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  1. Should I speak slower? Parcells and his staff helped to pick and develop most of the NE 2001 roster. Grier had less say than Parcells did, neither had final say and that's what the split was about


    And so you want to take Credit away from guys Parcells didn't have final say on and not give him credit for guys he did have final say on?

    Either way you slice it, it is still most of the 2001 roster that were Parcells guys. You sound like a 4 year old trying to twist and bend your way out of this. But then again your a ****in homer.


    I don't believe it, I've found the dumbest Jet fan on the Planet, you really don't get that Parcells was gone for four years and Pete Carroll was the coach, and the roster was entirely turned over. Six players remained from when Parcells was there and then B.B. brought in: 


    Tom Brady

    Richard Seymour

    Matt Light

    Joe Andruzzi

    Stephen Neal

    Grant Williams

    David Patton

    Jermaine Wiggins

    Anthony Pleasant 

    Mike Vrabel

    Matt Chatham

    Antwaine Smith

    Larry Izzo

    Greg Spires


    And these are only the one's that made significant contributions in 01, you can't be as dumb as you pretend, there are 7 pro-bowlers on this list some of which went multiple times in their careers, but yes you're correct, it was mostly Parcells players. :face:  Hey it even gets better for you in 03 when there are only 3 players left that were coached under Parcells and then 1 left in 04, but your right it was all Parcells doing. :rl:

  2. Just to recap. You said only 5 of Parcells former players were on the 2001 Patriots roster. Without trying, I listed 10, all starters. and there are many more. Just so you understand that I won that argument. No matter how much you try to back away and twist things.

    idk where you get that I'm angry or bitter from? I really don't take this stuff personally. Like I said earlier, you really just look like a pathetic homer to me. The Pats are perfect in your on mind and do everything swell. We get it. Now leave so some of the other people can have a more truthful and realistic conversation.

    Now you a liar as well as not very bright? Let me explain it to you like, well like someone that's not very smart. You see you said "Most of the key players from the super bowl teams were guys Parcells drafted and signed."


    This is simply not true no matter how much you would like it to be. First off Parcells wasn't allowed to draft anyone when he was in New England, Booby Grier was the General Manager which is why Parcells left New England to pick the Jets groceries. Secondly if your talking hold overs from when Parcells was there, then congratulations your right, there were 6 players not 5 because I forgot to include the kicker. 3rd and back to you're most ludicrous and flat out stupid beyond belief point, if you actually believe Parcells should get the credit for free agents that B.B. signed simply because Parcells drafted them, then you are hands down the dumbest jet fan I have ever seen.  

  3. Not only did you start following the pats in 2001, you also just started following the NFL. With the exception of Compton, all of the rest were Parcells guys from the Jets. And yeah there are more, instead of posting lies and insults, look at the roster.

    So what your saying is that any team that signs free agents from another team and has success, it's not really their success, it's whoever drafted the players originally that gets the credit? That could be the dumbest take I've ever heard, and you think I just started watching football? :rl:  You are quickly moving up to Troll killer's level of batshat crazy stupid, it's Jet fans like you and Troll killer I have no sympathy for, angry, bitter and dumb, is no way to go through life son. And by the way the Rams drafted Roman Phifer.

  4. McGinist, Brown, Law, Hamilton, Wiggins, Milloy, Compton, Bruschi, phifer, Vinitiari, and more. Those are just some of Parcells guys from that 2001 team. Plus his whol coaching staff. Plus he needed to cheat. I know you became a Pats fan in 2001 -but try not to make it so obvious.


    Wow you could be stretching the bounds of inaccuracy beyond what I thought was possible for even a jet fan- 


    Hamilton- Signed by the B.B. in 2000


    Wiggins- Signed by B.B. in 2000


    Compton- Signed by B.B. in 2001


    Phifer- Signed by B.B. in 2001


    And More- There is no more,  but please keep going you're only showing how truly clueless you are. :rl:

  5. Thursday Night Football. No asterisks in the thread title, we will leave those for the record books next to the tainted Super Bowl victories under Bill Belicheat.


    It is time for the Jets to get that look back. That look in their eyes. Eye of the Tiger.



    How do you get it back? You go back to the beginning. Back to basics Jets...back to basics. Blocking and tackle. Run the football and play mistake free football.



  6. Most of the key players from the super bowl teams were guys Parcells drafted and signed.


    Exhibit 1. As to the stupidity of most Jet fans and what they believe- Parcells was gone for four years before B.B. took over, only 5 players from the Parcells time in New England were on the team in 01, and on top of it they weren't even Parcells picks if you remember correctly, he left because "He wasn't allowed to pick the groceries!!!" B.B. turned over 80% of the roster between 2000-2001, the rest were left over from the Pete Carol days.

  7.   What happened to all the draft picks Parcells made to help BB win a SB?


      NE had the # 1 defense in 2003 so no, it wasn't all Brady.

    You mean the four players that were left from the Parcells days? 5 If you count Bledsoe, it's always been comical to me the lengths simple minded Jets fans will go to try and take credit away from the coach that told them and their pathetic organization to GFT's.

  8. Shouldn't we also question how good Brady would have been had it not been for the cheating?


    If the stuff in the book is true and coaches were telling Brady via an alternate radio signal what the defense was it effectively rendered those games into glorified full speed scrimmages for him. If you get to do that for the first six plus years of your career you're gonna get pretty good. 


  9. I can't disagree with this, but isn't Belichick the EXACT SAME hypocrite and egomanical douche?


    Sure he is, never said he wasn't, I would guess that most great coaches aren't people you would want to have a beer with. Some Jets fans however like to re-write history and think there franchise is squeaky clean, when it was the Jets that started the border war.

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  10. Old school a deal is a deal.....


    Really? I bet Parcell's book doesn't cover the part where he a was under contract to the Patriots while fielding offers from the Jets front office during the Patriots Super Bowl weekend? I bet he doesn't mention the tampering charges against the Jets, the phone records of the calls to and from the Jets headquarters on his Patriot issued phone? I bet he doesn't mention the NFL commissioner stepping in and negotiating a boat load of draft picks to the Patriots so they would release his contract rights and drop the tampering charges against the Jets? That hypocrite can GFH, and the Jets got what they deserved.

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