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  1. Gotta love the speed of the Defense at this point, makes last years team look really slow, and old. I take it Gholston and Fitz are no longer part of the plan.
  2. Jenkins is awesome and will be a starter, Hack, good chance, Lee, I guess if Ray Lewis was too small Lee is, also like our undrafted free agents, Lee is hard to block with his speed and quickness, I think the Jets wanted Lee - Hack - Jenkins and Burris from this draft, speed. End of the day great draft.
  3. Playing golf with Ryan Fitzpatric.
  4. His only valid point is Hack's inaccuracy, it could be a factor, but this sounds more like a jealous rage, isn't Mangold's neck fine at this point ? This guy is praying Hack isn't the real deal, it's his only hope, we do have Petty if he's right.
  5. OFFENSE: Shell - forced into service along with QUALE. Unlikely pair of book ends. Defense: Wish I could say it would be Milner or Mc Dougle, who spends too much time at his restaurant Williams will start and have a good year, he has been consistent over 2 years, he should be fined by the league for making it look easy out there.
  6. Speaking the truth is what it's all about, if someone on the Jets screws up, be it Gailey or Bowles, there are occasions where a leader steps up and calls the out, sounds like Hack's a leader and not a mouse.
  7. He kicks on a line drive often to angle it out of bounds - it also eliminates the possibility of a return, he intentionally has nohang time a good percentage of his kicks, did he have any fakes ? You would think he could stutter step and take offto the line of scrimmage, if it's there he takes it, if not first down. Maybe he's too lazy to run for a first down even if its just a two yard slide away, he reminds me of the type of guy that brings a beer onto the field with him and places it onthe ground next to him while he punts, if he does this during practice I hope none of the other players knock over his beer, that would be poor adequate, not only should they be called for unsportsmanlike conduct and be ejected, they should also have to buy Aussie a six pack of his choosing, and it wont be Fosters. I'm surprised Pete Carroll wasn't all over this guy. This is going to be a great camp and the punter competition will be a good one.
  8. I haven't seen a lot of Hack, but some of his "inaccurate' throws were too covered receivers and he was throwing up a prayer - these passes could not be intercepted but his receiver had a shot to make something happen, His receivers generally were not good, Maybe it's wishful thinking but I haven't seen more than a couple off target throws to openguys, wonder how many pure misses he had ? and or dropped interceptions, Fitz had 15 easy interceptions dropped last season according to Jaws, I remember at least 10.
  9. If Brady can drag this out another year, who knows maybe he retires next year and doesn't want to serve the suspension, retirement is the answer Brady, - and Cheating Tom - you've got nothing left to prove, you can win when you cheat, you lose when you don't. Spygate and Deflategate are your legacy, get used to it.
  10. No team will carry 4 QBs for more than a couple of games, it creates a problem if Fitz comes back, the Jets need to go forward with both Slackenburg and Petty cash, they would be fools to part with either one, as painful as parting ways with Mr Playoffs would be, he should be starting his career as a model/spokesman for Old Spice, not throwing interceptions and self imploding in Buffalo for the NY Jets. Bills fans would be joyous Fitz is not an option, the Jets played his bluff and he's far too stubborn to drop his price.
  11. Can't think of a team that has ever carried 4 QB's, no room on the Jets for 4, we need a punt returner and all the special teams help we can get, it's weird having two vets, Geno and FItz who will not be here next year, lets order a case of champagne and retire Fitz once and for all, so long Mr, Playoffs, it hasn't been great. Week 17 you suck.
  12. Maybe he remembers how bad Blair Thomas was, not how good Richie Anderson was, Mehl was a great, not good MLB. Considered the best in the league, all pro. Hackenburg will suck according to many until he proves otherwise.
  13. Roberton, Milner, Blair Thomas, Anthony Davis, we have a bleak history when we are in the top 10 a lot of busts, including Sanchez at 6. I think Blair Thomas at 3 was the only real bust from Penn State, Kyle Brady wasn't that bad, for some reason people bust on him and Becht, who was a good player.
  14. The problem is he thinks he worth as much as JJ WATT and SUH put together, the SUH deal screwed with his head, he needs to test the market, we can live without him, his cap we can use to fill any holes we may have next season, and it won't be D line. Wilk has stars ( dollar signs) in his eyes, hope he goes to a last place team and gets triple teamed, we should have a great D line this year as well as going forward, sad but REvis and Wilk aren't the best value at this time.
  15. The eagles are the dumbest team around, Bradford contract proves that, and the Steelers have too many needs to burn a 2nd on their QB of the future, Hackenbomb is gonna be a real good one, the Bills are gonna be pissed Rex passed on him, one thing I noticed is that he's got exceptional touch, and great timiing, things you can't teach, it was baptism by fire at Penn State, and O'Brien got the wheels rolling so he will be fairly advanced coming in. And he did go local, to the next closest team, but I like calling him Hackenbust, I don't think you'll be inclined to say that after you see him on the field. Other than his name, the kid is special.
  16. Hopefully he's amenable to coming back to the garden state, he definitely was not happy when he was used as a scapegoat after the right side of the line fell apart. Woody's retirement and Turnstyle had more to do with it. Rex thinks offensive players are instantly replaceable and interchangeable, yea that worked out.
  17. We're finally building a new core of defensive players that reflect Bowles desire for speed, Burns fits right in.
  18. He joins a crowded receiving corps and might fight it out with Thompkins for the final spot, I like Thompkins a lot.
  19. He looks exactly like all our other receivers.
  20. Mainejets opinion is garbage.
  21. Hack was considered 1st round talent after his freshman year, he fired his coach and OC, bought in some new guys and didn't work out, hopefully he learned something, Mac decided to give the kid a fresh start, can reach Smith on bombs unlike Mr. Playoffs.
  22. Art Shell's nephew, this could be a very good move, I would guess they had him rated 3rd or 4th rounder, this is a weird draft, Shell could be a bookend tackle for years, it could be SHell and Quinn by mid season.
  23. The Jets decided to sit on their cards and pray the guys they wanted would be there, and it worked out, Texas trading ahead of us in the second round was a little scary for Mac, but why would they take a QB with so many good players available, Wilkerson isn't tradable and will walk next year, we get the 16 mil in cap space thats about it, we should be able to go out and get 2 or 3 really good FA next year.
  24. Geno could be traded tomorrow for a 6th rounder. I don't see Mac and Bowles going forward without their security blanket, don't be surprised if Mr Playoffs gets a two year deal.
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