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  1. When has Cleveland ever done the right thing? If Hoyer continues to play well, he's going to demand real starter dollars and guaranteed money. Cleveland's not going to do that with Jonny Football waiting in the wings, and I don't think they have the guts to trade him.
  2. He is not under contract next year and I highly doubt that Cleveland would tag him this a franchise average of the top five QB's. Hoyer is a good QB but not worth that kind of money.
  3. I agree with this 100%, just look at Geno the worst statistical starting QB in the League, and the Jets Defense, the worst secondary in the league, I think we can all see where this is going. Don't worry, you'll soon be predicting a Jets win for next week. How cold they possibly lose after all?
  4. Here we go people, lets wave the and pretend everything is Super Swell.
  5. Makes little difference to the overall point, which is to use the 18th pick of the draft on a on dimensional Safety is just flat out stupid. The Jet could have traded out, collected more picks and gotten the same kind of player later in the draft, and I actually like Pryor, but he was over drafted by at least two rounds.
  6. You think the Refs need to give the PATS the game in order for them to win, , my god you really don't get the fact that the Jets just suck.
  7. There are plenty of Jets fans here, not all are delusional homers.
  8. Really?? You've not only predicted a Jet win each week,, but pretty much guaranteed it, what kind of respect do you think you have here? I'll gladly be here to eat crow if the Jets get lucky, where will you be, guaranteeing a Jets win the next week?
  9. It's going to be sweet watching Jet fans see another nail in their coffin, zero playoff chances two weeks before Halloween is record for even you guys.
  10. Says the guy that just posted that he actually wishes the death of player on the field.
  11. The fact that you would point to this of all the items you could slightly argue in the Jets favor, shows how little you understand about this match up or the Patriots strengths and weaknesses. You can talk big and make all the noise you like, it's not going to change the game. Get ready.
  12. I'm sure you do, I love how much Jets fans hate the Patriots. Jet but hurt year in and year out provides endless entertainment.
  13. I totally agree,, Crapels and Gholston are the cornerstones of the Jets future, soon as Gholston gets sick of working a UPS that is.
  14. While it may not be as good as last year I would hardly call it awful and if Geno had anything close to these numbers Jets fans would be kissing his hairy beanbag. CMP ATT YDS CMP% AVG TD LNG INT FUM QBR RAT 120 203 1,380 59.1 6.80 8 68 5 4 63.9 82.5
  15. Why is it that every team that successfully drafts a QB, is lucky and the Jets are just unlucky? Sorry, while luck certainly plays apart in any draft pick, or free agent for that matter, there's more to it than simple luck. It's the overall plan and most teams know there's no sure fire way to guarantee they fill the most important spot on their roster, so they cultivate a multitude of options to fill the spot. Why do you think Washington drafted RG3 and Cousins in the same draft? High picks low, picks, free agent backups, multiple times over multiple years until you hit on a QB. The only real knock on the Jets front office's method for filling the QB spot is thinking it was filled after watching Geno smith for a season, anyone without a fan attachment to the team last season, got to see one of the worst QB's to ever step on the field, that's just the facts, visually and statistically. So their answer to this was to bring in a washed up Vick, rather than hedge their bets by drafting another QB. They had options, and made poor choices, so no they weren't lucky, but they didn't do anything to help their odds either.
  16. Yes Jet fans conveniently forget that this is where all the Jet hate started, they forget that the League had Parcells and the Jets front office phone records with dozens of calls placed to and from them during the weeks leading up to and through the Super Bowl. They forget that the League had to step in an negotiate a boat load of draft picks away from the Jets in order for the Patriots to agree to not pursue tampering charges and release Parcells from his contract.
  17. He never entered the game, so maybe it was the booze or a dream.
  18. You clearly haven't got a clue what your talking about.
  19. It's a failure of Rex to understand the team as a whole, not just the value of an aggressive D-line or one any unit. All Rex wants to do is to be the bully, the tough guy, and how many times has he made stupid public claims like "nobody wants to play the Jets!!!" Well in the NFL, teams aren't afraid of the Jets Defense, despite what some Jet fans want to believe. Honestly only the most delusional Jet fan could possibly believe that guys like Manning, Brady and Rivers look at the Jets and see this monster defense to fear, no what they see is an undisciplined, one dimensional team. Make no mistake, QB's like that are licking their chops to play Rex's vaunted defense.
  20. Because that's all Rex Ryan can do, and yes other teams have easily adjusted to it because on the occasions they don't get to the QB in time, the Jets are getting scorched down field for big plays. How hard is it to understand that maybe instead of all the blitz packages the Jets would be better served by dropping back in coverage now and again to help that Swiss cheese secondary? However I believe Rex would rather be able to tell GM's that his defense was top five in sacks while he's looking for his next job. Honestly, who cares how many sacks the Jets get when they are giving up an average of 25 points a game?
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