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  1. Finally someone thinking clearly. Most fans seem to think we had a good offseason and draft so who cares if we let maccagnan orchestrate it. He definitely needed to be fired and it would have made a little more sense to do it with bowles but whatever. We ripped the band aid off and because were the jets its LOLJETS everywhere. We had a good offseason and I think we have a good team. Couple that with Joe Douglas and that looks like a win to me. Maybe we can draft someone in the second or third round who wont wash out of the league in a year or two.
  2. Just putting those deep balls on tape is huge. Even if we don't hit on them every game, defenses know that we're capable of making those types of plays. We finally have something on tape for defenses to gameplan for, to be scared of. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a ton of cover 3/4 this week. We put ourselves in a good spot with explosive plays coming on the ground and the air. Pick your poison Indy. Just hope we don't come out flat. It's almost like when we come to play we're a pretty good team. Edit - Sammy D growing up before our eyes. 4000yds would be nice, and I know it's crazy, but how about making the playoffs! We have the 24th hardest SOS the rest of the way. We go 8 and 3 down the stretch and we're in! That'd be the statement to make imo. Darnold led Jets are no longer pushovers. A man can dream.
  3. I know I'm overreacting and I know its only week 3 but man this game really broke me. It was a classic Jet loss. We dominated the first half. Stout defense, sacks, pass deflections, blocked punt. Everything was looking up. Then Mayfield came in and I knew we were gonna lose. I told myself that the drive before half was a fluke. We're playing a soft 2 minute defense thats why he looks good. After his first drive in the second half I knew in my heart we werent going to win this game. I didnt want to believe it but i just knew. 14-6 as theyre driving I had zero faith that we were going to get a key stop or a turnover. 4th and 4 and Im screaming at my television for them to go for it because I knew there was no way we were stopping them. Down 21-17 I told my brother and girlfriend "The games over, Darnolds gonna throw a pick to end it". He threw two. This game made me realize that nothing has changed. Different coaches, different GMs, it doesnt matter. How many games have you watched under Rex where we dominate the first half then fall apart in the second half? The fact that I was able to call every failure this team had last night well before it happened is disturbing. I am usually very optimistic and I was actually a fan of Bowles for a while but this game broke me. We need a coach who wants to win games not a coach who tries not to lose games. This conservative bullsh*t is for losers. Sorry for the rant. Had to get it off my chest.
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