tickets were cheap, perfect tailgate and football weather and entire rows in the upper deck were empty with many open seats in the Mezz and lower level.  We need the so called fans to get off their couch and get to the stadium.  Its embarrassing when you bring new people to the game and they say it looks like a preseason crowd.  Let have a better showing for the Steeler game.  No excuses Jet fans......   Tickets we will be cheap and last time this decade you can you go to the stadium.  

    If the west side stadium, the 8 wonders of the world that we missed because of a crooked politician and people with vendetta because this magnificent stadium was going to wipe them out, then we wouldn’t be talking about empty stadium.  

    I don’t blame Jets fan for not venturing into the middle of nowhere in NEW JERSEY sharing it with another team and to sit in lousy weather in a not appealing stadium.  

    But hey we got the best toilet and parking lot for tailgating.  

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  16. 26 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    “Selfish”?  Those fans spent their own money because they care about the team. 

    “Shameful”?   The team is 3-0 since that day. The season did a complete 180 right after the fans expressed their displeasure.  It kicked everyone into gear despite there being zero accountability from our beta owner and HC.  

    “Entitled”?   Are you aware that we’re referring to Jet fans here?  I think “entitled” is probably one of the last words I’d ever use to describe a NY Jet fan.  

    A lot of our fans are simple minded and very complacent, maybe the losing had gotten to them. 


    3 hours ago, SAR I said:

    I've been to Indianapolis.  It's nothing special. 

    Dallas?  Who knows, maybe they don't tailgate.  If there's one thing I know about Jets fans, in 3 stadiums now, it's that they don't spend a lot of time in the stadium. 

    They eat and drink in the parking lots, get drunk, and get to their seats halfway through the first quarter.

    Within 10 minutes, they get up to piss out the beer from the parking lot and buy another beer.  They've missed the entire first quarter by now.

    5 minutes before halftime, it's time to get another beer, so off they go, they miss the last part of the second quarter too.

    Second half kickoff, they're coming out of the bathroom and miss the first 5 minutes of the third quarter.

    Late in the third quarter, time to get up, got to get that last beer before they shut it down for the day.  They miss the last 5 minutes of the third quarter too.

    Now it's fourth quarter time.  They're back in their seats.  Oops.  Time to piss out the beer.  Then they come back to the seats for 10 minutes and leave with 10 minutes on the game clock to beat the traffic home, traffic they wouldn't recognize because they're under the influence and behind the wheel.

    The moral to the story?  The Jets don't need a pretty stadium because half the fans don't spend any time there and the rest of us are just in it for the football and don't give a crap about the facade or logos.  We have world-class urinals; that really is all that matters to the fanbase, that's the stadium's only purpose on their drunken gamedays.

    SAR I


    You rather have a world class urinals in the middle of a swamp that can only be drive in than an 8 wonder of the world stadium accessible to everybody.  LMAO  

    The sad thing is that a lot of our fans think the way you do, simple minded, very complacent.  The same one that got upset over the plane demanding accountability. 

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  17. 2 hours ago, SAR I said:

    The identity of the team lies in its fans, not the stupid building.  You think the fake brick on the front of the Colts building makes them play harder?  LOL.

    SAR I

    The Colts already won the SB in their beautiful new stadium. LOL.  

    Let me put you Dallas as an example.   AT&T Cowboys stadium is a total beauty. JJ  built that stadium for just over a Billion dollar in 2009.  I just love that stadium and they haven’t won anything there but to me it symbolize them and the Jets. They have an identity and thrive for the best and the Jets on the other hand have no identity and are pleased sharing a lousy stadium built in a swamp that nothing grow there except bad grass.  Because of it traffic is good and everything is cheap from tickets to parking.  

  18. 4 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Agreed.  I wonder how much the Johnson family laughs on their way to the bank at the PSL holders who pay them a small fortune to sit in an air conditioner in the middle of the swamp.  Of all the new stadiums, they probably built one of the worst, while still pissing away $1.5B on it.  

    You are not counting on the simple minded fan who are all excited because the light at the stadium can be turn from blue to green, true story.

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