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  1. honestly, how you can make that statement without a clown car driving around you is mystery. Geno may very well end up being a decent NFL QB, but last season he was by far the worst QB I have ever seen.
  2. Maybe, but all rookies that make it into the NFL are talented. Only time will tell which make it, which don't.
  3. But I think you're a great fair and balanced Mod. Please like me.
  4. If it is it's just as stupid as what the Jets are trying to do, but I guess you like the way things are looking in the Jets secondary right?
  5. That makes no sense, are you trying to argue there were no CB's available in FA that fit the Jets system so they said screw it, we're just going to line up a bunch of scrubs and see what happens? Are you saying that not one of the cb's available in FA wouldn't have made the Jets better either starting or depth? Or is it even possible in your mind that your GM totally screwed the pooch at the CB position? I mean what system are they using that counts on unproven players, late round rookies and Jags over young proven quality CB's?
  6. Fair enough although I didn't see anything from Milliner last year that suggests "he will be a serious player in this league". He was beyond awful for most of the season so weighing the three or so games in which he didn't embarrass himself more than the 12 games he shouldn't have even been on the field is a little suspect. Time will tell.
  7. You can disagree with the amount all you like, but the market sets itself, and if an average CB is getting 6-8 mil, you pay 6-8 mi. Instead the Jets are sitting on 20 plus mil in cap and have what I promise you will be a bottom five secondary this season. I guess that's fine if management is willing to suck this year and trying to build long term through the draft, but it's going to be a long sad year for Jets fans thinking division or even 500 this season.
  8. That's your opinion, I responded to the post that was put in front of me. All in all it won't matter, the season will soon be here and I'll sit back and watch you guys attack each other as always. Great fun.
  9. That's not an equal comparison. The fact that the Jets went into camp counting on a very suspect underachieving first round pick, a third round rookie and basically a jag on his last legs, all penciled into starting positions of an area of weakness, it's perfectly worthy of criticism. Injuries happen, players will go down, but if you have weak players starting and even weaker players backing them up when there is no reason you couldn't have added a few more quality pieces, then when that does happen there should be criticism as to why there wasn't a better plan in place.
  10. You mean like the Patriots defense rookie of the year, Jerod Mayo , or Defensive player of the month of September Chandler Jones? See it works both ways when arguing draft history. Cool isn't it?
  11. And what sh$t slinging is that? Did you even follow the tread our just jump in to add your two cent? I was responding to stupidity, I didn't initiate it.
  12. Sure he did: He also drafted Tom Brady Patrick Pass Richard Seymour Matt Light Deion Branch David Givens Asante Samuel Ty Warren Vince Wilfork Ben Watson Logan Mankins Stephen Gostkowski Jerod Mayo Matt Slater Julian Edelman Sebastian Vollmer Nate Solder Shane Vereen Steven Ridley Marcus Cannon Chandler Jones Dont'e Hightower Elfonzo Dennard But I'm sure you'll just tell us how much all those players suck also. Bottom line is it's 45 years and counting since the Jets sniffed a Super Bowl and this season may be worse than most for Jet fans. So if pretending that the Jets have somehow cornered the market on being draft wizards makes you feel better so be it. By the way if you haven't noticed this years Jets draft class is looking almost as good as last years.
  13. Disagree, the guys is so dumb he listed several 10 year solid nfl vets and a multiple pro bowler in a list that was supposed disparage the Pats drafting record.
  14. How's John McGraw 2nd Chris Baker 2nd Dwayne Robertson two 1sts BJ Askew 3rd Derrick strait 2nd Mike Nudgent 2nd Justin Miller 2nd Kellen Clemens 2nd Anthony Scheagle 3rd Eric Smith 3rd Vernon Gholston two 1sts BHAAAAA Mark Sanchez 1st Shaun Green 2nd Kyle Wilson 1st Vlad Ducase 2nd Joe McKnight 2nd Stephen Hill 2nd And soon to join Geno Smith, Quinton Coples, and Dee Milneer. And Haven't Sniffed a Super bowl in 45 years.
  15. That could be the dumbest list I've ever seen, you think I could go back over the jets last ten drafts and come up with the same exact list of players that didn't pan out? Also some of those players are legitimate NFL players.
  16. Hard to develop a guy that couldn't get out of the tub. How's the dirty taco developing for you guys by the way? Or Gholston for that matter? How many picks used on those gems? So to ad Coples.
  17. More chances of Geno becoming a good starting CB. Dowling is a classic IR body, he was in college, and has been in the pro's.
  18. Trust me by game three when you realize that the Jets can't get off the field on third downs and the rest of the D-sucking wind by the second quarter, you'll realize just how doomed your season is.
  19. OK, I'll assume that is true for arguments sake, yet how does that "business" decision as you call it, account for the Jets not addressing the CB position either from a starter or depth perspective when it was one of the weakest parts of the team? There were good options that didn't demand to be the highest paid at their position, and the Jets had plenty of cap space to address them now and for the future. Fan bias aside, it makes zero sense.
  20. OK, it is a Jet site so that makes perfect sense.
  21. This is change to your story, "what happened to Revis wouldn't come here"? Now it was a business decision? If so it files in the face of every bit of common sense a GM should have in putting a team together. It's all business decisions, and there's no room for personal bias in any business decisions. In your own words, "they had first hand knowledge of what it was like doing business with Revis and wanted no part of that." The fact is the by your own words the Jets front office did take it personally and when the opportunity to improve their team dramatically came, they let their personal feelings and bias let one of the best players in the game go to the very team that's had their foot on the Jets neck for over a decade now. Revis called B.B. out in public several times disparaging him, yet he didn't take it personal, he got the opportunity to improve his team dramatically in an area of need and he did. What's even worse for the Jets is, aside from the Revis failure, they actually believed going into the season counting on disappointing Milner and a 3rd round scrub as potential starters made sense when they had a chance at several solid FA. You can spin it all you like here but the Jets screwed this situation up royally and believe me once the teams hit the field for real, denial won't change anything.
  22. Well if this is one of those sites that doesn't allow for anything but pom pom waiving that's your call I guess. However I haven't made any personal attacks or called people names, yet for having a opposing view point I've been attacked, called names and the mods haven't done a thing?
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