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  1. Oh yes, in Rex I trust. He's a buffoon that all Patriots fans can support.
  2. He did pretty well before Brady and B.B., made the team competitive and relevant, even got them to a Super Bowl. When was the last time the Jets even sniffed a Super Bowl?
  3. They just don't get that they have a bigger problem than their QB and coach, it's Woody's Johnson. As long as the Kraft family owns the Pats and Woody owns the Jets, I'm happy.
  4. Sorry to burst your fantasy that the Patriots had no fans before Brady but I've done my time all the way back through Tommy Hodson, Hugh Millen to Grogan and Eason. And you think there done? Wanna bet?
  5. They don't have to, because the Patriots will be good again way before the Jets.
  6. So you agree the Jets are one of the worst organizations in all of sports, now were getting somewhere.
  7. So what you're saying is you don't enjoy a Patriot loss?
  8. You know what cracks me up? Jets fans crying and bitching while watching their team suck week in and week out for the last 45 years. Enjoy the Pats loss, I'll be laughing at the Jets and enjoying their misery every week.
  9. Actually Wes Welker caught 65 passes and 5 tds with Miami the season prior to going to New England. Chrebet caught over 30 passes in his second season, had nearly 160 catches and scored over 20 tds by year four. Greg Salas in 5 years bumping around NFL practice squads has caught 40 passes and no Tds, that's 8 catches a year. Sorry but you don't just break out at age 26 and become a factor, he's a marginal talent that boarders on the fringe of the worst NFL rosters. The fact that he's seeing game time says more about how poor the Jets WR's are than it does anything about his skill.
  10. Pure nonsense, the fact is the Ryan style of defense has never worked long term in the NFL, you can run all the exotic blitz packages you like but sooner or later the book is written on how to counter it.
  11. I 100% agree with you, Coples is an absolute beast. An unstoppable relentless monster of a pass rusher that makes QB's wet themselves by mere mention of his name.
  12. You also think the Jets are wining the division this year. It's one thing to be optimistic, it's something completely different to be completely out of touch with reality, the Chargers could be the worst match up the Jets have faced yet.
  13. You do realize Salas is a 26 year old Jag that's bounced around a bunch of teams practice squads for the last Five years? He isn't coming along, the Jets WR's are just that bad he is actually on the field.
  14. Well that changes everything, now I have to change my picks for this weeks game.
  15. I agree completely, however the very fact that he made a point to go out of his way to say how much he doesn't care means he cares very much. That should scare the crap out of Jets fans.
  16. Come on, are you serious? I get you want them to finish better, but how on god's green earth you can't see how bad they are is beyond me. You secondary sucks, your Wr's suck, your O-line blows, your QB wouldn't start for a lot of Canadian teams, and your vaunted D-line Chokes just about every time the game is on the line. This team has 5-11 of 6-10 written all over it in bold writing.
  17. That's like saying, "we would be a pretty good football team if we weren't bad." ????????????????
  18. I love Jets fans,,,,I really, really do. Does this mean every team in the league actually won the Super Bowl only didn't because well they actually never got there?
  19. Playing well against the tomato cans of the NFL doesn't mean he came into his own, he's looked like crap this yea. Also you think a third round rookie CB was going to change anything had he not been injured?
  20. Too late to take it back know my friend, your comparisons simply don't fly and I'll tell you why. All those very good and great QB's you are comparing Geno to, have all reached heights as a QB that Geno has never come close to. So when you point out the bad games, or a bad stretches of games of pro-bowl and hall of fame quarterbacks in an attempt to elevate or excuse Geno's general state of play, it rings hallow. Geno has never reached the level of a Tom Brady, or Payton Manning, hell he's never come close to a Matt Ryan, so to try and say "look the greats have sucked too" proves nothing except that great players can have poor games, it says nothing about Geno because he's never been great. The other poster is correct, one of these things is definitely not like the others.
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