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  1. If you play fantasy football, you would look at Robbys stat line and say ehh idk I cant trust to start him. The reason is that that 75 yard touchdown is great but will absolutely not happen every game. Deep balls are the least efficient reception in the game. They get completed at like a 20% clip. What the other poster was trying to say is thats its a bit fluky. Before we start crying over our ex bf, lets see a couple more games. If he keeps producing at a high level, not only will I be surprised, but I will admit thatvwe fucxed up. This coming from one of the biggest Robby Fans. Had a friend who went to temple who was all over him coming out. Loved this guy from the moment we signed him as an UDFA.
  2. Dont forget OBJ missed his first 4 games with a hamstring injury. Giant fans were pissed. Lets all just relax. Give the kid time.
  3. Not gonna link it but manish tweeted that its not serious team is just being cautious edit- for mims that is idk about desir
  4. I dont know what this entails but I stumbled upon it so I figured I'd share.
  5. Add Bryan Edwards to the list if youre not a fan already. Had an ankle injury so he didnt participate in the combine or the senior bowl. Apparently raiders had a 1st round grade on him got him in the 3rd. Since camp opened theres been a positive report/tweet/player, coach impressed with him daily. Guys a stud.
  6. I agree and no Foley in there is also a mistake. He was our best DLineman last year.
  7. If we win the next 2 games and he comes back and plays well against Baltimore I'm fine with it. Hate to look ahead but could you imagine beating the ravens to get to 7-7 with all the sh*t this team dealt with this year. Thatd be something. I'd be all in on Gase if that happens.
  8. Cam isnt doing great these days, hes 6'5 245. I kind of agree that he will be dominant until the hits start adding up.
  9. I mean, Jamal tracked him down in college just fine. I agree with whoever said angles are most important. It doesn't matter though. We still have to play the Bengals and the phins
  10. Did either of you guys see the last play of the cowboys game. Dan Orlovskys breakdown of it? I'm sure you watched the game. He was everywhere.
  11. A few weeks ago someone was telling me how Jamal Adam's doesnt impact games. He plays a low impact position and we should trade him. Crazy.
  12. You need 4 consecutive days off which includes a saturday and a sunday so they could've practiced for monday Tuesday wednesday but then you are limited in the amount of full pad practices for the year. Why waste practices 2 weeks before the game? They do film study and game planning for those days and are off the rest of the week. Dumb article. The entire NFL does it this way. Do some research Forbes. Edit: Not a fan of Gase, still stupid article

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