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  1. Jets should have beaten Rex twice last year, even with FItz lame performance in week 16, the Jets still win if they don't drop 5 passes, we should have won that game easily. So the Jets could win 10 or 11 games if they get a little lucky, Fitz or no Fitz.
  2. Maybe so but we will beat the biggest losers in the history of the NFL, sub human scum that had to cheat to win every game they have won since scum belicheat took over. What morons aren't considering is the Jetswill get a starting OLB, TE, and T in the draft, and coaching staff made huge strides towards the end of last year. If things break for the Jets it will be because of coaching, bad ass special teams, and the Jets blew both games to the Bills last year, should have both games, The cheaters are a QB injury away from last place and Brady is well past his prime, get ready to see the Jets put him on the ground consistently for the rest of his career. Jets will win the division.
  3. The Rams, San Francisco, the fish twice, Rex twice, a few teams we beat last year,we could win 10 or 11.
  4. 77DRAFT

    Jets Draft

    Edge rusher is our primary need, but it looks like the Jets don't think Petty is a franchise QB, so they might go QB and if they do they probably will trade up a few slots to get one, ideally we trade Wilk for 1st rounder and get both. A first round haul of Lynch and Floyd would be acceptable.
  5. We have a facility in Fairlawn ? I was not aware of this, this couldn't be a factual error could it ?
  6. Glad we don't have to go to Buffalo to end the season again, our special teams will have to be great if we want to win 10 games with this schedule.
  7. Not sure Hack is in the same class as Cook. Read his scouting report.
  8. The problem is, even if you have #1, and even if there's a so-called blue chip prospect, you're most likely not getting Brady or Manning. They are once every 20 years players. Luck looks like he's firmly a notch below them, if you had to bet now you wouldn't put him in the hall. and Brady was 4th or 5th rounder, Montana a 3rd rounder, Wilson a 3rd rounder, no need to burn a 1st to get a franchise guy, we got Pennngton with the 18th pick. Oh yea and we got Sanchez at 6 after giving up multiple players and picks. Trade upfor a QB ? The Jets will pass to fill out the roster, not push the panic button like Tanny Rex did with Sanchez.
  9. If he's the real deal, one minor transgression won't keep him out of the first round, and if the Jets like him, he could end up in green and white.
  10. With only one starter at OLB don't be surprised if the Jets trade up with Chi and still take one, also totally legit totake a QB, whatever Mac thinks, I wanted Gurley with our first pick last year, but even at 6 and loaded D line Mactook Leo, that is why I think he takes a OLB at 1 and a T at 2, but I'm always wrong, so you never know, I like Pettyenough, hate to think we spent an early 4th round pick on him to be a seldom if never used back up - we've wastedso many picks our first round busts list is long, Sanchez with all the players we gave up and picks, an absolute disaster,that said, I thnk Mac will get a lot of talent this year in the draft, if he pulls the trigger on a QB, I'm sure he will be verygood, I have to assume that Petty did not overly impress in practice last season. Also Giants won with Hoss and Simms, because they where absolutely loaded at LB and they whereearly 1st rounders, for the most part. There are guys out there like Russell Wilson, and Pettty might be one of them, there is a certain amount of luck involved, Joe Montana was a 3rd round pick.
  11. All good points, but when you have a dominant OLB in your face all game, there are no good QBS.That said, of course you want a franchise QB if possible, but they can often be had in late rounds like Seattle and NE, even Kurt Warner.
  12. Fitz ihas one offer - this is not a bargaining position and Mac knows it, he may be worth 10 mil on a one yeardeal, but the fact that he hasn't had another offer speaks volumes, he really is Doug Floutie 2.0 which isn't bad, but he has limitations, he is inaccurate and self implodes when it counts most. This NY Jet team should be built on Defense and can win with an average QB. Be it FItz, Geno, or Petty, its about OLB not QB, Denver proved that. I could care less if its Fitz, Geno or Petty.
  13. eyes along with video of other teams practices and signals.
  14. Jets will probably move up, hopefully to 10 and get a mid round - hopefully 3 for Willk. No way to determine or rationale who Mac will take, at least he seems to get quality players.
  15. Portland could possibly get a team if someone wanted to put up big money and move a team there,maybe Nike would do it, I don't know the market or if there is enough fan interest, Seattle has the marketby geographical locale, just like the Giants had all of NE before the Patriots came along, the Giants to thiis day have droves of fans in NE. as ironic as it may seem.
  16. Good point, the thread also ignores that their are many T in this draft who will drafted early and offer a huge upgrade from day one in the running game.
  17. Cant see the NFL putting a franchise in Oregon or Maine, your market is assigned to the Seahawks, part of their fan pass, Portland Maine unfortunately is part of Patriot territory, I hate the regular season games played over seas and hope they don't put a franchise in London, that would suck.
  18. Great Jet - Class Act. "Brick, thanks for dedication and professionalism over the past 10 years. God Bless and best of luck to you and your family moving forward, and most importantly, stay in touch and continue to lead by example." Savoy Brown
  19. Probably a two or three year deal, hopefully no guarantees past year one, he is simply a caddy carrying the bag for Petty, his days as the Amish Rifle are over he is Mr. Playoffs .
  20. This guy must have paid some serious bucks for that seat, there are empty seats around him that no one else wanted to spring for, just like every other overpriced venue in MLB, yankee stadium and citi included, that said, hopefully the guy brings us like the next time we play in Pittsburg.
  21. I like Geno better than Bradford, who is never healthy, and Kap isn't worth anything right now, he played horrible football, he is a freak of a person, all signs point to Elway trading for Glennon, and the Jets drafting a qb. The Jets used thier 4th and 6th on qb's last draft, and they will probably take one in rd. 1 or 2 this year, then decide they want someone else, repeat next year.
  22. Haven't seen enough of him since the his SB, and he played exceptionally well that year, but I did notice once teams took away the his running lanes, he wasn't as successful, I hope Elway signs Fitz, as maybe a one year bridge to someone better, watching Fitz with the Broncos would be a blast.
  23. I wish Ridley luck other than playing against us. Class guy.
  24. Yea Petty really sucks, waste of a draft pick, why is he even on the roster?
  25. Wasn't it brilliant when he benched Ivory after his 68 yard run early in the second half against the Bills, you must have Harvard Law, great logic buddy. he shouild have been fired right after the game.
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