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  1. So your argument basically comes down to denial in the face of facts and name calling? And the Mod tells me I bring nothing to the conversation?
  2. That's my exact point, we've been told all along by Jets fans and Revis's own actions that top $$$ is what he's all about and now all of a sudden Revis is going to take less money to play for the Pats? Revisionist history at it's best. The Pats could not compete with the Jets cap space, so it leads me to believe that someone in the Jets organization put their personal feelings ahead of making the team better, unless there's anyone out there crazy enough to argue that Revis wouldn't immediately improve the Jets secondary.
  3. I don't care about you or about your one sided pom pom waving views, so once again if you're so uninterested in my posts, you have a very simple choice, don't read or respond to them.
  4. It actually does make sense, you just can't wrap your head around it. The bottom line is the Jets had the resources to improve their situation at CB Revis or not. They decided to instead to sit on 20 plus mil while asking their fans to shell out top dollar to watch what will be one or the worst pass defenses in the league this year. That will play very poorly as the season unfolds.
  5. Then here's a helpful hint for you,,,,,,,don't respond to someone you aren't interested in hearing from.
  6. No son, I think the short bus is in both your past and future. The contradiction is simple, you believe Revis is all about the money, yet the Jets could have offered more money than the pats but you still believe he would have signed with the Pats. On second thought Son, you should be driving the short bus.
  7. You are an enigma, all I hear from Jets fans is that all Revis cares about is getting the most money. Here you're talking out both sides of your neck, on one hand your saying he was dead set on going to New England, and he was using the Jets to get the cash up, on the other side, you're saying all he cares about is getting the most money. So which is it, because the last time I checked the Jets had nearly three times the cap space the Pats do. So you're saying the Jets couldn't have topped the 12 million the Pats gave him? Or you're saying if they did he would have still taken less to sign with the Pats? You can't have it both ways, and the bottom line is even if it wasn't Revis, there were plenty of other quality CB's available that the Jets flat out failed to get.
  8. I can tell that you don't like dealing with reality much. You're saying that despite multiple media reports, as well as reports from the Jet's front office, and Revis's own words that he had his agent reach out to the Jets, that it was all some kind of scam and he was toying with the Jets and didn't really want to go there? That's the most laughable homeristic thing I've heard on this board. Not only that, but Revis is only getting paid 12 million this year, a far cry from the highest paid CB in the league. The bottom line is the Jest had plenty of cash, and there where plenty of options to improve the CB position in both starters and depth and they chose not to.
  9. I believe that's going to change as Jet Nation gets a full look at Geno Smith year two, it's going to end ugly and if Rex waits too long to send Geno to the CFL where he belongs, this may be the final straw for some Jet fans.
  10. Then why did you respond to a post that wasn't directed to you? I if you have nothing constructive to say, and want to wave your green and white pom poms feel free to continue to not read my posts sweetheart.
  11. ???? How you got that out of what I posted is mind boggling. The post was an answer to the question of why it's frowned upon by many Jets fans to question the teams management. The fact that the Jets have ton of cap space and could have signed one of the top Cb's in the game, even if it was only a year or two is absolutely a reason to question them, and believe me during the course of this season while the Jets are getting carved up every week in the air, you can bet that a lot of jet fans will be questioning why it came to that. There were plenty of good FA CB's to be had, and money wasn't the issue, so what's that leave?
  12. That's any easy question to answer, you see the vast majority of Jet fans would rather live in their dreams of what they want the team to be rather than take a real look at what the team really is. When someone questions a management decision or draft picks talents, it threatens that dream of many Jets fans. Many fans would rather go on blindly believing that every decision is gold and every scrub player is magically going to become a hall of famer. It's just human nature really, no fan wants to go into the season thinking their team doesn't have a chance, but some can't separate the dream from what's right in front of them. For instance, take Geno Smith, there is no one really outside of Jets fans that actually believes he can become a good QB, I honestly believe it's a long shot that he'll even become a serviceable back up. I mean you can see it coming from a mile away, yet many Jets fans will hold on to that dream, "it's too early to give up on him", "he's getting better, he just needs more time", "but, but, he has all the talent in the world!!!" It's not that they can't see it too, they would just rather hold onto that dream.
  13. That's a fair take, an improved offense will of course help any defense. Overall I just don't see this defense being half of what Jet fans have made it out to be in their heads. It's a great line, but it takes more than that to be a great defense, and I'm not seeing it.
  14. It is??? So you're saying the Jets have a 12 win defensive backfield? You're saying that the LB's are a 12 win group? The Jets have a good Defensive line, but it's not the steel curtain, or even close. The Cb's and Safeties wouldn't start on most teams and your LB's are about as average as you can get. The offense is not good by any means but pretending that they are the only thing preventing a 12 win season is a fantasy. The Jets secondary will be carved up this season and trust me by mid season there will be many threads floating around talking about, "how come the front office didn't get Revis back when they had a chance.
  15. The only Mod in history to unite Jet and Pats fans together in their shared dislike of him. Heck we should send him to the Middle East to solve that mess.
  16. That's like saying, if and a big IF we become a good team we win 12. Well,,,,yeah.
  17. Are you kidding? The Jets got swept by the Bills last year and went 1-1 against the fins. This is complete comedy.
  18. So now I'm an internet tough guy because I happen to agree with the original poster who believes the Jets are a 6 or 8 win team this year? You seriously need help, a great deal of it. To answer the last part of your post, I have no idea how petty and small you feel, nor do I know what kind of complete a$$hole you would need to be to do whatever it is your talking about. What I do know is that you simply can't stand anyone Jet or Pat fan that disagrees with your hopes and dreams of what the Jets will be this year. You never once addressed the post, you just attacked the poster. You are too cute and simple to take seriously.
  19. Sure you did, because that's you Troll Killer, a beacon for free speech and a tolerance for opposing points of view.
  20. Feel better, who's says I feel bad, it's not my fault that you can't handle the fact that some people believe the Jets are only a 6, or 8 win team this year. Hey some Jet fans feel that way too, and it's pretty fair prediction overall but you go on Troll killer, I'm just surprised your fellow Jet fans haven't booted you out of here just like they did at Jets insider.
  21. It's always a joke, until you get booted by your fellow fans. Tell me, are you the only mod that's ever been banned because he ultimately didn't want to allow other posters to speak their minds unless he agreed with it?
  22. Getting Good? It's the offseason, the Jets are always the best in the offseason, it's when real games are played when things get fun.
  23. How exactly is that any different from going to another team that just by the act of claiming them has do exactly what your talking about in terms of roster spot and salary? Or better yet, if this was the case, why wouldn't the team just put him on the unable to perform list which gives the team the option of activating him by week 8 or putting him on IR at that point?
  24. Oh nooo!!!!! this guy thinks my little baby Jets defense isn't good, "Grandma I just hate, I hate him, I hate him!!!!!"
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