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  1. bergenjets

    Brian Billick

    He almost got Cutler killed with those long developing plays, irrc.
  2. Geno and Sanchez's completion percentages were the result of accuracy issues. Many (not all) of Darold's incompletes are him throwing the ball away. Undoubtedly he is being coached to the tune of "when in doubt, throw it out". Maybe it's revisionist history on my part, but I remember both Geno and Sanchez missing by miles quite often. Sanchez also got his receivers blown up across the middle with high balls, a lot.
  3. Sign him and let McCown go to work on him for a few weeks before he even gets near Darnold. I don't much downside to this other than having him go off the rails down the road and then we'd just be back where we are now.
  4. You have an overnight appointment with Adriana Lima in 6 weeks. Here's some videos of her previous overnight appointments to help calm you down and keep you relaxed. Thanks!
  5. Peyton started opening day of his rookie season, IIRC.

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