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  1. Wow Wow, never said that, you clearly don't know how to read. I said "There were only 10 odd teams that were worse than the Jets on defense last year", now that's a fact, and you can play with words all you like, the Jets Defense wasn't close to average last year.
  2. It's called correcting yourself when you could have selected a better word. Don't worry Jet fans will be doing the same when they reconsider the word "elite" as the word to describe any part of this Jets team. It's seems that it's the Jet fans responding here that are angry, because I simply stated that it was hard to understand the outrage over a prediction 0f 6 to 8 wins for the jets this year. Any rational football fan could look at the Jets roster and figure that those numbers are pretty much what that talent will get you.
  3. Talk isn't the right word, laugh is more accurate.
  4. Where did I say anything about points? Can you read? Or do you just like to continue to respond to points that were never brought up to make you feel like your wining an argument that never was? Simply stated, the Jets "OVERALL Defense" was in bottom third of the league, so spin that all you like, but they were not good.
  5. And you may be the only mod in history to be banned by his fellow Mods, they still talk post about it over there to this day. I'm sorry if I feel like 6-8 win season is realistic for the Jets this year, it may in fact be much, much worse.
  6. Sorry but it's not an idiotic statement to question someone when they say the Jets defense was "good" last year. There were only 10 odd teams in the NFL that were worse, two thirds that were better? It's also not an idiotic statement to question what the Jets fans running around talking about how they have an elite defense this year, but I suppose you'll just respond that that isn't happening right? How's this for a point, the Jets defense is very weak across the board with the exception of their D-line, but that won't do much for them when they can't get off the field and when they do Geno puts them right back on the field before they take their helmets off.
  7. You are missing the point, again, which goes back to my original comment that you responded to. Through your magical thinking you some how believe a defense that was nothing special last season, with minimal changes is now going to be elite, and I don't. You think 6 to 8 win season prediction for the jets this season is an outrage and I don't. That's all fine because in a few short weeks your going to see what the point is.
  8. Points by TD or Field goal really don't matter, and if you don't understand the "Oooooooh!" difference between being top ten in points allowed v.s in 20's then I'll give you a hint, the teams in the top ten were mostly still playing football while the Jets were all on golf courses talking about how they were each the best in the NFL at their positions. Sure you can make the lame excuse that defense wasn't elite because of the turn overs, but it's fools gold because a truly elite defense should be able to pick up the slack. In reality, you can have an elite D-line, but that doesn't make an elite defense and it certainly won't make an elite team.
  9. I don't understand how so many Jet fans can be outraged by a 6 or 8 win prediction? The Jets just aren't that talented, they can talk about an elite defense all they like but where was that defense last year? They gave up points like a soup kitchen gives away turkeys on Thanksgiving.
  10. Really??? So it's either proclaim the you're the best ever, or say your a scrub that doesn't belong on the field, those were his only choices? Please, all this shows is that Rex doesn't have control of his team, or worse he actually believes it isn't a factor when teams get ready for them each week. Jet fans can enjoy it now because this is the time of year when most Jet fans have fully convinced themselves they are a Super Bowl team, and every scrub that couldn't play last year is going to become an over night hall of famer. Then the season starts and it's the four stages of grief for Jets fans, denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance.
  11. Wow, you do have a problem reading, can you not understand the difference between past and present, you understand that there's difference right?
  12. Lets see, who was talking about offensive dominance last year? Wasn't me, do you have hard time reading and understanding what is being said? You keep responding to points that aren't being made and then patting yourself on the back for countering them. So let me understand this, you're arguing that the Jets defense is elite because they held NE to 13 points in one game last year in which the Jets lost? Are you kidding? The Jets elite defense gave up 27, and 37 points to the Bills!!!! They gave 38 and 37 points to the twin powerhouses of Tennessee and Oakland!!!! Yet somehow they are elite because they held the Pats to 13?? Wow, sorry buddy but your in for a rough year.
  13. Yes Jet fans sure know what they are talking about when it comes to all things football. The only fan base in the NFL, that with a straight face can criticize the Patriots for losing two Super Bowls while at the same time pat Rex on the back for being the greatest Jet coach ever for getting them to back to back AFC Championship losses. I can't wait for the season to start to watch the Patriots abuse the AFC East and watch Jet fan wonder what happened to this elite defense they keep talking about. Last I checked they graded out as an extremely average bunch last year.
  14. How is telling the truth bad mouthing him? Honestly, he couldn't make a team that was desperate for TE help last year, and you think he's magically going to be great for the Jets? Please, so far on this board alone Jet fans have got at least a least a half dozen scrubs they expect to come out of nowhere and become all pro's. It truly is a magical time for Jets fans, every turd is gold and player that sucked last year is going to be the key to a Super Bowl this year. Every year it's the same Jets season ends in massive suck, then by training camp Jets fans have built them back up to the point where Jets fans really believe they are going to rule the division. It's pure comedy and gets better as the season goes along until I'm in stitches by Christmas.
  15. I have no idea what your trying to say here, but if you like the talk from a bunch of guys that haven't even proved they belong in the league yet, then jets are the team for you, until real games are played anyway. You might have trouble at that point.
  16. Way to miss the entire point, but no matter, we'll see how good you feel about all the big talk when the Jets are 3-6, my guess is there won't be much talking coming from Rex about an elite Defense then. We'll see how much Geno talks about being a top 5 QB when he's looking at being benched after another multiple int game. You just go on telling yourself that other teams and players don't get just little more up for chance to make the Jets look like fools.
  17. The guy is a classic training camp wonder, gets all kind of buzz then you put him in a real game and you'll be wondering if he's actually on the field. Fool's gold.
  18. Delusional= Jet fans during the off-season. Despondent= Jet fans during the season.
  19. Only a delusional poster would argue that it isn't true, nice to see you haven't changed one bit.
  20. Nothing that exciting, getting married, building a house, that sort of stuff. What's funny is that nothing in Jet fan world has changed since I've been away, they still haven't won anything, still talk like have, the offseason is still the best time of the year for Jets fans, and any rational Jet fan that might decide to post anything questioning, or in the slightest bit critical of the team or organization is attacked as a fake fan. It's is pure comedy gold.
  21. This is the ultimate whistling passed the grave yard post. I agree with you, you're right these are grown men that play with a ball for a living, and they don't do it very well, and all the talk makes me believe they know that deep down this year will be no different. Here's how I know, you see other teams and coaches don't do this, sure you may get the odd comment here and there but you don't get the day in day out baseless crap the jets spew about elite defenses, really what was elite about last years defense? Geno "*&^%ing Smith a top 5 QB? In what world is that guy even a decent back up QB? I hate to break it to you but historically bad rookie QB's rarely if ever become even average QB's in the NFL going forward. However the point is successful teams don't talk about how great they are, there's no up side to it and it only makes other teams, even worst teams get up for the Jets because they come off as A-holes. It's simple human psychology, if your playing chess with another person you want to beat them, if you think the other person is a super A-hole you really, really want to beat them. Once again Jet fans will be wondering how all these dreams of glory and Super star players ended up in a 6-10 season.
  22. Sure they will, the Jets are the best at everything in the off season, then reality sets in when the games are played. "How did we get beat by the Bills? What happened to our elite defense? We demand an investigation, somebody is passing around our playbook! The comedy and entertainment value of it is just wonderful.
  23. Wow you're still here? I thought you would have been kicked off this site just like your fellow jets fans gave you the boot from Jets insider.
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