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  1. @namshenoy123 Infy?

  2. @Ish_Bhandari Iowa does not represent the demographic in the rest of US states, so NH, NV and SC are good tests. watch out 4 Rubio!

  3. @Ish_Bhandari agreed. Big test for Trump in NH. Rubio,Sanders exceeded expectations so have momentum now

  4. RT @rgladwell: Being a good, senior dev is easy: 1. Don't tell; ask 2. Don't rewrite; pair and refactor 3. Don't sneer; encourage 4. Be ki…

  5. @TarekFatah @MaajidNawaz @7NewsSydney what's your take on Bernie Sanders then?

  6. @Ish_Bhandari ppl are fed up with political correctness and want a strong leader, Trump vs Sanders will be the end of political correctness

  7. @TarekFatah @realDonaldTrump @megynkelly don't like the move but the focus will shift to the veterans event, who knows if it will help

  8. RT @CNN: Is Clinton more prepared? @BernieSanders: This calls for a standing up response #DemTownHall https://t.co/rvZtDybOgC https://t.co/…

  9. @PanditRamJoshi @Ish_Bhandari democratic debate on Monday https://t.co/JA2AwTKDTV

  10. @rvaidya2000 or make them pay back the prize money with interest

  11. @PanditRamJoshi @Ish_Bhandari Mostly streamed live on youtube, just check news websites for dates and times

  12. @sardesairajdeep ignore the hatemongers... waste of energy for you.. just answer genuine critics

  13. RT @arundharhoney: Shocker for DMK fans in Tamil Nadu! Venkateshwara GadyamChants In Karunanidhi's Home by Hindu Brahmins! ?? @Swamy39 htt…

  14. RT @shanselman: I don't want a SmartTV. I want a DumbTV with an HDMI input. I'm not interested in a lousy insecure TV operating system and …

  15. @madhukishwar further it will burden the public transport system which is already overcrowded

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