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  1. 5 hours ago, JetBlue said:

    No I don't nor do I understand why you have nothing better to do than sh*t on Jet fans every chance you get.   He has been up and down during OTAs just like Petty and just like a lot of rookie QBs but that doesn't fit your narrative. He has also thrown some gorgeous passes but again why talk about those? Why not make a big deal over OT ******* As??

    He has been working on his mechanics,  on his footwork and it was a given that he would not start this season so no there is no red flag.   It is all about 2017 and beyond for Hackenberg.  Only trolls and fools are caught up in what he is doing in OTAs.  And in you case, you are both. 

    What I saw of Hack was very impressive, hitting guys deep down the field, the way a true Jet quarterback does.also saw him complete a wobbly TD pass, guys with strong arms are gonna miss high a lot, early and especially in practice,  I'm just glad the Jets are planning on

    implementing the long ball, Smith and Peake could make a nice dual deep threat, a quick strike offense.


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  2. 15 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    How many threads that you post in are you going to complain about? Anyone force you to open Geno threads and post in them? 

    He can get together with Mainejet and cry about the up coming season and the possibilities, potential loses, small linebackers,

    Geno hit the weights and trained hard, he's a beast, guys gonna have a decent career somewhere, its could end up a huge problem

    for Mac down the road.  I think it will unless Petty or Hack are better.

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  3. the O line will be put to the test right away and for the entire first half of the season,we will know exactly what we have, and the money we have next year for free agents may go to fill a hole or two at Guard or Tackle, Quale and Shell could be our Tackles of the future, and one of them may be playing left tacke very soon, I think this may end up being Mangolds last season. If need be we can totally overhaul

    the O line through next years draft and free agency.  This year kind of seems like an impending disaster with the schedule.

  4. On June 2, 2016 at 4:02 AM, PCP63 said:

    Can't even remember the last time I watched ESPN or MTV, or seen a Disney movie. All three have gone severely downhill. Just a

    1 hour ago, batman10023 said:

    people stole music and that's why that industry died.   sports needs to do a better job at not letting that happen to them.

    It's Disney, ESPN is a Disney channel, some things just don't mix.  Mickey Mouse and DIck Butkus, bad combo.

  5. I used to watch espn for game highlights, now I can get better highlights on line without all their

    crap.  ESPN is just annoying and boring, sports has nothing to do with their agenda.  They need new

    leadership like they had when they started out, they started great and just went downhill, clueless

    organization.  They truely despise the Jets which is good.

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  6. 3 hours ago, ylekram said:

    not at all. the way the contract is, its basically saying we want you to start in year 1 and be a backup year 2 and 3. kind of fits into the jets plans of starting a younger guy year 2, no? i ffitzpatrick plays well in 2016 and the jets feel that one of the younger guys are not ready, then yes, Fitzpatrick could get another year as a starter and earn incentives. but what if Fitzpatrick plays well in 2016 and the jets feel one of the younger guys are ready, he would be forced into a back up role, with no leverage or options, at no fault of his own.

    This would have to happen in an alternative universe, Fitz will be at fault, and it will be ugly, we have a tough schedule and

    will have an excellent early first round draft choice courtesy Fitz if he's back.

  7. On May 30, 2016 at 6:24 PM, JetsFanatic said:

    It's not what I say, its fact, look at his career. Mac, nor any other competent GM, is not going to overpay for a player that no other team in the league is bidding on. As far as a one year contract, I'm not sure Fitz would go for that.

    GOOD POINT-  with no other team interested the stalemate will on to training camp, he is really not in a position

    to bargain unless another team steps up, he has always had good stretches for a few games before imploding

    all over himself, beggers can't be choosers, I say let Petty back up Geno.  Fitz is comes with a guarantee and that

    included a long losing streak every year, and with our schedule it is going to be a long ugly season if he's back.

  8. 39 minutes ago, PatsFanTX said:

    Only 4 in 15 years?????

    That's funny, especially coming from a fan of a team that hasn't even played in one for the last 47 years.

    Having spies video the opposition while practicing helps, along with all the other sleaze bag sh*tnanigans

    they used to get their 4 rings, deflate gate, that is Brady's legacy, not the rings, not the white faggy clogs

    he wears on the field.

  9. Johnathan Vilma 6 1" 230. Led the saints defense to a championship.  Thank you for this post, it demonstrates how confused some folks on this site are.  Lee is slightly taller than the average, that is fact, meaning every post about his size has been non factual psycho babble. 

  10. The Jets probably figured because Penn State had no O line and horrible receivers, (I don't think any where drafted) you can safely add 10% to his completion percentage over the past two years. Take into account his OC and the'offense, add another

    5 %.     The guy is an absolute stud.  Nice knowin you Fitz.

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  11. 1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

    That would make sense.   But I'm honestly just not sure why they are so passionate about bringing him back.  

    Maybe they aren't willing to take away cap space from next year, and realize they have at face value 3 qb's who all desperately need snaps.  Gailey said snaps are going to be a problem, maybe they don't want to see  fitz and marshall celebrate like they just won the Superbowl and lottery simultaneously every time they score a touchdown regardless of circumstance. Parcells wouldn't allow that crap.

  12. On May 18, 2016 at 0:37 PM, Beerfish said:

    But he looked like garbage doing that the last two years and his big year of doing that under obrien was two full years ago.  The body of work didn't justify the pick value for me.  If he failed under Franklin what is he going to be like under non premium circumstances in the NFL?  Hopefully the Jets are right and I am wrong.  It doesn't take too long imo to find out if a guy will be good long term or not, a lot sooner than most think.  We'll know pretty quick about him.  Goodness knows the jets deserve a break of finding a guy but I'm skeptical of Hackenburg.

    I have a formula for good qb's, and accuracy is a huge part of it, history shows accurate qb's are successful, Fitz and

    Hack both are inaccurate, makes it a lot harder to succeed, hopefully Hack can overcome his issues, otherwise we

    are absolutely screwed.

  13. 3 hours ago, LIJetsFan said:

    He really is a borderline troll.  Not a full troll because I do believe he is actually a Jets fan. 

    Mainejet crossed the line when he went after when he went after our no. one draft choice before he even took

    the field, thats just bogus, he's set himself up and will be proven wrong, he's stupid.


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