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  1. Nonsense spouted off by Jets fans so many times in a attempt to make them feel better, that they actually start to believe it. How about comparing drafts since B.B. took over in 2000, in that time the patriots drafted 14 pro-bowlers 23 legit starters and that's not even to mention backups and role players. All in all it was perfect way for the Jets to finish the pre-season because it gives Jet fans a perfect view of what they can expect for the next 16 weeks.
  2. Well you have every right to GFY, or simply not read them, or both, I don't care.
  3. Here's an interesting tidbit about Geno' last four games- Oakland 5-11 Jets W Carolina 11-5 Jets L Cleveland 4-12 Jets W Miami 8-8 Jets W Lets see, does anyone see a pattern here?
  4. Anyone not wearing green colored glasses doesn't need a crystal ball to see that Geno sucks, but I'll enjoy the hell out of watching Jet fans come to that realization over the course of the season. Angry much?
  5. Agenda? You don't need to have an agenda, just watch Geno play, he has no business starting an NFL game and once you are forced to take your green colored glassed off you'll be able to see this. Heck leave them on for all I care but Genos is awful.
  7. Wishful thinking bordering on delusions of madden and pre-season football. Geno is hot garbage, he will be in the bottom ten most likely bottom five QB's this season.
  8. Let me guess,,,,is he your lover Troll killer, do you impress by running around the bedroom waiving your green pom poms?
  9. Comical, at least the Giants have actually won something in the last 45 years. You know the difference between most Giant and Jet fans?????,,,,,,,,,,,at least 50 I.Q. points. Or to put in terms you may better understand, you know how in the movie Twins. Arnold got all the good genes, and Danny DeVito got the left over crap?
  10. You do understand that pretending to refute something I post isn't the same thing as actually refuting it? You can pretend that there haven't been threads posted by Jets fans calling the Jets D-line "Sons of Anarchy", or "Thunder and Lighting" for the Jets RBs, and more, but please continue, it's adorable. Oh and as for losing, you should know all about it.
  11. Really, that's the best you can do? It must make you want to
  12. Isn't so adorable how Jets fans come up with these little nicknames, it's like they are so starved for attention that they'll make up these little names for players before they actually ever do anything. Just so precious.
  13. You got me again Troll Killer, then again how does it feel to know that, that guy has dominated your team and franchise for over a decade?
  14. Jets fans really do deserve their reputations. You don't even have a clue that the headsets and all in game communications are controlled by the NFL, not the home or away team. You know you would be better off trying to figure out the conspiracy responsible for the Jets 45 years and counting of worthless football.
  15. Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!, You got me Troll Killer, don't know how I'll ever recover, OOH wait second,,,,,,, yes I do, the seasons about to start and I'll be watching my team yet again win the AFC East going away and compete for a Super Bowl birth.
  16. Wow, they do exist, I wasn't sure if it was just a myth. Hey you can put this picture next to the Jets back to back AFC championship loss trophies and your on your way to filling up that trophy cases.
  17. Should I reply with video of the butt fumble or will that make you cry? I mean never has in the history of sports has any one play so completely and accurately represented a team and fan base for who they are. Nothing else has to be said.
  18. But wait, are you saying he doesn't suck because his teammate said so? That changes everything.
  19. You tell him Troll killer, Nobody gonna talk about your wittle ol Jets and get away with it. You tell him to shut up if he doesn't like it.
  20. I don't have to mention Hightower, he played well for us last year, and has had far more of an impact than Coples has had for the Jets. Those re just facts that you can't spin and twist, but don't worry, Coples will be long gone from your roster while Hightower is still making a positive impact for the Pats. Cry about it all you like, the Jets re-building process is in serious trouble.
  21. Please by all means, the very fact that you believe other wise proves all you are is a pom pom waiving fanboy. Then again you're the kind of tool that if the Jets somehow pulled out 7 wins would try and play it off as victory.
  22. Please, the Jets will struggle to win 6 games.
  23. And it's too bad for you that the Jets couldn't sweep the Pats last year because it was the weakest team they've had on the field for a long time. This year, well let just say, 8 wins for this years jets this year, a pipe dream.
  24. And that does what exactly? Simple question, how d%mb are you? Who cares how many times he hits the QB if the ball is safely in the receivers hands down field.
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