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  1. The amount of games ending in Interceptions by us is just amazing...
  2. Sure. But still. How can a team run the exact same play to the exact same side of the field about ten times without being stopped. Looked like a non-stop highlight on replay.
  3. Blame Bowles. Didn‘t he just take over part of the defensive playcalling this week? Not a full week into it and the defense looks even worse than against Cleveland.
  4. True. After putting 14 on the board they just went 50% effort for the rest of the game. But what do you expect when they‘re not getting fired up and the coach is standing on the sideline looking like a cartboard cutout.
  5. It was clear from the beginning. The Browns didn‘t win for 3,347 days, but against whom would their first win be? Yup, us. The worst possible outcome usually applies for the Jets. Also that gameplan, my god... for the last 3 quarters it just felt like: Get the O-line beat, let Sam roll the left or right and then throw it to the outside. But in my opinion that playing style is totally on the O-line. If Sam could just stand in the pocket for more than 1.5 seconds for a change his play would elevate even more as he is good at going through his progressions. Summary: Tough an embarassing loss, but not surprising at all.
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