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  1. What's interesting here is that as Petty gets more reps he is starting to make plays. I thought for sure he was gone but now I'm not so sure. I'd like to see us keep all four (Fitz, Geno/Petty on the active roster; Hack getting a mystery injury late in camp and taking a redshirt).
  2. Amazed at what having a balanced team and competition across all position groups is doing for this team. From our stars to the UDFA's there are players making plays all over. This is the recipe for sustained success. Depth, player development, balance leads to consistent performance. You hit on a star or two and you (a QB) and have yourself something...
  3. Perhaps it's a function of the team having more depth but it seems to me that players under this regime don't get back on the field if they're not healthy. Certainly tests our depth, but prevents making the injury worse. Seems to be a departure from regimes past when it seemed that players would rush back only to make matters worse (and play worse). This approach shows trust in the entire roster...
  4. The Jets "star" players have all stepped up and had moments where they took over games and helped contribute to big victories this season. Revis, Marshall, Mo, Ivory, Fitz all have signature moments this year. Shells has yet to do so. He's a Pro Bowler with enormous talent. He's one of the best players on our team (no doubt). I'm hoping he's about to hit his stride...
  5. Been a while since we've had "stars" on our team that make big time plays in big time games for us. Marshall is a star and he played like it yesterday. Revis played very well early in the season, so did Mo. We've yet to see Shells get in on the action and really have a defining game. Hopefully soon. Our stars won a game for us yesterday. Finally!
  6. In my view one of Bowles' top attributes is that he doesn't buy into or feed the hype machine. Who cares if you own NY if you don't make the playoffs. The whole goal is to get into the tournament and have a chance at a title.
  7. This is an odd year. There are not that many great AFC teams. 9-7 may get you in and a game against another crap team in the first round of the playoffs. Guess I'm trying to get myself fired up for the last six games. Been a rough few weeks around here...
  8. But we're right in the mix here and even though this team has looked terrible in recent weeks we still have as good a shot as anyone to make the postseason. Pittsburgh plays: @Seattle, Indy, @Cincy, Denver, @Balt, @Clev Kansas City plays: Bills, @Raiders, Chargers, @Ravens, Browns, Raiders Bills play: @KC, Texans, @Eagles, @Redskins, Cowboys, Jets Texans: Saints, @Bills, Pats, @Colts, @Titans, Jags We play: Fins, @Giants, Titans, @Cowboys, Pats, Bills We're not healthy. Our QB is not playing well. Our OL is struggling. Our D is not forcing TO's. But a win on Sunday at home versus
  9. Wow. Figured this guy would at least make a late season contribution. Very disappointing.
  10. You are what your record says you are. Every team has that stuff. My view is that the NFL season is a week to week deal and fortunes change all the time. Keep playing, keep improving and next thing you know you're playing for something. Remember, before we went on to one of the oft-recalled AFC Championship games Rex declared the season over when we lost to Atlanta to fall to 7-7. That year we lost 6 out of 7 and ended up in the title game. NFL seasons are unpredictable for all but a few elite teams.
  11. Here's some more data to digest with regards to the performance of our offense, regardless of who's playing QB. It is not perfect. Fitz isn't the long term answer. But for a NY Jets offense this group is performing very well. It's not where we need to be but you can win with this group...and I feel they've been banged up and have fundamental flaws (no TE at all, an aging OL that has injury issues, no depth at RB). Gailey is making the most of what we have. Take a look, curious to hear your comments: NY Jets have played 47 seasons since winning the Super Bowl. 14 of those years they've
  12. Took a look at a couple other QB's to see how their last 16 compare to Fitz's. The conclusion I'm drawing is that outside of a few elite QB's Fitz may not be a bad as we all think. I'm not tricking myself and my eyes tell me that he's limited because he's prone to making mistakes at the wrong time...but it sure looks like it happens to other QB's too. Dalton: 67% completion, 3861 yds, 29 passing and 4 rushing td's for 33 total, 13 int's and 2 lost fumbles for 15 total to's. He's accounted for 33 tds and 15 to's. Flacco: 63.5% completion, 4429 yds, 26 passing and 5 rushing td's for 31 to
  13. what exactly do you want? Fitz ain't perfect but he's giving some pretty good numbers. I am aware Fitz ain't the answer long term - I'm just curious to hear the specifics re what you want...30 tds 9 ints? What specifically...
  14. Fitz is not our long term answer. I know that. To win big you have to have an elite player at that position. Compared to the dreck out there he's playing pretty well and has for sometime. I'd be curious to see what Gannon's career looked like before he turned into a great QB. Since Fitz is all we have now let's hope we hit the same type of late career jackpot!
  15. Had a few minutes and was curious so took at look at Fitz's last 16 regular season starts. Not bad... 277 for 458 for 3,410 - 60.5% completion percentage, 27 TD's, 11 INT's, 4 fumbles (2 lost), 63 rushes for 277 yds and 2 TD's. Overall accounted for 29 TD's and 13 TO's. I randomly selected Philip Rivers for comparison and his numbers look like this: 68% completion percentage, 4968 yards, 30 TD's, 17 INT's, 0 rushing TD's, 4 fumbles lost. Overall accounted for 30 TD's, 21 TO's. Fitz's cap charge 2015 is $3.25 Million. Rivers is $21.1 Million. Fitz ain't elite and he's not our long term
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