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  1. The fantasy can only last up until kick off but you enjoy it.
  2. They had more successes than the Jets, although that's not saying much. I know, it's a scary thought for you, you just want the big bad monster to go away. Bottom line is the Patriots real success started before B.B. and Brady, it started when the Kraft family bought the team. As long as the Kraft family owns the Pats they will have more success than failure.
  3. Oh yes of course, but,,,,,,and this will strike fear into the hearts of Jets fans everywhere, but what if that suck never comes? What if what comes after Brady, and after Belichick doesn't suck at all? What then Jets fans?
  4. Lets see how much you do Sunday
  5. So what your saying is the Patriots went 41 years without a championship?
  7. That makes sense, except next week they will be competing with every other team in the league that's planning to do the same thing, not to mention that the Jet could have had a guy like Samuel in weeks ago learning the playbook. It all just reeks of penny wise and pound foolish to me.
  8. Nonsense, even if he didn't get hurt, how many teams in the NFL are going into the season counting on a 3rd round draft pick as a starter? Heck there a 1st and 2nd round corner backs that teams won't see significant action as starters much less than counting on a 3rd round pick.
  9. Not at all, incompetence is fielding a secondary that wouldn't start for half the Canadian football teams while sitting on 10 plus million in cap space.
  10. I could actually agree with this take if the Jets had loaded up on more offensive weapons, but they are still sitting on a huge chunk of cash. Talking about up coming contracts, and building for the future is great for the fan base in the offseason, it's just not going to fly when the Jets are getting lit up by the likes of Calvin Johnson, or what's going to be worse is when that secondary starts making B, and C list receiving groups look like hall of famers. Now don't get me wrong all teams are going into the season with weak units somewhere on their roster, but I would wager none of them are sitting on as much cap space as the Jets. Hell Asante Samuel may not be half the player he was but unless his legs fell off he would be immediately and upgrade. Who cares if he wants a million more than he should get? Believe me once the injuries start happening across the league,, somebody is going to give him that extra cash.
  11. True enough, but the key thing for me here is that it wasn't like the Jets were heading into the season with proven commodities in the secondary and then injuries happened, it wasn't like they were up against the cap and had no other options. The Jets were heading into the season counting on a questionable unproven 1st round pick, a rookie third round pick and basically a Jag for starting positions in the secondary. That seems like a major miscalculation, all rooting interests aside.
  12. Fair enough, but there is still no excuse in my mind for not doing something to improve the Jets secondary. There were players that could have helped, both now and in long term, the Jets had the cap space and still did nothing. Watch just how quickly the fan base turns on Idziik in a few short weeks when the delusional come to understand they won't be playoff bound or even very competitive.
  13. Really? Then How is it that the Patriots have drafted more pro-bowlers in B.B.s time than the Jets have? Reality, your about to get your yearly dose.
  14. PLEASSSSSEE!!!!!, If the Jets had signed Revis everyone of you guys would be stumbling over each other to get a shot at polishing your GM's hairy beanbag.
  15. Of course he does, he's a Jet fan and like most they spend most of the off-season talking Sh!t and denying reality,,,,then the season starts. and
  16. A post so far removed from reality all I can do is :rl:
  17. Klecko does, it's very important to him that the Jets maintain their status as off-season champs.
  18. Looks like we are about to find out, how's your secondary looking by the way?
  19. You always forget that your talking to Jets fans, they have no concept of reality for the most part. They don't want to admit that the Pats have drafted more Pro-bowlers since B.B. has been with the team than the Jets have. That would ruin their fun of being off-season champions, which once aging is coming to an end in few short days. It's mass delusions and every year it seems to get worse, between being the Red Headed step children to the Giants and being the Patriots punching bag for the division every year Jets fans actually consider it a victory if the Pats lose the Super Bowl or the AFC Championship while there team sits home for the playoffs. Yet in the next breath they'll tell you what a great accomplishment it is for them to have gone to and lost, two back to back AFC Championships.
  20. And Mallet my actually turn out to be a decent QB, but until he actually plays we wont know anything.
  21. I imagine it would be pretty embarrassing for that vaunted Jets defense to lose to a rookie QB.
  22. The way I look at it is that every team should be trying to develop a QB behind their starter, most of the time it doesn't work and few go on to be much more than average but it's a sound practice. The Pats did turn a 7th into a 2nd with Cassel but Jet fans wouldn't get this for the most part because there's usually very little difference between their back up QB and their starter from the get go.
  23. That's too bad, because it's all you could do because everything I said it true. Season starts next week, enjoy.
  24. You're a Jet fan, feel free to spout off all the nonsense you guys always do, reality is never in play. The fact is that while B.B. is about as average a GM as there is in terms of the draft, the fact is he's produced more pro-bowlers in his time than the Jets have and no matter how many of his draft picks fail, the team still ends up one as one of the last teams standing while the Jets haven't sniffed a Super Bowl in 45 years. Believe me, I get it, if I was a Jet fan I'd be bitter jealous and so consumed with anger that my team let the best coach in the league walk out the door just so the Tuna could pick the groceries. Don't worry, after watching Geno I have no doubt he'll become a top 5 QB in no time.
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