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  1. Geno will get it going now. First road series a little bit nervous.
  2. Good Lord here we go with Cro again.
  3. With all due respect, how do you get the feeling that Johnson got rid of Revis to save money? Had you checked our salary cap year in year out? Money is not issue with the Jets. The problem is investing the money wisely. I think it was a great move by the team to get Richardson for Revis. I mean look, how many times Revis felt to take the team hostage with his money demand every two years, disrupting the team? You want to pay a CB, a QB type money coming back from ACL? That dough will do wonder for a couple true WR next year. If Rex is still around which I definitely hope since It doesn't matter if you give him 11 orange to work on defense. He will find a way to put at the least, a respectable defense.
  4. Actually, we had the game until that miracle play by VJ on 3rd and 10. POETIC JUSTICE.
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