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  1. Guess Mainejet's day job isn't professional sports writer. Probably the Pats fan with a second screen name, they sure do make a cute couple.
  2. Fitz wants 2 years 32 mil. the money only becomes fully garenteed after 4 self implosions against Rex Ryan and the BIlls.
  3. Jaws went over every pass Fitz threw last year and said there where 15 easy interceptions dropped, he has a noodle inaccurate arm, Geno on the other hand, has an accurate gun and throw the bomb, his 64% 2 -1 TD interception rate is indicative of what we will see this year, he will have a job as a starter in this league for a long time, FItz is a caddie and the Jets don't need one right now, I don't know about NE, but I do know there would be a huge celebration in Buffalo if we signed FItz, how could that possible be a good thing for the NY JETS ? I personally look forward to geno throwing the long ball, Bryce and Hack also, the Jets will be turning over 15 - 17 roster spots this year, everyone an improvement, except maybe Snacks. Geno has the Patriots number so look out.
  4. I will enjoy 5 - 7 wins, first half the season.
  5. The Jets won't miss Pace nearly as much as the Bills and Patriots, and that goes double for Cro.- the Jets are looking at an upgraded roster and much better special teams, we won't miss brick one bit, no Fitz no problem, this article is accurate in your dreams.
  6. I wish we had the brutal schedule last year and the easy on this year, could you imagine what they would be saying about us if we won 5 games last year ? Hack undraftable, okay ESPN and fans that think Marshall is too short, youre crediblility would be on the line if you had any.
  7. Currently yes, Mangini would be better, but not in 09, Rex was a better coach in 09 than he is today.
  8. What happened to Bullock, though he was pretty good, maybe not.
  9. NIce post little boy. Time to change your buggies.
  10. It's amazing how much faster our linebackers are this year than last. Translates to a different defense totally, kinda nice to have Mo back, now that I think about it, we're kinda stacked on defense.
  11. Absolutely, we had a stellar defense in 09 and 10 and a hall of fame O line, and all we got was 2 embarrassing losses in championship games. Rex will last 3 to 4 years in Buffalo before they realize he is cow chips, he finds a way to lose4 to 5 games a year by himself, for all his blabbering and bluster he manages to take any offense down with him, from an offensive stand point he make Schotty look intelligent, which is very hard to do. Bowles learned to keep his nose out of the O equation last season after the 5 game losing streak, that was one of the many benefits the Jets gained from that losing streak.
  12. People who don't understand the game of football can not be reasoned with, this is GREAT thread and indicates you understand the game and Get it, this is quality writing and you have the talent to be a national beat writer, something I can't say about any national beat writers covering the Jets, Vick did worse than Geno 2 years ago, and then played well for the Steelers, sometimes the system takes players down, see Rex Ryan, who actually made most of the play calls his last year, until the last 4 games.
  13. Hack will sit, and if Fitz is signed, will sit all year or until Fitz self implodes.
  14. with Quale and Art Shell Jr we will dominate.
  15. Glen Cadrez, started for the 2 Bronco Championships they achieved with Elway/shanahan. Played inside linebacker and MLB one year - from Jets scrub to starting MLB on back to back world championships, not a bad trade.
  16. Exactly, why would any body ever sign, or draft, an interception machine ? 15 dropped int. last season.
  17. The good news is we know where the Colts are from a technical stand point, they are a threat to no one. Luck is screwed.
  18. That was quite funny, 10 wins can be quite easy at times, see last season's schedule.
  19. Especially in Pittsburg during the championship game. Also called the same to play to open every game for years, even after D backs started jumping it and taking it for six, other than being mentally retarded, vengeful that he wasn't named our OC and totally predictable, as well hating players like Woodhead he didn't have the pedigree he demanded, he was excellent, why isn't he a HC or at least OC ?
  20. This proves the guys an idiot, espn is still a male obsessed bunch of losers. Gayest organization ever.
  21. Namath stroked and mentored Sanchez during the post season 09 and '10, I'll never forget how happy Namath was especially after the NE win, the guy loves the organization and don't expect him to be anything but a coach, mentor, he was the guy who straightened out Braylon Edwards with one sentence, "he's going to have to learn to catch the football." Edwards went from a butterfingered bonehead to an all pro - because Namath, angry directlyafter a loss, spoke like a coach, Braylon Edwards was pissed and told Namath to stop by his locker, end of theday Edwards became a great player. Hack can hand the football off and throw the bomb, is he a polished hall of famer ? I heard Joe speak on FItz a couple months ago, and he called him inaccurate, and he's continuously criticized Geno for being slow on his reads. Hack needs to learn to throw screens, and read defenses.
  22. We'll be ok with Fitz but only against terrible teams with losing records.
  23. Any H Back can play FB for us, so there will be options, a few guys are going to have to be cut to keep Anderson, Marshall, Peake, Thompkins could make the cut, he is a big play wr.
  24. Marshall does a lot of things, rb, receiver, qb, and returns. He doesn't ned have to be listed as a wr.
  25. Fitz is looking for min. 14 mil. as of now, if he sticks to that price, he is essentially retired. He has a neg value to the Jets, hope Mac sees that.
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