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  1. I don't believe it, I've found the dumbest Jet fan on the Planet, you really don't get that Parcells was gone for four years and Pete Carroll was the coach, and the roster was entirely turned over. Six players remained from when Parcells was there and then B.B. brought in: Tom Brady Richard Seymour Matt Light Joe Andruzzi Stephen Neal Grant Williams David Patton Jermaine Wiggins Anthony Pleasant Mike Vrabel Matt Chatham Antwaine Smith Larry Izzo Greg Spires And these are only the one's that made significant contributions in 01, you can't be as dumb as you pretend, there are 7 pro-bowlers on this list some of which went multiple times in their careers, but yes you're correct, it was mostly Parcells players. Hey it even gets better for you in 03 when there are only 3 players left that were coached under Parcells and then 1 left in 04, but your right it was all Parcells doing.
  2. Now you a liar as well as not very bright? Let me explain it to you like, well like someone that's not very smart. You see you said "Most of the key players from the super bowl teams were guys Parcells drafted and signed." This is simply not true no matter how much you would like it to be. First off Parcells wasn't allowed to draft anyone when he was in New England, Booby Grier was the General Manager which is why Parcells left New England to pick the Jets groceries. Secondly if your talking hold overs from when Parcells was there, then congratulations your right, there were 6 players not 5 because I forgot to include the kicker. 3rd and back to you're most ludicrous and flat out stupid beyond belief point, if you actually believe Parcells should get the credit for free agents that B.B. signed simply because Parcells drafted them, then you are hands down the dumbest jet fan I have ever seen.
  3. So what your saying is that any team that signs free agents from another team and has success, it's not really their success, it's whoever drafted the players originally that gets the credit? That could be the dumbest take I've ever heard, and you think I just started watching football? You are quickly moving up to Troll killer's level of batshat crazy stupid, it's Jet fans like you and Troll killer I have no sympathy for, angry, bitter and dumb, is no way to go through life son. And by the way the Rams drafted Roman Phifer.
  4. Wow you could be stretching the bounds of inaccuracy beyond what I thought was possible for even a jet fan- Hamilton- Signed by the B.B. in 2000 Wiggins- Signed by B.B. in 2000 Compton- Signed by B.B. in 2001 Phifer- Signed by B.B. in 2001 And More- There is no more, but please keep going you're only showing how truly clueless you are.
  5. Exhibit 1. As to the stupidity of most Jet fans and what they believe- Parcells was gone for four years before B.B. took over, only 5 players from the Parcells time in New England were on the team in 01, and on top of it they weren't even Parcells picks if you remember correctly, he left because "He wasn't allowed to pick the groceries!!!" B.B. turned over 80% of the roster between 2000-2001, the rest were left over from the Pete Carol days.
  6. You mean the four players that were left from the Parcells days? 5 If you count Bledsoe, it's always been comical to me the lengths simple minded Jets fans will go to try and take credit away from the coach that told them and their pathetic organization to GFT's.
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