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  1. What I saw of Hack was very impressive, hitting guys deep down the field, the way a true Jet quarterback does.also saw him complete a wobbly TD pass, guys with strong arms are gonna miss high a lot, early and especially in practice, I'm just glad the Jets are planning on implementing the long ball, Smith and Peake could make a nice dual deep threat, a quick strike offense.
  2. He can get together with Mainejet and cry about the up coming season and the possibilities, potential loses, small linebackers, Geno hit the weights and trained hard, he's a beast, guys gonna have a decent career somewhere, its could end up a huge problem for Mac down the road. I think it will unless Petty or Hack are better.
  3. Surprised he didn't get more snaps last season, look forward to seeing this guy on the field more.
  4. the O line will be put to the test right away and for the entire first half of the season,we will know exactly what we have, and the money we have next year for free agents may go to fill a hole or two at Guard or Tackle, Quale and Shell could be our Tackles of the future, and one of them may be playing left tacke very soon, I think this may end up being Mangolds last season. If need be we can totally overhaul the O line through next years draft and free agency. This year kind of seems like an impending disaster with the schedule.
  5. It's Disney, ESPN is a Disney channel, some things just don't mix. Mickey Mouse and DIck Butkus, bad combo.
  6. Geno wins 6 - 10 games with brutal schedule, the first 7 games are the most brutal stretch I have ever scene any team have to open a seasonwith, we need to win one of the first two games, or we are serioulsly screwed, seriously. I think they bring Fitz back and he goes to Buffalo week 2, kind of scary.
  7. Basically it could be trading Mo for 16m in cap, and we sign a great player with that money, LT, ILB, we can afford the best, make can go to Jarred.
  8. How much would two endzone seats (close to the field witin three or four rows) cost ? I may buy next year when the fun really starts. 2 PSL's aftermarket, I need the 25 % discount.
  9. I used to watch espn for game highlights, now I can get better highlights on line without all their crap. ESPN is just annoying and boring, sports has nothing to do with their agenda. They need new leadership like they had when they started out, they started great and just went downhill, clueless organization. They truely despise the Jets which is good.
  10. This would have to happen in an alternative universe, Fitz will be at fault, and it will be ugly, we have a tough schedule and will have an excellent early first round draft choice courtesy Fitz if he's back.
  11. GOOD POINT- with no other team interested the stalemate will on to training camp, he is really not in a position to bargain unless another team steps up, he has always had good stretches for a few games before imploding all over himself, beggers can't be choosers, I say let Petty back up Geno. Fitz is comes with a guarantee and that included a long losing streak every year, and with our schedule it is going to be a long ugly season if he's back.
  12. Doug Middleton has a chance to stick at S. Hearing the kid can play and may grab the last spot.
  13. He is on a collision course that even his family predicted would end with his death, even after that the Browns used a 1st on him, anther tragic story about a Clev Brown. Amazing college career though.
  14. Having spies video the opposition while practicing helps, along with all the other sleaze bag sh*tnanigans they used to get their 4 rings, deflate gate, that is Brady's legacy, not the rings, not the white faggy clogs he wears on the field.
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