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  1. Actually I don't care what his ranking is or which survey ranked him. The part that I'd like to see comments on is the part where folks who presumably are paid a lot of money for their opinion say the Jets set him up to fail. No wonder he ranks so low. I only stop in every once in a while so I'm sure the board has debated it to death but which is it, he sucks, didn't get a fair shake, or something else. The NEW evidence here is some smart guys say he hasn't gotten a fair shake. We all new where he ranked.
  2. Folks aren't off work yet. How many do you think know more than those two coordinators?
  3. Where on earth do you get this from. I watched every single game he played at WVU and never saw this. It's hard to "prove" but check out this video at the 3:52 mark. It's obvious he is making major adjustments to this deep ball. https://youtu.be/Aw9BWDah6co?t=3m52s Edit: It's actually the next catch after the 3:52 mark.
  4. I'm late to this but I'm going to post anyway. I read through the whole thing and the thing that amazes me is the folks who think it isn't close. I'm guessing they haven't seen much of him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw9BWDah6co&feature=player_detailpage
  5. I'm obviously biased but I'm surprised how many of you are ready to write Geno off after one year.
  6. Whoa. Mods with smack....I'm going to have to get used to the tough NY attitudes. Thanks for the welcome....well kind of.
  7. You can draft forever and not find that star QB. Throwing out every other QB means you are destined to QBs without experience.
  8. No, he didn't earn it. He was thrown into it without any preparation or experience. That's exactly the reason he deserves more time to show what he's got.
  9. I've only recently come to follow the Jets so forgive me if I don't know all or your history. That is a STAGGERING piece of information. I hear many of you wanting to throw Geno under the bus without much of a chance. It seems you do the same thing with coaches. I've read that stability in the coaching position is critical in college...I wonder if that's true in the NFL.
  10. Doh. Two posts...I'm a little slow....another rookie.
  11. Tough assessment given the offense he walked into and the fact that he is a rookie.
  12. Hey guys, first time poster. NC - you seem to be ragging on his performance at WVU...truth is he had some pretty good stats while at WVU. Also many of you seem to be pretty hard on him given what he has to work with and the fact he is a rookie. Geno Smith WVU Passing Stats Season Games Comp-Att Yards Comp % TD INT 2009 5 32–49 309 65.3% 1 1 2010 13 241–372 2,763 64.8% 24 7 2011 13 346–526 4,385 65.8% 31 7 2012 13 369–518 4,205 71.8% 42 6 Total 44 988–1,465 11,662 67.4% 98 21
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