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  1. Well you go ahead and enjoy that CB, I know every QB in the league will enjoy seeing him.
  2. So you're happy with your #1 pick and what he brings to the table?
  3. He was pure suck for most of the year, take your green glasses off, I couldn't care less if he played ok against a bunch of tomato cans at the end of the year. I get that you desperately want him to be good, but the evidence so far is that he overwhelmingly sucks. You know what they call anyone that loses 75% of the time? A loser.
  4. Just curious what could possibly lead you to this conclusion? Honestly, is I blind hope over reality? When 85% of what he's shown on the field is pure suck, and the rest below average, how in the hell can you say he's good? Because he played ok against the Bills? Because he's your binky and you want him to be good? There is no one with an ounce of objectivity that can look at milliner and come away saying " that's it, that's what we're looking for at CB, this guys going to be great" He flat out sucks.
  5. I like you a great deal, you with one thread, single handedly became the poster child for Jets fans everywhere. Keep it coming.
  6. I predict the Jets will play a game of football that will be from a competitive standpoint, over by half time.
  7. Please,,, you would happily eat a bag of di$ks for an owner half as goo as Kraft.
  8. Please, twisted? not really, opening games are rarely indicative a teams performance over the season. Odds are great that a week from now Jets fans will be talking about benching Geno. That's football
  9. Your argument actually works, today, but what exactly will you say in 10 weeks when the Patriots are leading the AFC east and the Jet have 3 wins? What will you say then?
  10. I love it when tools like you make these massive declarations of fact like just because they say it, it means it's true. You can cry all you like but Brady is and always will be considered one of the greats of the game and yes like Montana many will believe he is the greatest to ever play. That wont change because of the opinion of some bitter jealous Jet fan who probably believes Geno Smith going to be great. Enjoy your opening day win, it's likely you won't see another until mid season.
  11. This is true, but boy oh boy do Jet fans remember those two back to back AFC Championship losses, good times.
  12. Ok, my mistake, I didn't know this is the place Jet fans throw their trash.
  13. For one, that off-season through training camp Brady went from number 4 on the depth chart to number 2, so it's not like Brady was some unknown to the Patriots he was impressing them all along and their are plenty of stories written to back that up. Bledsoe on the other hand looked like crap throughout the pre-season and had many beat writers questioning when B.B. would make the switch and give the kid a shot not if. Bledsoe got a 100 million dollar contract the year before Brady was drafted, of course they were going to give him every chance to start, but if you think B.B. was going to sit back and watch Bledsoe continue to throw picks and get sacked for much longer then you haven't been paying attention to who B.B. is.
  14. For once we agree, there is evidence all over, and I take great solace in knowing that you are the only Jets board Mod in history that was banned by his fellow Jet fans. Think about that for a second, of all the so called trolls on that board, Pats fans, Fin fans, and the like, your fellow Jet fans decided their board would be better off if they banned you. AND You were a Mod!!! That's who you are, so don't try and pull the "I just want to talk football crap", your idea of talking football is waiving you pom poms and attacking anyone who dares to voice an opposing view.
  15. No, not all Jets fans, but definitely you, and there are more than a few of your fellow Jets fans the feel the same way about you. So once again if you don't like what I post don't respond, it's not rocket science.
  16. Really? How so? Are you saying the Patriots didn't scout Brady and put a draft worthy grade on him? Are you saying that they put the wrong name on the draft card and didn't mean to use a pick on him? Are you saying that no one else scouted Brady? Are you saying that no teams look for QB's late in the draft to develop for the future? Are you saying that the Patriots didn't develop Brady's skills as a QB? So you want us to believe all that was an accident? Was Joe Montana an accident because he didn't get drafted until the 3rd round? Do you have any idea where Bart Starr was drafted? Or any number of Hall of fame QB's were taken? Is it your belief that it's not an accident when a player is taken in the 1st round? Or could it simply be that it's only an accident when that player is drafted by a hated division rival and goes on to make your teams fortunes miserable for the better part of two decades?
  17. I have no problems with Jet fans being excited for the season and have no problem carrying on real football conversations and have. You do not fall into that class, and from the moment I posted here you attacked me for being a Pats fan. No problem, I can be a troll to you and those like you here and carry on real football conversations with those here that are capable.
  18. Why in the h%LL would he do that? Honestly with as bad as the Jets secondary is he's going to need every semi able coverage guy in the back there. He's going to need Pryor to help those CB's in coverage not leaving them exposed.
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