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    Except for oh I don't know, THE QB!!! The way things are going that big time WR your hoping for may have to be a QB, those that think Geno is progressing nicely haven't got a clue.
  2. If that's the case, then it was a dumb a$$ plan. 1st Milliner never proved he could be a consistent starter, secondly no one counts on a 3rd round rookie to come in and start, and then your saying his back up plan was a random old JAG that was never much more than a JAG to begin with? Top it all off with them sitting on a bunch of cap $$$$ while a handful of good starting Cb's signed with other team and it make it inexcusable.
  3. As a rival fan I would love to criticize the Jets for this but the reality is, what else are they supposed to do? They invested a 2nd round pick in the guy, they have to find out if he can play, but more important if he can grow. I'm sure they already know exactly what he can and can't do physically, but now they need to see what he can do mentally. I really can't fault them for that because if they have to start over it sets everything back two or three years.
  4. This is true but your looking at it from a fan perspective, a GM is going to look at it and say, why would I waste any cap space investing in tools for a QB I'm not sure is going to be here in a year? If Geno isn't the franchise QB the Jets need, and he's done very little to make anyone think he is, then the GM is going to be hand picking that next guy in the spring. Why waste resources on an un proven guy, and the flip side is if he does prove himself with the tools he has, then he gets more next offseason.
  5. None of that matters, all the front office is looking at is Geno and making the ultimate decision, is he the franchise qb or not. Geno has the next 13 games to prove he deserves to have an offense built around him, if not the Jets clean house and the GM has plenty of cash to put together the team he will live or die with.
  6. You have to understand that this year was never about wining. The GM didn't spend his wade because it isn't his coach and in a lot of ways it's not really his QB. This year was about seeing if Geno can play or not, plain and simple, if he can great, if not he goes Rex goes and the entire coaching staff.
  7. Honestly. how much more of Geno Smith do you need to see before it sinks in that he just isn't an NFL QB, or at least not a Franchise one? Your Manning first year comparison is comical, anyone that watched Manning play his rookie season and then watched Geno play could see they weren't even playing the same game. Wanting someone to great doesn't make them great, and Geno Smith isn't even close to being good. Not only that but the Jets don't have time to wait on him to become good, not at the QB position anyway, with Gholston, or the Hills of the world maybe you can wait to see if hey turn into something but not a starting QB. I believe the Jets front office went into this year with one goal, see if Geno can be a franchise QB and if not, they are hitting the reset button on him, Rex and the entire coaching staff. This is why they are sitting on a bunch of cap space, so they can give the next coach & QB the tools to succeed.
  8. How's Geno going to do? At this rate I doubt he'll even be playing. The best part is the Jets will be 1-5 when they play the Pats.
  9. Two passes? Really? Are you actually this dumb? Sorry loser but your team is on it's way to 1-5 and then we'll get to see how Geno does against Revis.
  10. Agreed, how about instead of this "point of emphasis" crap they just train the refs to actually call the games by the rules that are in place?
  11. We wont agree on much, but I will say from my point of view it's been bad all over the league. There is zero consistency from play to play much less game to game. Whatever point of emphasis the have tried to make, all it's done is cause more confusion as to what a PI is on either side of the ball?
  12. It was a PI, the exact same play as the Pats against the Panthers last year and it wasn't called either. They are giving db's a clear advantage in the red zone.
  13. Really? You tools are already trying to make a case that Revis sucks and we got boned by signing him. It goes both ways my friend.
  14. You are full of S57*t, after the divisional game I even gave Jets fans props and wished them well for the AFC championship game. If the Jets shock the world and take one from the Jets this season, I'll be here to, well except for after the first game, going on Vacation that week, but either way I'll show up.
  15. How is it trolling, pointing out the fact that many Jets fans were drooling over getting Chris Johnson and predicting ridiculous things based on what he was, not who he is? No you don't like it when someone throws it back in your face? If you don't like what I post, don't read, and you can keep crying about how the Patriots get all the calls.
  16. You know I'm not even joking when I say they did get robbed on the that last play. I don't know how you don't call that pass interference when the db didn't even make an attempt on the ball, he just used his body to box the WR out of the end zone. This is the same no call PI the Pats lost to the panthers on last season. I think calling it that way gives the defense an undue advantage.
  17. You guys did when you spent the summer posting how he added the missing dimension to the offense, heck there was even thread talking about what kind of cool nickname to give your RB's "Thunder and lighting" or so such nonsense.
  18. I don't know about you, but I'm super amped and pumped. Can't wait for this game, going to be so much fun!!!!
  19. You really could be the dumbest MF on the planet.
  20. The collective body of work with Gronk playing 12 less games is essentially the same, and yes the TD's count, in fact the TD's count more than anything. You can't just make up an excuse that holds no weight and dismiss the most important stat there is because it doesn't serve your argument. If your a great player, you're getting the ball in the end zone no matter what other options you have. In fact if your argument held any weight that the Td's were a function of Brady not having any other targets, then it would enhance Gronks status because defenses would have known this and doubled him.
  21. Everything you just said is pure nonsense, we are all now dumber for having read it. Gronks played in 12 less gams than Graham yet has equaled him or bested him in almost every statistical category to date. That in and of itself proves greatness. You can say Graham will better going forward but there is zero statistical information to prove that.
  22. You can cry and call me name all you like, the bottom line is I'll once again be enjoying football that matters in Dec-Jan you'll be on 45 plus years of "WTFH!!!".
  23. Actually what I mean by competing for a championship is by being one of the last four or two teams playing almost every year, while you are in your basement apartment looking over draft reports. As for your threat all I can say is GFYM
  24. Pray??? No one has ever had to pray for the Jets to lose, the only question with this game is will they torture Jet fans first by looking like they can win it, or just lose big from the get go.
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