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  1. "CB" awful, and will continue to be awful, "Starting QB" "OL depth in one year" it's only depth if you consider sinking up to your eyeballs and drowning.
  2. You really are as dumb as dog $h^t, your actually comparing a Hall of Fame MLB to a second year player that was pushed into the starting MLB position due to injury? Troll killer why don't you compare Hightower's production to every other starting MLB in the NFL last year? Wouldn't serve your argument would it? Fact is he played well last season and compared favorable to most starting MLB's in the NFL, facts always trump stupidity, don't you understand that yet?
  3. I made no such excuse at all, you pointed out that Hightower was some major disappointment last year, he was not, he changed positions and played very well by that positions standards across the NFL. Also I never said anywhere that "he put up great stats", make sh*t up much? I said he played well and put up numbers commensurate of what the rest of NFL's MLBs post do for a season, and yes I do think that's pretty good for a kid in his second year having to take on all the defensive play calling. Now you twist the conversation and cry all you want to about how much harder it is to play LB than DE, but the bottom line is Coples wasn't very impressive a DE, and he was worse at LB. If that changes Ill be the 1st to say you were right, but right now you have no argument any more than you would with Kyle Wilson or Steven Hill.
  4. What bad number are you talking about? You mean the 97 tackles 55 solo, 3 passes deflected an a sack? Maybe you want to compare those with the rest of the starting MLB's in the League before you talk.
  5. Did the fact that Hightower doesn't need an excuse because performed really well jump out at you as well?
  6. You can't be this dumb, Hightower had 97 combined tackles last season moron.
  7. I know you can get there if you really try, you see Hightower doesn't need any for of an excuse because your original statement wasn't true. Last year Hightower put up better numbers than many starting MLB's in the league. I would draw a picture for you if I thought it would help, but let me put it in a way you may actually understand it, Hightower= good Coples= bad.
  8. Is the ball the same size as an NFL ball in the CFL? If it is he won't find much success there either.
  9. Again what excuse does he need? He played out of position and put up numbers better than most starting MLB's in the entire NFL, how clueless are you? Let me put it to you this way, Hightower played "REALLY WELL LAST YEAR", so your original comment on him make you look like Dumb $h&t.
  10. No, what's important is the performance of that player under those circumstances. In this case a moronic poster singled out Hightower as a player that supposedly everyone was calling a bust last year, yet Hightower playing out of position at MLB produced 97 tackles a couple of pass deflections a sack. Compare those numbers to all starting MLB's across the League last season and you'll have no choice but to conclude that the poster I was responding to is clueless. Simply put, Coples sucks, at least in terms of his draft status, he failed, Hightower didn't.
  11. Hightower needs to bounce back from what exactly? You really are clueless, Hightower had to play out of position last season due to Mayo's injury and played pretty damn well but I suppose you'll tell us his stats are B.S. right? As for Ridley, he wasn't a 1st round pick by the way and even with his fumbles he's a productive player, how's McKnight and Green doing, are they even still in the league? Oh and you can harp on the myth have the Pats are awful in the draft but the reality is they are no different than the vast majority of teams pick for pick over the last ten years. Bottom line is none of this has a thing to do with the topic of the post which is what bust Coples is. NE gm tkl sks 2012 60 43 17 4.0 0 2 6 0 0 0 0 0 3 6 18 0 2013 NE 2013 gms tks sks 16 97 55 42 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 5 0 Career 30 157 98 59 5.0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 9 23 0
  12. You mean two players that are consistently productive? Or maybe you should compare him to Chandler Jones, since the Jets were looking for a pass rusher and decided pass on him. Look misses happen in the draft for all teams, pretending Coples turned out the way the Jets hoped is really just sad.
  13. I have to agree with that, Coples has never really been good enough to own the job much less lose it.
  14. What's really funny about Gronk is that in spite of all his injuries and games missed, he still averages 10 tds a season for his first four years in the NFL. 42 total to be exact, when do you suppose that 2nd round bust the Jets just drafted will get to 42 tds? My guess, is never.
  15. Once again all you can do is call people names, that's all you got, and you call me an imbecile.
  16. So your saying that you didn't jump to respond to a post that had nothing to do with you and try and defend the argument that Geno was awesome in his last four games? Really, that's what your trying to say? Please, you wrap it up any way you like, the fact of the matter is you don't like anyone being critical of the Jets and you run to defend anything negative said by Pats fans or Jets fans, it's your M.O. Troll killer. It's what made you the only Mod in the history of Mods to be banned by his fellow fans. That says it all, you can pretend to be fair and balanced but most know better.
  17. Re- read it, I said nothing of the sort until you jumped into the thread trying to defend an idiotic post on how awesome Geno's last four games were. You jumped in with your pom poms waiving, and never bothered to address the actual post, you just attacked like you always do Troll killer.
  18. So responding to a poster who describes Geno's play over his last four games as, "Awesome!!", is trolling? I happen to think Geno sucks, so do some Jets fans but taking issue with that comment is Tolling? Please explain how and I won't do it anymore.
  19. Didn't bother to even look, and it really doesn't matter because everyone in Jet world knows that in Geno's last four games he was SUPER AWESOME!!!
  20. Link yourself, like you don't remember the dozens of threads here on the reports. Heck Rex came out himself and publicly said the they were going to simplify the playbook for Geno, but I'm sure you need a link to remember that right Troll killer.
  21. Did you just start watching football? It was widely reported that the Jets had to scale down the playbook for Geno at the end of the season because they were afraid his confidence would be shot. Going against these tomato cans and what Geno did, is what you call "awesome? OAK 16-25 219 1td -1int CAR 15-28 167 1td-1int CLE 20-36 214 2tds-0ints MIA 17-27 190 0tds-0ints This is what you call assume???
  22. Sure you are, as confident as you are in the Jets this year, but my post wasn't directed to you.
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