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  1. You need 4 consecutive days off which includes a saturday and a sunday so they could've practiced for monday Tuesday wednesday but then you are limited in the amount of full pad practices for the year. Why waste practices 2 weeks before the game? They do film study and game planning for those days and are off the rest of the week. Dumb article. The entire NFL does it this way. Do some research Forbes. Edit: Not a fan of Gase, still stupid article
  2. 2018: 1int 3 ff 1 fr 3.5 sacks 9 tfl 115 tackles 86 solo tackles 12 pd 8 qb hits with a pff grade of 89.7 for the year. I think hes a pretty good player. You resign players like that. What happened when we wanted to be cute with our kicker situation? We have a hole at kicker now. Hes not Leonard Williams. I agree with letting LW go btw but Jamal Adams is an impact player. No one player can take over a game except QB and maybe edge rusher. Does that mean we dont pay anyone except those two positions? You need quality players all over the field. Pay Jamal what hes worth. Its a good problem to have.
  3. So you will base your evaluation of a player off of 1 game? You should be an nfl gm. He didnt even have a bad game just didnt have a game changing play. Hes had plenty in the past though cmon.
  4. Revis, one of the best corner backs to ever do it was routinely avoided. Big plays are right place right time. Daryl roberts got roasted for 30 yards. You are a talker. Youre upset about a loss and just complaining for the sake of complaining. As if its a good idea to trade away our best defense player. We have bad cbs that wont change by getting rid of adams
  5. Adams makes play after play for us you guys are nuts. Our conerbacks and our oline lost us that game not jamal adams. If you wanna complain about an overrated OVERPAID Player then complain about #22 Trumain Johnson. He was getting beat like a drum. Calm down its week one. Jesus christ. Show me a play where Jamal got toasted. Show me the last time he had a bad game? I dont remember him ever having a bad game. Maybe the firat time he played the Pats. Gronk, a hall of fame te got the best of him. Just stop with this bullsh*t.
  6. Your first mistake is assuming the Bills have a Qb who can take advantage of our weak Cbs. Also we dont have weak linebackers. Mosely is all pro good and Jenkins is a solid all around player. Wint or Cashman and Luvu admittedly are not great but I would bet with the injury to Avery Williamson the Jets will be working out the nickel a ton, replacing one of those linebackers with a 3rd safety.
  7. I mean it doesnt matter all that much. The Bills are better at a few positions and the jets are better at a few positions. These teams are pretty close in terms of talent. You could argue either way. This game will be decided by whichever team shows up that day. Obviously I'm biased but I think the Jets are a better team but only because we have the better qb. Darnold is going to be great this year.
  8. Finally someone thinking clearly. Most fans seem to think we had a good offseason and draft so who cares if we let maccagnan orchestrate it. He definitely needed to be fired and it would have made a little more sense to do it with bowles but whatever. We ripped the band aid off and because were the jets its LOLJETS everywhere. We had a good offseason and I think we have a good team. Couple that with Joe Douglas and that looks like a win to me. Maybe we can draft someone in the second or third round who wont wash out of the league in a year or two.

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