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  1. 100%. Yes I remember Dolan being part of team Silver. I almost forgot. Like you said this stadium was going to wipe out all surrounding venues. I was so excited at the time and it was almost certain that it was going to happens until the snake of Silver.
  2. I agree, Lamar is very lethal and deceptive with that option and he wait till the last fraction of a second to make a decision.
  3. It is a uninspiring dump in the middle of nowhere that can only be drive in. The Jets haven’t had their own identity since the beginning of the franchise. But on the bright side traffic, tickets, concessions, parking all cheap. Win win for you.
  4. He was the guy that stopped the west side stadium. Rudy and then Bloomberg had everyone behind except that fu...er.
  5. Just gorgeous, 8 wonder of the world. This venue was going to suck all entertainments in NYC from Jacob Javits to MSG. Karma was a b...t to S. Silver. Liberal of the past used to think big that was why NYC became the greatest city in the world, look at it now, even Amazon bringing in 25,000 jobs could not do business at a grand scale in NYC.
  6. I really think on the defensive side we are a good matchup against the Ravens for the simple fact that we can dominate against the run. Every time I see the Ravens playing, they first establish the running game after that they pick apart the secondary.
  7. Nothing can be compare to NYC when it comes to corruption. Even the rats n NYC are different. The guy in charge of city council, Sheldon Silver who maneuvered to bring down the west side stadium, a few years later was sent packing to prison for corruption and that is rare for a politician to go to prison in NY.
  8. The funny thing it is in NJ. I can understand getting riped off in NYC like the simple and dull new Yankee Stadium with all the regulation and quid pro quo politicians but getting rip off in a swamp in the middle of nowhere in Jersey, that is crazy. The irony, the west side Stadium that was planned for the Jets endorsed by Rudy and Bloomberg and opposed by the crooks city council, sheldon Silver was going to be special.
  9. These fraud know that perception is everything. I remember when this picture was made public many fans here were excited looking our GM working on the clock. It is the same as Kotice having two cars one in the front and another in the parking lot pretending he was working late at night when in reality he was at home banging his wife.
  10. So Gase and Darnold didn’t meet before, that’s a surprise. Gase should had watch Darnold last six weeks of last season when Darnold started to see the field better but he is such an anus he thought he didn’t need to and when the plane hit the sky and fan revolt he went back to the video tape. No wonder we saw a lot of rolls and play action and the TE was more involved. Darnold played adequately against the Pats last year and this year the plays was so horrendous Gase got the poor Darnold see ghost. This guy is such a fraud.
  11. I think a good part of the forum wanted Allen but There was one thing the cretin was consistent, taking the BPA regardless of the team needs. We needed a pass rushers bad and JA was there in a gold plate and as usual we went for a position that we were stacked. As a fan it is so freaking infuriating. I also wanted Marquise Brown. Either would had helped this team than keep stacking first round BPA.
  12. Villian the foe you got it all wrong. Because I felt so proud of this country and what it stands, automatically you assumed basically that I was white from different part of the "neighborhood." First, you should know that by reading my posts, English is my second language. I came into this great country to NYC when I was a pre-teen during the late (turbulent) 80's. At the beginning I lived in one of the toughest parts of the Bronx, in fact a block from our apartment was one of the first ever mobile precinct implemented at the time in the Fordham section. My family of 5 were living in a one-bedroom apartment. My family then moved to Crotona and finally to the Mount Hope section before I left for the Army. As you may know the racial makeup of this area was 100% minorities. I was discriminated but it only made me stronger because of the way I was raised, if one door closes another will open. By being in this country with all the opportunities and Freedom rather than my homeland with lack of opportunities and where corruption rule the day, the game was already won. My father only got to finish third grade in our homeland and then he had to leave school to go to work at the age of 8. My father came into this country in his late 30's and after so much hard work and effort, he became a business owner. Also, my hard work paid off, after starting my own family, my wife and I rented an apartment in the Bronx by Grand Concourse and today we own a home in one of the richest zip code in the country in Westchester County. My story is the stories of Millions and Millions of immigrants black, yellow, white, brown, etc. You work hard in this country regardless of race, creed and it will pay off. My family will forever be grateful to this great country the greatest humanity had ever seen. It seen that everything to you is about race. You really think that cops wake up in the morning to go to work to harass minorities because of their skins color or their clothes they have on. NYPD has Millions interaction each year and mostly nothing happened and sometime they have to react in second. Stop and Frisk was implemented by city leaders, not by police, cigarretes taxes was implemented by city leaders and so on. If you want the police to be mostly 100% reactive like pre-low 90's than proactive then your grievances should go to city council to reverse these law/policies which they are doing and come January first, things will be so much different in the city, you are going to love it with the Criminal Justice Reform. On the other hand, I'm grateful that I was able to leave the city.
  13. It is the Pats, they usually get all the calls in their favor even if they play away.
  14. And 3 wins combined between those two juggernaut.
  15. Fake news. The term Snowflakes were given to social justice warriors rich kids at universities demanding safe space because they felt tormented by the outside world. LOL
  16. Last six games of last year I never saw Darnold throw with his back foot. Now since Gase took over it is a routine.
  17. Administrators can you please locked this social justice thread now instead of the two hours.
  18. We had no I mean zero pass rush and he had zero imagination that is why every scrubs QB was made into Joe Montana under Mangini. Rex came in with no pass rush and boom he was able to fix those deficiencies. I wonder why? One was a fraud like our current HC and the other a REAL defensive guru.
  19. Lol. They were shiiit under Mangini. Rex made gold out shiiiit. NO?
  20. Everyone knows how dumb, stupid, disastrous the Jets organization have been in the draft so it is obviously to everyone the trend will continue. Until it change the perception is going to be there. We are rich at safety position and weak at basically everything else and the pundits expect us to make the sma stupid move again. Remind me back in the 90’s when we picked like 3 scrubs TE in the first round within 4 years passing on great hall of fame players like Sapp.
  21. I hope this is a joke. He was another fraud “defensive guru.” His defense was at the bottom of the league and the very next year Rex turned it into number 1 with the same Mangini’s players.
  22. Rex will always have a place in the heart of every Jets fan. The most successful Jets HC in my lifetime (true defensive genius unlike our fraud “offensive genius”)and definitely the most passionate Jets HC ever. If the Jets would had retained Favre the Jets probably win the division and SB. That was the year Sanchez had 12 TD 20 Int.
  23. As a fan you wish for a competent, intelligent owner with real passion for his team. Just our luck, we got JUST a social justice warrior. Woody is no Bob Kraft but compare to his Fredo brother it is night and day. We are doomed cause I think Woody staying ambassador until Trump leave office in 2024.
  24. This loser franchise is a circus starting at the top with the biggest clown, Chris the BOZO. If the Jets sign the azzhule and he start his anti America agenda it would become a carnival. I never say never but I probably not coming back to root for this team ever again.
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