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  1. Can anybody put up a poll how many games Gase will last until firing? Seriously. Is say after Broncos game being 0-4.
  2. Never been a fan of calling for HC firing during the season, but this guy is a joke. Signing was a head scratcher from day one. Totally uninspiring bunch of everything. Worst team an total execution in years. #Throwback: no offense, -tackling, -pass protection... Unwatchable.
  3. The amount of games ending in Interceptions by us is just amazing...
  4. Sure. But still. How can a team run the exact same play to the exact same side of the field about ten times without being stopped. Looked like a non-stop highlight on replay.
  5. Blame Bowles. Didn‘t he just take over part of the defensive playcalling this week? Not a full week into it and the defense looks even worse than against Cleveland.
  6. True. After putting 14 on the board they just went 50% effort for the rest of the game. But what do you expect when they‘re not getting fired up and the coach is standing on the sideline looking like a cartboard cutout.
  7. It was clear from the beginning. The Browns didn‘t win for 3,347 days, but against whom would their first win be? Yup, us. The worst possible outcome usually applies for the Jets. Also that gameplan, my god... for the last 3 quarters it just felt like: Get the O-line beat, let Sam roll the left or right and then throw it to the outside. But in my opinion that playing style is totally on the O-line. If Sam could just stand in the pocket for more than 1.5 seconds for a change his play would elevate even more as he is good at going through his progressions. Summary: Tough an embara
  8. Stuttgart, Germany but in Italy the next two weeks. 4 weeks later NY. Going to see a Yankees game and thinking about going to a Jets game. Not sure if it's worth it this year and spending a whole day there when I could rather do some fun stuff in NYC...
  9. I guess he's not even liked by the "fans" of his own team
  10. Lol Kerley mentioned as our primary Punt RETURNER. All he did was fair catching the ball without ever returning something
  11. LOOOOL thought the exact same thing. Looks like he's photoshopped in there
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000630283/article/nfl-releases-memo-regarding-raiders-interest-in-las-vegas The following memo, obtained by NFL Media's Albert Breer, was sent out by the NFL to the public relations directors for all 32 teams, regarding the Raiders' exploration of Las Vegas as a possible destination for relocation: There have been reports over the last day about a proposal to construct a new stadium in Las Vegas in connection with a possible move of the Raidersto Las Vegas. If your club owner or executives are asked about this, there is no need to comment. If any comm
  13. Holy... pretty rough quotes on that site Funny thing is, Belly was lobbying hard for the rule change and now lost because of it, lol.
  14. In a nutshell: Everybody who lefts a party early runs the risk of becoming the "Blitz". It's kind of a grudge. In one scene one (the Blitz) leaves the bar early and the moment he leaves the beer tap brakes and the bartender is screaming "Grab your glasses, free beer for everyone!" So, as soon as the "Blitz" leaves the scene super awesome things are happening to everyone he left behind
  15. Sounds like you're the "Blitz" Ever watched How I met your mother?
  16. Lol.Are you friends with Rex? Don't know if there's a specific word for that. Maybe "Fuss Fetisch" which would mean the same as Foot Fetish. Or "Fuss Porno" if you translate it word for word. As I'm writing this I'm thinking jeez the guy that could probably give us the answer for that was once our head coach...
  17. Lol! Before the first play the're talking about the Falcons/Panthers game. Before the Enunwa catch he's basically sayin "He catches the ball, runs, HE CAN GAIN MORE! (yards) AND MORE, AND MORE!" "And now, that's some great field position for the Jets to win the game" While they're showing the replay they're pointing out that one of the Pats DB's was interrupted and that's why he couldn't get after Enunwa. They say that could have been called as offensive pass interference and calling it as "mirring"? or "mirroring" ?! LOL. Guess they meant a "rub" play. Or pick play.Idiots After the nex
  18. I've no idea why he was even selected for the Pro Bowl. Guess bcs of the one play he made at the Super Bowl. For years we've been hearing how overrated Revis is from pats fans. Butler is the perfect example of an overrated player. Didn't like him much the whole season and today he got beat multiple times!
  19. Thought that the second it happened. Was suprised he didn't get ejected. It's brutal if a skinny WR hits you half speed on the head. But a lineman? Jeez...
  20. Got 2 $100 face value tix in section 340 for $44 each on StubHub. So more money for beer!
  21. It's not our fault we're only playing teams with a losing record, when the Pats, Broncos and Bengals are piling up all the wins. They're a combined 23-1. So somebody had to lose against them. 6 out of 8 games have been against AFC teams and I don't know how many of them have already played above mentioned teams. With 4 or 5 wins in the AFC you're very good in terms of making the playoffs as of now.
  22. We were about to lose one or two games till our next matchup against the pats anyways. Would have expected us to lose at least one against the Fins or Bills. So not that upset about the loss. The main problem of this game is, beside losing it, we lost Fitz and Maybe Smith as well. No way they pick up someone off the street who wins us games. Mindblowing that some around here would rather have some no name at QB instead of Smith. Smith at least has a little experience in the offense. I think he played decent. The defense is responsible for losing this game. Not the offense and Smith. Hoping he
  23. Thought exactly the same. Would have worked if Smith had gone out of bounds on his run. So maybe he'll not be available as well next week if he broke ribs or something. Unbelievable how many guys are banged up or out already Ivory, Milliner, Fitz, Marshall, Decker, Mangold, Amaro, Smith1 , Smith2, Pryor, ...
  24. Wondering how long it will take till we see the first interception from Smith...
  25. Or they get forwarded 5 years, still be pats fans and live through 20 years of mediocrity leaving half the stadium empty every sunday. It's a shame brady got off the 4 game suspension it would have give you a sneak peak at the future. Pats would have gone to the playoffs anyways.
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