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  1. I like Watson, but he scares me at 6. From the games that I have watched, the majority of his TD throws were exceptional back-shoulder throws. We currently do not have the personnel to take advantage of his best throwing skill set. Trubisky's throwing skill set better takes advantage of what we currently have. Trubisky's lack of experience scares me even more than Watson. I, like many here, am sick of waiting for "next year's QB class"; however, I am not seeing a fantastic fit at 6. We need to fall in love with a young QB, and soon, but we also need to select a QB who can walk in and have some
  2. I liked him a lot coming out of college, but this is a guy who has had a laundry list of injuries. If he comes cheap, I like him along the same lines of the Erin Henderson signing last year.
  3. I think that it is still very possible that this leak came from his agent. Throwing out a number much higher than originally expected can generate more interest around the league because it hurts the perception that Fitz is definitely coming back to the Jets. It also can create an offer race if Fitz is willing to sign immediately.
  4. It could very well be Fitzpatrick's agent. Fitz shares the same agent as Brock Osweiler; who just spurned Denver. The Broncos have a need at QB now, making a public asking price can create a bidding war between the Jets and other QB-needy teams. 18 millions is obviously ridiculous for Fitz in terms of cap value, but isn't ridiculous when compared to some of the other contracts handed out today. Brock Osweiler has like 7 career starts and was guaranteed franchise QB money...
  5. I can't see anyone pay Fitz that asking price. Frankly if he can get it, he should take it. Given his career numbers last year, an aging offensive line, a soft schedule, and a relatively healthy season from his skill players it is not difficult to foresee regression from Fitzpatrick this coming season. If that is the case, I am not interested paying 17+ per year for slightly above replacement level QB play. If we lose him, we lose him. Go draft your next, hopefully, franchise QB.
  6. There isn't an obvious choice this year. I would be happy to see Peyton roll into the sunset with amother ring, but I really love watching Cam play. Everyone on the Panthers is healthy and playing well. He has had an unbelievable season. He's won at every level. It's Cam's time.
  7. Honestly, I like that they get there props by being selected infinitely more than actually seeing them perform in the game...he won't be getting hurt from his couch.
  8. I don't think we end up keeping Powell. Owusu has had a fine camp, concussion not withstanding, and provides some usefulness on offense; unlike Powell who is strictly a ST player. If we can stash Evans on PS fine, but I haven't seen enough to be upset if he were gone for good. Kerley stays b/c of his contract and his skill set theoretically should fit with Chan's offense, although we haven't seen it yet.
  9. I can see the exact opposite happening. Given his talent, the infinite amount of offers that he will receive if he is cleared of any wrongdoing, and the apparent mess that he is currently a part of I can see him wanted to get the hell out of Louisiana. I am not saying that we are on the short list of teams that would want his services or on the short list of teams he would be interested in signing with, but removing himself from the area and those in it may not be the worst idea he has ever had...
  10. I highly doubt that the league has instructed teams to wait until he is officially clear; they haven't done so in other free agency cases (see: Greg Hardy). I suspect that there is equal interest between NFL teams and La'el Collins himself to resolve this investigation as quickly as possible before proceeding with a contract. Collins is really not in any kind of a rush here given the fact that he is about to receive a UDFA contract from literally every team in the league if he is removed from this investigation entirely...
  11. On top of the obvious horrendous PR hit that a team would take by drafting a player involved in a murder investigation, La'el Collins placed himself in this position by floating the rumor that if he was drafted by the end of the 3rd round he would not sign a contract with the team and re-enter the 2016 draft. If we had spent a 7th rounder on him, and he was true to his word, then we would be ineligible to re-draft him in 2016. The best opportunity to land Collins is right now as a UDFA.
  12. I am sure that there have been teams that have already contacted his agent regarding potential interested, but seeing as how he is still available, it appears that all parties are focusing on the police investigation and the clearing of his name before moving forward with signing a contract. For what it is worth, we may be a pretty attractive landing spot for La'el as he could easily walk in the door and into a starting spot a Guard...He may want to hold out for a team that is interested in him as a Tackle, and we would also be one of those teams, but given his UDFA status and his ability to f
  13. He would have been eligible for the 2016 draft had he been selected in this year's draft, but never signed a contract with that team. In such a case, he would be eligible to re-enter the draft, but rule not allowed to selected by the same team that drafted him the previous year. Since he went undrafted this year, he is not eligible to re-enter the draft next year and he is subjected to the same UDFA salary slotting as everyone else.
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