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  1. Cocky? Please I have zero concerns with the Patriots, they will be there at the end competing for a championship and this year they will have a defense. The Jets will be 1-5 by the time they play the Patriots and 1-6 the morning after, you know it's coming, maybe, just maybe the Jets steal a single game along the way but, either way it won't make a difference in the long run.
  2. Sorry, no amount of sarcasm will change what's coming, starting tonight.
  3. Are you kidding? The Jets will be 1-5 by the time they even face the Patriots.
  4. So maybe you missed the part of the of his post when he said "there's never been a dominant defense in the NFL while Rex has been coaching", so your stupidity in responding above fully ignores what Seattle did last year doesn't it?
  5. It must be, otherwise your "THE JETS ARE WINNING THE DIVISION!!!", thread would have gotten you booted out of here weeks ago.
  6. Agreed, Rex is a hell of a defensive coach that has absolutely no business being a head coach in the NFL. As a Pats fan I personally hope the Jets extend him for 10 years.
  7. How's he looking? Are you happy with what Milliner has brought to the table when not playing the Tomato cans of the NFL? How do you think he's going to do this weekend?
  8. But Jet fans have been saying Brady is on the decline for fifteen years? Oh wait, that's not true, the first 5 years they were saying he was just a "system QB and it was all B.B's coaching." The next five years they were saying "B.B. sucks and just got lucky drafting Brady", all the while for every year they predicted this "insert player/coach" loss would spell the end of the Pats dominance. Now I think they just blame god while trying to convince themselves that their toe licking coach and his massively overrated defense has them ready to pounce on a weak Patriots team. What they don't get is that by the time the Jets even face the Pats this season their chances of getting to the post season will be all but over.
  9. Clearly he thinks it's all a media fabrication and over reaction. Think about this for a second, the child is 4 years old with open bleeding wounds all over his back, chest, thighs, and scrotum. Now I'm not against the spanking per say, and even got the belt once or twice at 9 or 10, but your talking about a 4 year old baby!!! Guys like Larz are the wanna be tough guys that think they have all the answers and think it increases their credibility. God forbid they ever have kids.
  10. Really??? Because Jets fans were going wild for years after Rex and the Jets lost two back to back AFC Championship games.
  11. That's Jet fans for you, never a reality they aren't afraid of ignoring. Yet they believe Rex is some fat god that Has these awesome defenses that always seem to give up big leads.
  12. You sure can, but hey Jets fans are the biggest bunch of hypocrites there are, in one breath they praise the Jets for losing back to back AFC Championships like they were the 80 49ers and in the next berate Patriots fans the Pats losing Super Bowels and AFC Championships. Such duplicitous group of losers, first Brady is "just a system QB" and B.B. is the only reason the Pats win, then "B.B. is nothing without Brady". Which is it?
  13. I think I love it when Jets fans talk about all the Patriots problems every year while they end up in double digit wins and competing for a Super Bowl birth. It's almost like all the Jets fans talking about "1 and out, or oops, 2-out, or see they can't win the conference, or oops they can't win the Super Bowl". People here may believe I hate Jet fans actually I love them, they make it so much more fun.
  14. Let me guess, your one of the tough guys that thinks a father has the rite to beat a 4 year old child in the scrotum with a branch until the kid bleeds? That sound about right?
  15. Sure, only in Jets land could pointing out an obvious disappointment be considered trash talk. Pointing out that Milliner has sucked, isn't trash talk it's not even a debate to anyone but those in Jet land where it takes 5 years to label a player a bust and even then Jet fans find a way to blame it on a coach or GM.
  16. How cute, make things up to help yourself feel better. Revis will be heading back to the pro bowl this year, what bowl do you think your bust will be heading to?
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