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  1. Yes they are. You can't possibley believe any team is worried about the Jets right now? Have you not seen how easily teams have adjusted to Rex's blitz packages? It's like you still believe the Jets are these big bad bullies that everyone fears, it's comical. I've got news for you, every team in the League has big guys that like to hit the QB, so what, what's that done for the Jets this season? Not to mention the Jets are weak against TE match ups and last time I checked both Denver and New England have TE's.
  2. Not sure why this seems like a surprise to so many, Rex is exactly like is father, he makes a lot of noise and his schemes do work for awhile, then the lack of discipline, and a generally unbalanced team catches up to them. He's a one trick pony not a head coach.
  3. I never said any such thing, I dare you to show me where I did? In point of fact you hilariously claimed that the Jets never drafted Geno with the intent of him being the answer at QB, in fact you claimed that he was drafted to replace a back up QB. This is comical, because no franchise uses a second round draft pick with the intent of getting back up QB. Of course their intent was to get a starting and hopefully franchise QB. To deny that reality is to be completely delusional of the reality.
  4. So lets see which is stupider: 1. Believing the Jets used a 2nd round pick to solve their QB problem? 2. Or believing like you, that the used a 2nd round pick to draft a back up QB behind Mark S.?
  5. Because of the Jets tapering I might add, two dozen phone calls from New Jets headquarters to Parcells Patriots issued phone, scum bags.
  6. Sorry buddy but you can kick and scream all you like but the reality is when you select a QB at pick 39, your counting on getting a lot more than a Backup QB. If as you claim, the Jets front office actually made that pick with the goal of getting a back up QB for Taco Boy, then they are the dumbest SOB's in the entire league.
  7. Let me get this straight, your comparing Brees and his path early in the NFL to Geno Smith???? You don't event watch football do you?
  8. You are seriously delusional if you think that the Jets front office intended to use a 2nd round pick as a stop gap player to replace a back up QB. How about you just face reality, they took a shot and it didn't work out, nobody can blame them for that, most teams in the League are searching high and low for that franchise QB.
  9. And the funniest thing is they will still win the AFC East by at least two of three games.
  10. Cap wise no, time wise it sets the franchise back years, foolish not to be able to acknowledge this fact.
  11. That's not what I'm saying, what I'm saying is that any rational Jet fan knows they drafted Smith with the intention of him becoming their franchise QB, to try and pretend it's "no big deal because he was the 39th pick" is flat out stupid.
  12. You should, he was drafted to be the franchise QB, so with that in mind the Jets haven't been looking for one for the last two years, meaning they will be starting from scratch this off season. It's not like they grow on trees, and even if they find their franchise QB this spring it's going to take time to develop him and put the right pieces around him. Bottom line is if your a jet fan you should care very much.
  13. How can you fault him for that, they have won every year?
  14. So you admit that your a liar, that's big of you.
  15. I'll play, the Pats will turn it around to win 10 or 11 games while easily wining the AFC East by a 2-3 game margin. As for the rest, no way B.B. hangs it up after Brady, if that was his thinking he never would have drafted a QB in the second round last year.
  16. Really?? Go fetch boy and find me a thread were I said that?
  17. Wait a second, I thought you said those were my words??? You know what, I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that you really don't know what your talking about.
  18. How pathetic and typical, only a Jet fan would try and spin wining more games than any other team in the NFL "bullsh*t" You're so pathetic Troll killer, if it was Woody and Rex you'd be bending over backwards to kiss their hairy bean bags and building monuments to them. Hey as a Patriot fan they may let us down this year, and that will suck, as a Jet fan your team will always let you down year after year.
  19. He's won more games than anyone in the League, by the way weren't we talking about Kraft? Or are you quickly retreating from that comment?
  20. Yes and Kraft was smart to not allow him to pick the groceries, how'd Parcells leave the Jets? If you want to compare owners feel free, but you best put two pairs of those Green glasses on for that debate.
  21. I would tend to agree, although I wouldn't be at all shocked if they end still up pushing 10 or 11 wins. The one thing I find curious is not so much the Guards play, but the Tackle position is a bit of a mystery. We've seen both Solder and Volmer play at a high level for awhile now so it's not like they can't play or are even being beat physically. In the last two games I watched Solder give up the edge without even touching the DE, resulting in one sack, and two strip sacks, one of which we lost, the other recovered. There's a lot going on that O-line, and not all of it is physical.
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