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  1. Epic Win

    Unfortunately it's going to take time for Idzik to clean up trader Mikes mess.
  2. Epic Win

    It's relative, what i'm saying is that you can't sign aging FA and expect long term success. Of course there are good FA signings that make sense. And there are exceptions like Denver. But for now I don't see the problem with developing young talent. There's nothing wrong with signing vets in certain spots, but when the average age of your team is 30 years and old and you have no cap space left, there's no longevity. That's exactly what happened to us in 2009-2010. Build your team through the draft.
  3. Epic Win

    The key to success is not blowing through cap space signing huge FA contracts......
  4. Epic Win

    He's making smart decisions. He's not signing big names because they're big names. Signing players that fit the scheme. Look what happens when you build your team through free agency.....Oakland. Draft players and develop them. That's what the good teams do.
  5. anyone going to Buffalo?

    Update: this tailgate is geared towards boozing and games. The food and drink is only available to the Energy Company employees and their family members. Sorry about that. Can still come by drink and play cornhole e.t.c.
  6. anyone going to Buffalo?

    Yeah, we park offsite and just walk to it.
  7. anyone going to Buffalo?

    Me and a few buddies are going. There is a main strip in front of the stadium, I believe its called Abbott rd. You can't drive down it, can only walk. We will have a tent, games and grill going. The tent says BlueRock energy on it. Feel free to come by and tailgate. Its in the middle of the strip in front of the stadium.