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    My hobbies is to make career in the Journalist and watch the all type of Movie
  1. New York Jets Claim Zach Sudfeld

    I hope he wins this.
  2. Bills Browns Thursday Night Football

    i could only hope that they win this time
  3. I'm an idiot.

    That was merely an accident..it could happen to anybody.
  4. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Runaway bride was a great movie featuringh Julia and Richard Gere..I loved the plot.
  5. How drunk is too drunk?

    Sometimes it is nice to let go off the morals and have a drink or two..
  6. Breaking Bad

    How about Friends guys..it was one of the best shows ever.
  7. iOS update

    I didn't get you..are you saying that iOS 7 wrecked up which was recently launche..i guess a day or two ago..
  8. Moving back to the US in April....need some tips

    Well if you got a nice budget, go for the Escaslade, it is pretty awesome looking and the performance is mighty.
  9. Darelle Revis..A Football Life

    Well maybe Revis might not be a true jet but sure he is a great player.
  10. Introduction

    Hi there folks, My name is Hans and i am a newbie out here. Just hoping to have a great time out here and share my passion for football.